Suggestions Thread for future Subs/Updates/Superchargers 🔥


Im not entirely sure if we have a suggestion thread somewhere so here we go. I will start by giving my own suggestion.

What we have so far:
Ascension: Personal power and some attraction
Mogul: Wealth
Ascended Mogul: Both

S&S: Outer game ( Social skills, text skills ) and female interaction and attraction skills… What you do and say
Primal: Inner game ( Inner self development twoards getting sex… or the Stifler Ascension.

Limitless: Learning, Memorizing, Etc
Emperor: A badass tyrant which containd bits of everything geard twoards becoming an Emperor.

Ofcourse there are other subs which are more goal specific… the general ones are Ascension, Mogul, AM, Limitless, Emperor.

What i would truly love to have in my subliminal arsenal is a Social Skills sub which is non specific twoards attraction or wealth.

Ascension is mostly self development and power. This by extension makes it easier to be come social and ones self. But its ultimatly not the goal. I have found that as high of a confidence i have im not that good socially.

S&S and Primal: Are mostly attraction specific. While the work… im sure they would work far better on someone with a better foundation. I have many friends who are extremly social and fun yet suck with females. Im 100% sure if they could run S&S or Primal they would get there.

But its also the other way around. In thid regard a general social skills sub would be great at completing the missing piece. With some Limitless attributes for faster learning. That would be awsome…


I would also love to have a general social skills subliminal.

I’d imagine a majority of the work would be done on the scripting side already as well. Taking specific instances of primal and S&S and targeting them towards friendship rather than Seduction.


Personally, my social skills improved immensely after so many hundreds of hours of listening to Primal. I am more playful, people want to open up to me and connect with me, and it’s men and women, not just for seduction.

What is not clear though is whether you guys are talking about a subliminal or a supercharger? If there can be a supercharger for social skills, connections with people, understanding their motives and desires, and adding value to their lives by facilitating that, that is a great idea.

If you want a sub, maybe we should ask @Fire first whether the stuff in Primal and SS is only targeted at girls, or whether it grows social skills as well?

Remember that subs mostly help when you take a lot of action. So are you guys learning about social skills and holding conversations with everyone you meet, including waiters etc?


I’ve realised that my need for a pure social skills sub corresponds to my development with Ascended Mogul and life.

Which brings us here. I used to not be able to talk to people, i wished to become social and i did just that. Now i dont give a singel f**k about what anyone thinks. Now that i can talk to people i dont want to talk to most most people. Especially people who spin around talking about pointless details. I realise that its me who is not normal yet i have zero attention to people who spin around without getting to the point.

An Effortless Social skills sub might get me to a point i can enjoy talking to people. Since the alternative is lonliyness and being limited to only talking to others who are like me.

It doesn’t mean i want to be buddy buddy with everyone. Just chilling the **** out and not be so distant and detached from the enviorment most of the time.

Pls help @SaintSovereign and @Fire Senpais lmao xD


Why did you censor the word FUCK twice?

Because that is not really a healthy sign of not giving a single fuck about what anyone thinks.


Because i thought it would censor itself… like **** and like F**K expresses more than just ****… but that doesnt seem to be the case xD


Warren Buffet once said something like ” The best advice i could give someone is to take a persuasion course ”… Think about it

As an INTP im sure you know how rare it is to actually enjoy a conversation with someone… Since we are the minorities. Yet POWER wise… when you have fun you feel good… when you feel good you are automatically stronger and anything you do while feeling good is 5 times more effective.


Nice. I am also looking forward to @SaintSovereign and @Fire 's comment on this, and whether Primal and SS already handle this somehow.

It can even be a module in the upcoming SS update. A conversation module. Or effortless social skills with everyone. Rather than its own proper sub. Or a stacking module too.

Although I am very curious about the module TYRANTS, and hope @Fire will explain it. It might even be worth its own Stacking Module!

Going from a weak victim to a TYRANT sounds empowering and damn cool


Primal has SANGUINE. It makes me feel good most of the time. :slight_smile:

The upcoming anti-stress stacking module, or maybe even a SANGUINE stacking module, might boost our feeling good all the time.

But I agree with you. You know what you’re talking about @Saiyan4Blue


I also agree with your point about Primal and S&S containing social skills or simply just having fun talking to people. I have not used S&S and Primal nearly enough to have a solid opinion on wether or not they enhance social skills.

Even the term social skills sounds a bit AMOG to me. For me i would just like to have fun when im talking to most people.

On the other hand i have actually tried playing along many times… but its never genuine.


Tell me if you find this to be the case. I am INTP myself. INTPs are cleverly annoying. Mostly we use others to debate against ourselves. We get somene to say something about the latest intelectual subject we have in mind, then we correct them (if they’re wrong, which in most cases we think they are, as they only had3 seconds to think about that, whereas this has been a subject of self-debate for quite a while for us) and then we debate against ourselves, as INTP will most definitelly hold two simultaneous ideas, that are completely opposite and contradictory to each other. There was a guy that said that holding two simultaneous and opposite ideas is the way to get to the higher truth to emerge. He must have been an INTP.

