Summit | Mountains of Wealth (Custom R.I.C.H., Emperor, EOG)

Hello comrades. This here will be the start of my new journal tracking both the monumental and minuscule events that occur while climbing and acquiring mountains of wealth.

Here’s the stack I’ve chosen to begin the journey with and started to use yesterday (with current amount of exposure):
RICH (1 hour of exposure)
Emperor (start of 5th week)
EOG (1 hour)
Inner Circle (start of 3rd week)

I’ll tell you about the unexpected thing that happened on day 1 below, but first to set the context of the new stack…

Why the new stack? Was it recon?

The major purpose here is to focus on rewiring my subconscious mind to break through and overcome all of the old, limited, BS programming I may have around generating cash flow, acquiring assets, building businesses and identifying as a wealthy individual. All to assist me with ultimately achieving complete financial freedom and never having to worry about it again.

My focus felt divided between attracting women and attracting wealth running Wanted + Emperor.

What's the new listening schedule? How many loops?

The listening schedule for now will be 1:1 with weekends off because, as I learned over the last month running The Wanted Emperor stack, Qv2 is no joke and recon can hit harder than skydiving without a parachute.

So, the total exposure time each week will be 3 hours per sub for a grand total of 12 hours max…maybe less, maybe more. I’ll adjust it over time.

What's the timetable per sub?

I’m not going to set any timetables and try to predict how long I’ll listen to each stage of EOG, or even stick strictly to my listening schedule (I already didn’t listen to Inner Circle yesterday). Because the idea is to trust my intuition more, with one eye watching out for the subtle influence of recon affecting my judgment…like making me think I need to switch subs again in 30 days :wink:

Of course, using the wisdom of more experienced folks here on the forum, I’ll do at least 4 weeks per stage, but maybe more if I feel I need it. Emperor will be used throughout and for at least 90 days. And Inner Circle as I’m able to fit it in (and I’ll explain why below).

What happened on day 1?

So how did my first loops of RICH and EOG turn out?

Did I manifest something unexpected on day 1?

Well, yes. Yes, I did.

I ran RICH first thing after purchase with EOG St1 about an hour after that.

What happened afterwards was that around the middle of the day, I had to do something I really don’t like to do. And I had to do it against my will.

A few hours after listening to subs at my desk, the subs magically turned me into a bobble head…I nodded off every which way, and there was nothing I could do about it.

I mean, I tried to power through with coffee, but I was damn near narcoleptic.

I felt good afterwards though, so I may just take naps on purpose going forward.

And maybe THAT is the real gift. A newfound realization that naps are goooood and can help my productivity, not hinder it.

Yea. I’m gonna go with that.

Anyway, after listening to Emperor in the evening, my head felt full so I dropped Inner Circle even though it’s a light script. Trusting my intuition here that less is more.

Looking forward to what this focused-laser-beam-of-a-stack is capable of helping me achieve.

To be continued…


Week 1, Day 2 of this wealth stack, and a couple things have come up.

  1. There was an attempted charge on one of my debit cards to the tune of hundreds of dollars this morning. I haven’t used any services nor do I owe this business any money, but they have this card on file. So that’s not cool. Glad EOG removes negative manifestations.
  2. And as I’m listening to EOG St1 for only the second time now and going through my goals and potential pitfalls a la @Simon’s great post here , I’m getting slight waves of nausea and my palms got a little moist. Interesting. Bit of the 'ole fight or flight response maybe?

It has me reflecting on my past behaviors, decisions, and experiences that have led me to where I currently am in business and with my income.

And it has also made me reevaluate my decision for removing Wanted from the stack. Now I’m thinking that the (recon) element that drove me to creating this wealth stack stems from somewhere deeper, possibly a belief of not being deserving of being Wanted because I’m not solid enough on the financial front.

