SubClub saved my life (Spartan, Emperor Fitness and Seductress)


This is really emotional for me to write. It has been awhile since I have posted but I’ve been in contact with Saint Sovereign and Fire. They have been very helpful with me achieving my goals both with subliminals and fitness since Fire is a bodybuilder. When I first came to subclub, my life was hopeless. I was in a really bad and abusive relationship and blew up to around 250 lbs. I honestly considered just ending everything but I only stayed because I didn’t want to put my family through even more pain. I saw SubClub on a Facebook ad and bought Ascension for Women.

I have a journal about that here in the women’s section but it wasn’t updated. Long story short, Ascension of Women got me to the point where i felt confident enough to go to the gym and start getting my professional life back to together. I got a good job and started losing weight but sure enough those negative thoughts kept coming back and hurting my gym progress. So I bought Spartan and got AMAZING results. Even better results with Emperor Fitness even though it hasn’t been as long. It took a lot of work but together they helped me with lots of motivation, eating habits, confidence and even finding the perfect trainer. Fire also helped me with routines and nutrition, everything I wanted in a sub. Results:

I know I should’ve been happy with those results but I lost something in my past relationship. Even though I got more attention i just didn’t feel sexy. When Seductress came out I snatched it up immediately, hoping I would feel sexier. It worked. Not only that, but I did get physical changes particularly in my breasts which surprised me. When I sent Sovereign a progress picture, they offered me a SubClub shirt to model hahahaha. I feel sexier than ever!

I’m writing this through tears. I can’t believe i have had such a transformation in like a year. I get tons of attention everywhere I go and my dating life has changed so much. I feel so confident. I love getting up and dressing up with my new body. I love looking at myself in the mirror and feeling good instead of wanting to cry. Going into fitting rooms is no longer depressing and I can actually shop with my friends instead of going to plus size.

Thank you subclub for my new found confidence.


Glad you decided to go ahead and post your progress pictures. I know you were reluctant to do so and I know it’s hard to put yourself out there on the Internet, but you’re going to inspire a lot of people to take massive action toward their goals. Keep up the good work.


Congratulations on your progress!


Excellent job. Both to Subclub and to you for taking action.


Almost spat my coffee out at the pics. Damn, girl… We all wondered where you went, and you transform like this!!!

The world is yours from now on, anything you want you can get, with the added beliefs of a warrior. You’ll be the person every woman looks to for inspiration and motivation to change their life, and you’ll enjoy leading the charge.

You’ve experienced the worst, now enjoy the best!


Thank you for telling your inspiring story.
Congratulations and I wish you the best for the future.


Again, wooooooow!
The only thing that I could say is: I am very very happy for you!


Wow thank you for sharing that! Congratulations!

I am wondering how long have you been running Spartan?


I think i got it in March of last year. I have been running it for about a year and started seeing results really fast.


Thanks everyone!


Make sure you try Spartan Q. :stuck_out_tongue:
Emperor Fitness Q will be released later this week.


You inspired me to stack SpartanQ. Thanks and you’re awesome.

Edit: Just realized I fell into the trap of stacking and switching subs. Not stacking anything again but still congratulations on the amazing results :+1:


Is Spartan Q on the sale page thinking of trying it.


Yes, ALL single stage products have been upgraded to Q and is available now.


Does that include Sex Mastery X2?




Thank you. I appreciate it. Time to buy some single stage subs. :slight_smile:


just saw the updates, thanks.


I can see muscles for the first time in my life! I took a progress pic, but that one may be a bit too racy for the message board, haha.

The big news is that I have a “dinner date” with someone tomorrow night. He’s a friend that I’ve crushed on for a long time but we haven’t spoke to in ages. I don’t know if I believe in manifestations but if they are true this was one. I haven’t posted any progress pictures to social media because I’m not trying to attract all the men that didn’t give me the time of day when I was unhealthy. But, he hit me up out of the blue asking how I was and if I was doing well during the quarantine. He’s the type of guy that doesn’t have problems meeting women and usually has a pretty one hanging off his arm, so I was a bit suspicious and figured he was trolling for an easy lay. But we ended up talking for about 4 hours.

Finally, I asked if he wanted to video chat and he said sure. When he saw me, his mouth dropped and asked what happened to the rest of me. Like I said, we haven’t spoken in a long time and we don’t have mutual friends so it’s not like he could find out that I lost so much weight. So long story short, we ended up setting up a “dinner date.” Since we’re both under lock downs and I’m not risking going to his place, we’re going to do it over Zoom. He’s ordering a meal from a local high-end restaurant and having it delivered and we’re going to video chat it, haha.

I know it may be lame to a lot of people but this is mindblowing to me. I never thought I’d ever get to this point.


Not lame, sounds awesome. Congrats on the incredible progress. As for the dude and the date, I think you manifested it:)