It’s not that we rarely enjoy conversations with others (when we focus, we do), it’s mostly that we don’t give a chance for us to. Close?

Think Jordan Peterson who has been the last year’s absolute mad lad and INTP sensation of sorts. He listens to someone, he then breaks it down, tells what is THE TRUTH in his mind (which is mostly more specific and nuanced), then contrasts it to something else, and then lets the higher truth emerge. He does this thing least annoying of possible ways, yet most dominant (and INTPs are very dominant because of the silent framing on how we use words and belief pyramid/structure that follows in each sentence).

Edit: P.S. I am very sorry for hijaking yet another of your threads… It’s the small and specific details that carry me away the most.


@Alexander is the INTP i mentioned. I am an INTJ and i assumed his experiance is similar. Its intresting that you bring this up. I live in Sweden, an autistic country by large. People barly talk and when they do small talk is their bread and butter.

I have tried provoking them to engage but all i end up doing is alienating myself. Its gotten so bad i’ve started to tease people to get a reaction. Talking to someone who is all about details, no immagination, not knowing what sarcasm is and with dry humor is painful. Now add having black hair and brown eyes and there you have the icing on the cake. Im sure INTPs are more approachable and have have better tact.

Its also intresting that you bring up holding two opposing ideas at the same time. Its something few can do. Like i believe in the evolution and at the same time in some sort of a higher power. They could both be wrong for all i care. I dont need ONE of them to be true so i can feel safe.

Its also why i even suggested the social skills sub. No Other INTJ i know care about becoming more social. They just double down on what they are good at. As for me I want to be good at both the inner and the outer world. Since a social INTP/INTJ will be far more powerful than their unsocial counterparts.

Edit: Its not my thread man :slight_smile: This thread is about suggestions for future subs. Anyone can post whatever they like


I am an INTJ.


I would love to have an Aura Sub, which actually draws the girl into you that they give want to meet out with you and are asking for your number etc. I think this was already mentioned in a thread and as said this would probably take 1-2 years of development. (If you need testers, I think we are all here to help).

Also a sub for deeper connections would be great. Where the person feels understand and you can just connect on a much higher level. This goes hand in hand with the social sub mentioned in this thread before.

Something on nutrition and health could be useful as well.

I don’t know if this is included but a sub to help against procastionation would be great. I mean it even going beyond that where 1. you are able to hustle longer 2. get a better time management so instead of watching youtube you time it more to do shit 3. Got more energy and are fucking inspired to achieve your goals. (like Gary V. Lifestyle)



We have the aura stacking module for the auric component.

However, we will not be making a major aura subliminal. We do not desire to spend multiple years on developing something that we do not believe is that useful to a man.

Instead of a superficial change of energy, we aim to create deep, permanent change in a man, that allows him to do what he desires. Hence, our subliminals focus on this and how to acquire women through your masculine actions, rather than simply sitting around and relying on an aura.

The mindset of an Emperor, rather than a pretty flower.

Emperor, Asc Mogul and Mogul already fit this. :slight_smile:

On the topic of a social skills subliminal - it is definitely possible and we’ll think on it. It would be quite a powerhouse.

There is a social skills part in nearly every subliminal.

Tyrant, I doubt it.

We have something better coming.


Now thats a suprise. Either way you see things more or less the same way i do. Being social when its needed is power => Controll and controll is an INTJs home. We more or less learn to accept we are simultaniusly in control and not. Another example of two opposite beliefes co existing.

The INTJs i’ve met in real life are just fine living in their own world. They just accept that they are different and it doesnt really bother them. It took me 1000s of awkward conversations and apporaches overcome that nature. Yet having conqured it, it will always feel like using a non dominant hand. It gets te job done but its rigid.

The only cure is state… or feeling good, excited and having fun. I realised that i could be as in the moment as any other person the first time i got drunk. Knowing people and how to work toghether, follow, lead, listen is the second best thing to have after confidence.


For sure, I would suggest a Sub that has to do with health overall.

Improving health, trusting one’s body to be healthy, wanting to take care of the body, wanting to stick to a workout routine, wanting to get in touch with nature and things like that, etc.

I’m a little of a hypochondriac, which happened to me as a result of when I was young and got a weird thing that made me dizzy almost everyday for almost a year. No doctor could find anything so that fucked up my mindset when it comes to health, and makes you over time paranoid about the smallest symptoms. Obviously that’s the definition of hypochondria.


I am an INTJ. I can change whatever I want about myself. I’m not really stuck in any kind of way :slight_smile:


Since it seems this thread became the official suggestions thread, I +1 my previous suggestion for a language learning sub or at least a stacking module to work with Limitless :slight_smile: Especially in picking up the grammar, remembering vocabulary, and most importantly, hearing the new sounds and getting to proper pronunciation fast. Because when you’re not a native speaker of a language, your brain has trouble even hearing sounds that are too unfamiliar, which makes your pronunciation bad no matter how good you get at grammar and vocabulary.


Something similar to Creativity Unleashed but for language?