It makes some sense. I grew up in a blue-collar-never-any-money type of environment that wasn’t the most supportive. And, I’m actually not in the place I want to be financially, and haven’t been for awhile. Especially since I decided to stop being an employee. Chasing women has been a type of distraction, and procrastination from getting really clear on where I’m going with this business and what I’m doing with my time to get there.

So here I am now… I find myself “failing” at business because I continue to self-sabotage. There never seems to be enough cash flow to be free of that survival spiral mindset.

And that’s exactly what I aim to overcome with this combination of subs. And getting clear about my targets and standards. And taking consistent action.

Forgive the partial rant and emotional vomit, this isn’t a “woe is me” post.

Writing this out here to create some sense of public accountability and it seems to feel good, albeit a little vulnerable, to state this openly with like-minded people, even if you’re all strangers haha


It’s the start of the 2nd week with my wealth stack, and I’m thinking of staggering the exposure to EOG.

The last few days have been rough.

Last week I did a 1:1 listening schedule and took the weekend off…but by the end of Friday, the recon was already settling in. This time there was a lot more depressive energy and negative thinking.

Guess my subconscious had something against financial freedom because recon hit me like semi and it was only from 3 hours of exposure to the Ecstasy of Freedom track (and the same amount for RICH).

So the idea now is to do an alternating A / B style listening schedule and expand the time frame out to two weeks to receive the same 3 hours of exposure.

It would look something like:

Playlist A

  • Emperor
  • RICH

Playlist B

  • EOG
  • Inner Circle

Listening Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays…the weeks would alternate in emphasis.

Week A: A, B, A
Week B: B, A, B

The working hypothesis being that recon would become less likely, or at least less severe. But only time will tell.

Other than recon and a new listening schedule, nothing major or minor on the wealth front to report.


Rest day today. I can feel a “buzzing” in my brain today…that a normal processing day feeling?

Yesterday’s subs:

  • 1x Inner Circle
  • 1x Ecstasy of Freedom

Reducing the exposure time to 2 hours per day instead of last week’s 4 hours per day felt (and feels) better.

I took an hour break between the subs and listened to IC first, due to it being the lighter script and wanting it to install first. (Don’t know if order actually matters though.)

Notes on yesterday’s experience and results:

  • there were moments while listening to IC where I was distracted from what I was doing due to certain sensations I noticed, like pressure or tingling in my head.
  • EOG st1 feels “heavy” and should test results of listening to it after breakfast
  • while listening to EOG, I was able to write down and address some limiting ideas around money more easily and clearly
  • hours after EOG exposure, I full-throttled into handling a money situation that’s been problematic for me

Without going into the details, it has been an ongoing issue for months now and it was beginning to feel like a lost cause trying to collect on an invoice.

But something clicked…and I went into overdrive making call after call. Determined to get it handled.

Well, long story short, progress was made and the ball is rolling finally after months of being in limbo with these people. And soon I’ll have their payment in my bank account where it belongs, and be several thousands richer.

I don’t know if it was EOG removing a mental/emotional block, or if 5-going-on-6 weeks of Emperor exposure is kicking in. Or more likely, it was the combo. Regardless, I’ll take this small victory over previous decisions to let things slide longer than they should have.


So I’ve read the new support article on recon and one of the most recognizable symptoms I’ve had off and on since my last post is: not wanting to run my sub stack. At all. Not even a single loop of a single title.

Needless to say, I have some things to work out when it comes to building a new mental model for greater wealth generation and the identity to go with it.

A small update to my last post…I received payment in full and that lingering invoice problem is off my plate.

It felt good. It still feels good too.

But the curious thing about it is that it didn’t feel (and doesn’t feel) that good.

That nice chunk of change in the bank did relieve some of the “feast & famine” stress (due to my existing service business model), but my mind immediately went into calculating how much runway it afforded me and what options I have to make the most of it. I’m going to ditch the current model.

I guess the curious thing is that I’m now more excited about creating a strategy & implementing the next thing as fast as possible (which isn’t that fast because of internal friction atm) rather than lingering in the excitement of the 5-figure invoice I collected on and coasting for a bit.

