Subliminals Could Use Our Body Fat for Power

Just a thought for potential improvements. Our body fat stores a LOT of energy which isn’t being used. This could pave the way for a massive breakthrough in technology and results. In addition, we’d get the nice side effect of losing weight from listening to subs that may not even be about weight loss.


That’s a real neat idea. Also, I have a TON of power to gain if they implement this :smile:


Great idea…
I can guarantee you that fire and Saint already included that long ago. These guys are thinking years ahead of us.


@pacman potentially. However they still recommend consumption of carbs and other stuff when listening to these powerful subs. The kind of advancement I was thinking of would allow someone to get full efficacy out of subs even when doing an extended fast!


A full fast while listening to subs would have those effects, as after 48h or so your body would be in, or nearly in, ketosis… a much more efficient state for your brain.

I like shortcuts, so I’d probably start with a 1-2 day fat fast with Bulletproof coffee, lots of MCT oil, and a supplement called Keto Before 6.

Edit: This would be on top of my existing stack, which already includes Berberine, Metformin, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, Acertyl L-Carnitine, and a few others that I’m probably forgetting at the moment.


You mean this right?

@Psiklou pretty funny timing, isn’t it?

That module is likely to go in the next edition of my physical change custom.

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these people @Fire and @SaintSovereign are not helping fighting New Shiny Object Syndrome (NSOS)

I agree this would be a great idea @SubliminalUser

Yea and I wish I mentioned this to them before HERO!

they probably thought of it, as of now it seems calories and sunlight are both energy sources.

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Right. Still as an avid faster I’d like to see this ability fully maximized. I’ve done IF for a long time now, and am quite skilled at EFs (for reference, 7 days is my SHORTEST extended fast). Clearly our bodies can run just off body fat for a bit, I hope subs can too!

7 days of fasting? I didn’t know that was a thing. Have you fasted in the desert?

No food or water?

For… Forty… Days…

… Only one companion.

Could really use the “body fat” for power idea right now as I’m doing some fasts right now. @DarkPhilosopher how was using subs during your extended fast?

It’s a very curious one and one that really intrigues me. The brain works faster and better when in a fasted state, which makes it a very interesting idea for subs.

At the same time, energy from fat is a slow supplier. Other parts definitely slow down. As such an aura sub like Libertine would probably be a bad idea, as Saint mentioned to eat well to supply it with energy.

Unfortunately I don’t seem to notice subs at all most of the time, so I can’t say if I’m right, but I felt like fasting may have actually hindered the subs. It did make me tired more often (which is actually nice while fasting as the hyper-active brain makes time crawl by and shortens sleep to less than 5 hours a day). Maybe the processing goes faster and it’s possible to do more loops, but at the same time the permanent changes don’t happen.

So honestly I can’t say, but I wish I could hook up equipment to see what was happening. Especially as I’m planning on fasting throughout May. My body’s annual spring cleaning. And that is also when I hit Dragon Stage 4. Finally.

There’s likely some fat burning stuff in Emperor Fitness. We’d have to be responsible there, over-stimulating the process is not healthy. Those fat-burning drugs that over-stimulate the thyroid and pituitary gland are illegal for a reason. There’s also a theory that a faster metabolism will lead to a shorter lifespan, as often seen in the animal world. So, screwed if you do, screwed if you don’t I guess.

One of the effects of fasting on the brain is that all those random thoughts tend to stop, making you very focused and alert. Great for meditation, results when studying vary. But what if the brain uses that same mechanism of random thoughts to consider the new ideas introduced by the subs? Essentially a form of subconscious imagination/visualization?

How about dreaming? Do you notice any changes in patterns of dream activity or recall during a fasting period? That would also give some clues as to the relationship between fasting and subconscious processing.

Unfortunately I suck at recall so I don’t know how it affected dreams. If anything, I become semi-lucid at the end of the dream, like an observer. I’ve been hoping to find a cure @ SubClub for that as I still want to learn lucid dreaming and recall is step 1.

What little I remember dreams felt more real while fasting, it was harder to discern between dream and waking states.

I’ll be using an EEG during the fast. My guess is the delta deep sleep will be more dominant while fasting. Fasting stimulates HGH production and promotes healing, both features of delta sleep.

You seem to have a unique mind and a unique process. I almost get the sense that it operates in dichotomies and extremes. With sharp boundaries and clarity.

I get the sense for example that once a particular mental capacity opens up, it will be just like a door opening rather than like a gradual progression.

Well, it looks poised to be quite the experience. Wish you well on it.


SC should consider this body fat idea for Q+ :-). Give fasters especially another reason to do their thing!


Would you be willing to post this in the Q modules ideas thread?