Suggestions Thread for future Subs/Updates/Superchargers 🔥


Like a sub club sub booster to run before and after every stack, that would be really cool


I guess I am thinking of something that might function as a level one that one might listen to for, say, a month or two, before moving on to other titles. Some might need this and some might not.


so I‘ve been told before…but …I simply just couldn’t be bothered to do that much …I just keep reading and meditating daily …I know in this way …my IQ is bound to increase …and it is a much more enjoyable experience…but thank you for the advice anyway…


Totally agree because if you think about it logically …it will take many months or longer to undo years and years of behavior already conditioned into yourself .


A charger for emperor would be nice that boosts status. I know i have already mentioned this.i just wanted to highlight this again.

I can already imagine hearing this “you hear the beat of drums you stand on the hill top ready to command your legion…” :blush:


A sleep booster sub would be great


Sleep or dream? Hopefully Alchemist will help in both areas.

@blackadder Emperor is symbolic, obviously. I wouldn’t want my subconscious to manifest 16th century cavalry. A supercharger would have to deal with status, not the literal meaning of the word. Off the top of my head, how about…

Imagine yourself entering the club. A hush falls across the crowd, as they wait with bated breath for you to take your seat. Without even realizing they’re doing it, people move aside to let you pass.

A small nod from you and the tension is broken. The music and dancing resumes.

The club’s owner arrives, greeting you personally and offers you drinks on the house. Young women lounge nearby, hoping you’ll pick them to entertain you tonight. Tweets have announced your presence and a line is forming around the block. This club just became the hottest place in town.

I’ll leave it up to you what the questions would be. Just think… why are you such a leader of men? How did you become such a leader of men? :slight_smile:


I’ve been toying with the idea of a status based supercharger called The Commander. Will consider working on it after Alchemist is done.

Main Discussion Thread - Khan
Main Discussion Thread - Khan

Any plans to update Limitless with the latest technology? That’s one of the most important subs imo.


Yes, we’re considering it. We’re also working on Quantum Limitless.


There is something I want and it’s more for financial comfort and to start opening up roads for getting the basics taken cared of. Like dealing with severe poverty consciousness or fast money type of deal.


May I suggest a subliminal for the sole purpose of building lean muscle mass? I know Spartan can be used for this, but it seems like it’s geared towards improving physical fitness in general (correct me if I’m wrong).


Loool …you need to train and lift weight to build muscle etc …why not ask them to make a subliminal for immortality while your at it …lmao


You don’t need a sub for that. The key is to intend to live forever with absolute conviction. Or die trying. Simple.

He’s not asking for something that turns him into Dwayne Johnson while he listens to it on the couch eating chips. He knows he needs to take action. What I believe he’s asking for is something like Body Building X. Something that is more targeted compared to Spartan. Less all-round fitness.

Your reaction, although I’m sure it was unintentional, did come across as having a bit of a bite. To me at least.


Everything for SubClub is somewhat general, giving the users the freedom to choose their specific Goal.

Promising passive results is not their style.
Action is recommended for every product to enable the expression of the Subconscious Mind.

I think:
Spartan can be applied for bodybuilding goals, and
Elixir can be aimed at rejuvenating muscles.


General or Specific is subjective. Considering that we have a sub specifically for Muay Thai, it’s within reason to have one focused on purely building muscle.

Not sure where you’re getting that I expect “passive results” with no action required, since I never requested a sub to be made whereby I can look like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime just by listening to it.


Let’s say you are both right. The goal (destination) is specific, how you get there (the journey) is the general part. It is also where SubClub subs shine.

With most SubClub subs, the goal is largely left up to the customer. Based on the title, description (and/or one of the many newsletters, maybe even the box art), you figure out which sub aligns best with your goals and once those goals are defined you take that journey. A title like Emperor, Mogul or Acension is not something tangible and defined, we’ll need some imagination.

With the Weapon X series, however, there is much less room for interpretation, as you can see from the titles. Muay Thai, Sex Mastery, Gaming Mastery. They are designed to do something and to do it fast.

When you see a sub named Spartan Apex Warrior, most of us think of ancient Greek warriors. The description supports this, allowing us to fill in the blanks. Would we do bodyweight training, kettlebells, parkour, or be hanging from rings or high bars on the local playground all day long? I could even recommend home/online training programs for most of those.

Maybe you’ll take it literally, Gerald Butler’s training program for the movie is well known. For some simple fun, try the One-Punch Man training program.

My point is, there’s lots of interpretations on what makes a Spartan warrior.

But when you take Muay Thai X, there’s not really a lot of interpretation. It is targeted toward Muay Thai, likely incorporating scripting geared specifically towards that sport. Maybe it’ll translate towards normal kickboxing to a degree. But that’s it. You know what you’re getting and what you need to do to get it.

Another difference is how you run them. Major programs like Spartan are run throughout the day, because it becomes a lifestyle. Weapon X programs are run before, after and possibly during the periods you need them. They work fast. I wouldn’t recommend running around listening to Sex Mastery X2 all day long, it might be somewhat distracting.

I’m going on for too long again. @Sirchiropractixalot can I assume you would like something like Body Building X or an even more specific title? Just like I would love a Krav Maga X?


Yup. That’s it.


I would love to see this, too!

Especially, because I am running Khan st4 a super super dense sub. I don’t want to add Spartan because it may sabotage the results. However, a lighter version of Spartan or a Body Building X would be just perfect for that reason


When can we expect to see a roadmap @SaintSovereign I’m really excited to see what u have planned, especially with the new multistage ultimate artist