Which brings me back to the feeling of NOT wanting to run my stack this week. I can clearly see my stack is having an impact, yet my impulse is to avoid it so I don’t feel bad.

I’m noticing these self-sabotaging thoughts / feelings creeping around my brain a little more, and I’ll share more in the next post. I just wanted to get the ball rolling again with this short update since it’s been over a week since my last.

It’s the end of week 2 today, and I stuck to my 1:1 A-B schedule listening to only one loop per track on exposure days.

The next two weeks I’m considering a different pattern but will decide over the weekend rest period.

To be continued…


[Start of Week 3]

Testing a new listening schedule this week: trying 2:2 instead of 1:1.

So two consecutive days of exposure followed by two days of processing / rest.

I’m going to keep the A/B split, but up the loop count by one for RICH. And if it proves too much, I’ll roll it back down to one loop of each title.

Today’s playlist A is:
2x R.I.C.H.
1x Ecstasy of Freedom

As of writing this, I’ve listened to two loops of RICH using the Solace mask. I wasn’t able to listen to the loops back to back, most likely due to the fact that I was in a fasted state for the first loop, maybe.

After eating, the second loop didn’t feel heavy at all. But I am taking a break before listening to EOG St1. There’s a “buzzing” kind of feeling in my head, so I’m letting it settle for a bit beforehand.

Next post will have some updates on manifestations and new pathways I’m setting up.

A manifestation that surprised me this past week was getting the VIP treatment to dinner, drinks, and other things by a woman I’ve known in the past. She didn’t want me pay for anything. It was unexpected and ended with us skinny dipping at the beach. Not a bad night.

Now, I understand how reciprocity bias works, and yes, she got in my pants.

Didn’t think too much of it at first, but looking back it could be a RICH + Emperor manifestation.

What’s surprising is that that pathway was created years ago and had plenty of dust on it.

A quick side note: during the experience I battled with the feeling that I should be the one paying for everything. It’s how I was raised, plus I don’t like to feel like I owe anyone, so there were moments of serious internal tension. But I allowed it to happen. There was a sort of counter-thought along the lines of “what kind of man is able to receive gifts without feeling badly?” I don’t know that I’ll let it happen again, but the experience has brought some awareness to my relationship to receiving things.


Rest day today after 2 consecutive days of exposure. And I feel good, overall. Clear headed and ready to get after it.

Yesterday’s stack (playlist B):
1x Emperor
1x Inner Circle

I’ve been able to wake up without an alarm between 4-4:30am the past few days. And yesterday, I put in a solid couple hours of work before getting the coffee going at 6:30am. Not my usual routine, and I was surprised by how awake I felt right away.

I got a lot done yesterday without much resistance from distracting internal dialogue. Once I got the ball rolling and executed on a few tasks, the momentum built up and any excuses that came up like “my body’s feeling a little sore today, maybe I should skip the workout” got solved immediately. For example, to address that specific resistance, I just spent a little more time warming up before getting the workout done. And similar things happened in the business context.

On the business and wealth generation front, I had a good meeting yesterday that is 90% of the way to being a closed deal with our final call scheduled for today. I’ve had deals at this point in the past go south so I’m not celebrating yet, but I’m noticing a different quality of feeling.

I feel far more outcome independent than I’ve felt in the past. It feels deeper. There’s this sense of confidence that whether they do or don’t take the deal, I win. We’ll see what happens.

Also had another manifestation of a gift yesterday. Went to a bar I’ve never been to with a friend, and did what I’d normally do: sat at the bar, ordered a drink, and briefly talk to the bartender. Right after I ordered the second round, the bartender asked if I wanted a drink on the house.

Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but it’s taken a little longer to build up that type of rapport with bartenders in the past. Still, I’ll take it the manifestations as they come.

I’m starting to consider that the idea of manifestations (of wealth or other value) being “big” or “small” is just a construct in my own mind. And being open to accepting and receiving them, may be the biggest factor to completely changing the amount that flows through the pathways into my life.

