Subliminal for Attract Job

Please some one tell me ,what is the best sublimal for attract JOB??


RICH, Mogul.


There were rumors here on the forum about CWON attracting a job.


What is CWON?


Saint loves it. When he wondered about my experience, I told him “it made me want to water my plants.” :slight_smile:

If you want employment, Mogul should do the trick best I think.


I Manifested my dreamjob in education because of this sub. The moment I had my job interview, they already wanted to make me a offer. They pay me 200 euro’s more then the normal starting position. Have to say that I also do manifesting meditations, so that helps out for sure. I only replied on this job, nothing else.

My step-mom got 1 job offer right after she listened to it in the morning. I’ll highly recommend listening to CWoN for Jobs. It also brought me closer to myself, what made me make better decisions about what I truly want in my job.


I just read the description from CWON and I don’t think it has anything to do with attract JOB :eyes:

The reply of the Co-founder himself when it comes to attracting jobs with this sub. Personally, when I look at the objective, I see at least 6-7 objectives that help you with finding a job. Maybe this is a bit too spiritual, but everything is energy when it comes to making decisions. It doesn’t matter what you say or do, it’s about how you make the other person feel. That’s the most important thing when it comes to getting a job. Your employer needs to get a good feeling of you, asking himself; will this dude be able to do the job? Being grateful, positive, joyful and happy are high vibration emotions. We always love people who put us in this kind of state, right? It gives us a good feeling as well.

To give an example: Sometimes when I find a girl really attractive, I sometimes start saying dumb things that don’t even make sense :joy:. But because she also likes me, she starts to giggle and playing with her hair and smiling at me, even when I say something stupid. Now try that with somebody who do not find your energy attractive. Then you’ll be the creep or weirdo, right? Very important thing to remember when it comes to getting Jobs.

Also, just finding a job is not enough for me. I want to have a job that makes me feel like I’m playing while making a big impact. If you just want to make money, maybe CWoN is indeed not the right fit. This one will make you question deeply in what you want at your job, with the right kind of people and environment.

But hey, Not trying to convince you here buddy, haha :wink: You’re the wisest man when it comes to your own decisions. Just trying to give you my opinion from my experiences on this sub and the people around me.


I will try CWON for my stack now, I hope it works
because right now I really need a job,


Hey @Julian I personally attracted my dream job using a stack of Emperor Chosen and RICH.

RICH is great as it will manifest opportunities for wealth left and right. As soon as I added it to my stack I had more interviews than I could keep track of. And they were all opportunities I wasn’t even seeking out myself - meaning I didn’t formally apply to a single one of those jobs, a recruiter or friend would contact me out of the blue regarding the job. I consider RICH a must have when trying to attract a job.

Chosen was great for interviewing and presenting yourself in the best light.

Emperor is great for overall development, though in your case is probably unnecessary as Emperor is pretty all encompassing including romance and fitness scripting.

The new True Sell is perfect for you to make interviews go your way.

If I were in your shoes I would stack: RICH, Chosen, and True Sell


Subs are helpful tools, but they also need to be paired with action. What steps are you taking toward this goal?

Making money is a 100% spiritual activity in my opinion. Most people are broke in spirit before their bank account manifests that.

You could also enter a support ticket.

bro, there are 3 chosen, which one do you mean?

He is referring to the original Chosen.

This one.


Thank you bro ,

have you found a job?

Emperor: HOM is hands down the best and only sub I’d use to get a job.


And that’s why my next stack for the 6 months is going be HoM + EOG + RICH. And honestly I’m planning to run HoM the whole year 2023.

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