Don’t know if I said that in a way that makes sense. It’s a fledgling thought that needs more exploration on my part.

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Well today sucked in terms of productivity and taking action towards my goals.

It started off with me feeling good and took a nose dive a little while after I got the “need to reschedule” the meeting text. That part didn’t bother me. The part that eventually chapped my ass was getting zero response about the date to reschedule.

Here’s the thing, I know intellectually that it wasn’t personal. And they may have just helped me dodge a bullet in working with them. Plus, they might have some things going on in their life. Who knows.

But still, I couldn’t shake the bad mood for a good while. Then it transformed into restlessness and lack of taking any productive action. Recon maybe playing a part here?

Well at some point, I decided to lean into whatever negative stuff I was thinking / feeling and I tried to figure out what changes, if I made them immediately, would make the biggest impact in achieving my wealth goals.

That evenutally led me to the Q store and the decision to build a custom ultima targeting those areas.

Here’s what I came up with:

  1. RICH Ultima Core
  2. Wealth Limit Destroyer
  3. Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy
  4. Natural Winner
  5. Yggdrasil
  6. Instant Business Tactician
  7. Sacred Words

This list is one module over the max, and I’m probably going to cut Sacred Words. But I’m going to sleep on it before deciding.

Any input on the modules would be appreciated.


That’s perfect. My mind flashed to Yoda and Luke in the swamp with Luke lifting rocks easily but struggling with the X-wing.

What’s the name of that course? Is it “A Course In Miracles”?

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Do or do not, there is no try.

Sorry but I had to.


Okay Yoda lol


haha, exactly. That scene had some good nuggets.

Right before Yoda drops that line he says the difference between the rock and the X-wing were only in Luke’s mind.

And it’s Luke’s certainty that “it’s too hard” that keeps him from doing it.

Same concept has been repeated in many movies.

The Matrix comes to mind when Morpheus says, “Fear, doubt, and disbelief. You’ve got to let it all go. Free your mind.” Then he jumps between high rise buidings, and Neo tries but falls on his face.

Glad this came up lol…going to carry this thought around with me today.

Thanks for kicking it off @Simon


It’s the end of week 3 and I changed the listening schedule on the fly today. Decided to go back to 1:1 but without the split in the stack. So today’s listening enjoyment included:

1x Inner Circle
1x Emperor
1x Ecstasy of Freedom

Took short 15-30 min breaks in between each, and I feel fine. Tomorrow will be a processing day.

Pulled the trigger and bought my custom wealth-based Ultima.

That whole process had me whipping up spreadsheets, weighing various aspects of each module and going down the rabbit hole of possibilities – as I am prone to do.

The great thing about it was all the action I took to decide on the final line-up for my custom is the same exact action I can use to overcome my current situation in business.

Indecision and trying to do too many things has been an energy and motivation killer for me the past several months.

And it’s all due to fear at the end of the day. Fear of making the wrong choice and a scarcity mindset around money has made for a slow and stressful business journey so far.

But this process of creating my custom really shifted my awareness and made me face my weak areas in need of development.

I have a little more clarity now and that makes taking action on the next steps easier.

Side note: that prospect came back with a proposed date to reschedule our meeting, now with caveats about their availability of course, but instead of jumping on it I simply turned it back on them and asked what they’d like to cover during the meeting…remaining questions before moving forward, specifics about terms & deliverables, or just hit the ground running and get started. No response back yet haha

Maybe it was too forward. But I’m ok with them knowing it’s time to shit or get off the pot.

Feeling good today.


It’s a rest / processing day today…and I was up and at 'em at 3am without wanting to be.

Well, the first thing I did was: stay in bed for another hour trying to go back to sleep. Didn’t work.

My mind started to rev up and pump out thoughts of working out and getting to my computer to write some ideas down and make an excel sheet to track my actions. And I’m not a fan of excel sheets.

I applied some of the same scrutiny I used to build my Ultima custom over the past couple days to evaluating which areas I need to improve to create a more successful business for myself than the one I’m currently in.

So, I landed on audience targeting and offer creation as my first step.

It’s tough to admit, but I’ve messed up and made things harder for myself by not having a laser-targeted market to go after with a killer offer.

There was some misguided thought or feeling that I’d “miss out” if I narrowed my focus. Well, I’ve missed out plenty by trying to sell too broadly.

But now that that’s clearly defined and I’m aware of that shortcoming, I can change it.

And that’s what I’ve done for the couple hours I’ve been up…

Taken in some new knowledge on the topic from guys who know how to do this well.

Next step will be to apply what I’m learning as I’m learning it.

But first, I’m going to crank out a calisthenics workout, and get in a couple miles of running. I’m at 6 miles for the week already and I want to make it 8. I can’t say I’m a fan of running, but I understand it’s utility so I’ll just get 'r done.

All this rambling to say, it seems that the combo of Emperor, EOG St1, and RICH is already working some of its deep magic on me by getting me to reevaluate my skillsets, business approach, and personal standards for fitness and health.

Feels good.


[ Start of Week 4 ]

Up today again at 3am without an alarm.

I wouldn’t mind it so much if it didn’t mean I only got 4.5 hours of sleep. Hopefully it doesn’t effect my output today too much.

Listening schedule this week is 1:1, single loop of each title:

1x Custom R.I.C.H. Ultima
1x Inner Circle
1x Emperor
1x EOG St1

I was a little concerned I might experience overload yesterday, but no signs of it.

We’ll see how the new addition of my custom ultima turns out. Hopefully my subconscious doesn’t fight it and likes what it hears.

A couple curious things happened this week on the female front…

  • my ex (who I was with for 11 years) has started sharing stuff and sending short messages to me on IG. I don’t communicate with her otherwise and we don’t follow each other.
  • and an Aussie lass I used to date, but haven’t seen or spoken to in a couple years, reached out to me randomly last night.

Not saying these things are major, but they do raise an eyebrow. Why now? :thinking:

My first thought was maybe Inner Circle is at work. But who knows.

Going to try and consciously guide it (myself?) a little better, so at least I attract new women into my life lol…but I’d prefer connecting with potential business partners, or mentors, if I’m being honest.

Have to figure out the conscious guiding thing.


I thought so too. And a bit of Emperor possibly. Noice :ok_hand:

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First processing day after the addition of the custom ultima…and I feel ok. No immediate signs of recon or overload.

Yesterday’s highlights…

  • did a couple hours of private martial arts training even though no part of me wanted to (normally don’t train on Sundays)
  • treated myself to a great sushi lunch with a friend (overcoming the old, frugal, can’t-spend-a-dime-on-anything mentality)
  • didn’t feel bad for not sitting at my desk for hours trying to “hurry up 10x hustle grind all day for maximum millionaire money” – or whatever it’s called
  • committed to a weekly game night with some friends – to satisfy my new mandatory, weekly fun requirement

What I’m noticing…

  • feels like I’m loosening up a bit and shifting my perspective away from an old “I’m behind” belief that’s been driving me to ignore / overly restrict certain aspects of Life (like fun, friends, and family)
  • more discipline with working out and eating well this week

What needs improvement…

  • more structure to my schedule at the daily and weekly level
  • better tracking of actions I take towards business goals
  • faster decision making and testing
  • getting clearer on why I want success in business and reviewing it regularly

I wouldn’t doubt it. Emperor has been coming through more obviously in my interactions with people lately.

Yesterday, I walked away from a cashier who was trying to either lecture or impress me (more likely my lady friend) with his knowledge of alcohol sugars and their effects on the body.

Something clicked inside and I cut in with an “Ok thanks man” and walked away leaving my lady friend behind to continue listening to him, or not. :laughing:

I’ve never acted that…sharply before.