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Fire said it would make paragon emphasize healing on whichever modules you use though so might make paragon a bit less general but more focused on those goals


Thanks @Meng123

Other potential thing to keep in mind is that Paragon is more general. So I wonder if the body’s resources would be more diffused and dispersed, leading to slower results and/or more fatigue.


@RVconsultant this is a good hypnothesis i think its best i stay away from paragon…thanks

This will be interesting.

Since physical shifting is now possible there could be a sub for bigger boobs right?

For a real stack you know.

This occurred to me when my wife said after the kids, she wants a boob job.

Could this be achieved with subs? I. E. a body reshaper for men and women respectively?

Although it’ll prolly take years to see an effect?

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Can just use seductress for that.Seems to work well for alot of women.

From the product page

  • Perfect body proportions (based on what YOU consider your ideal body type)
    • Shaping of waist, breasts, stomach and buttocks
  • Long, luxurious hair
  • Clear skin and healthy nails
  • Firm skin and reduction of cellulite
  • Self-care improvement
    • Improving make up application
    • Discovering your ideal make up look
    • Enhanced skin routines
    • Balanced hygiene

If seductress gets updated,will probably be what your looking for.Sounds like it already was working in normal Q though.

I didn’t even know seductress was this far reaching!


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Haha,im still waiting for the seductress for men with male enhancement.Think perfect body proportion shaping will be in it.It was waiting on project hero so shouldnt be that far in the future anymore


Seems like there is a lot of things going on in the background the past few months so the later part of this year could be real surprising as to what gets released as titles and modules goes.


And other audio improvements! There’s a lot of planned advancements in the pipeline.

Can’t wait for solace on all titles.

Running it on Rich with great success!

Perhaps torso and Seductress.

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That feeling you get when you run a Solace custom made up of only Hero modules for the first time:

I’m a sucker for female vocals…


Oi geezer cant earr what your saying ? :slight_smile:

They had one :slight_smile:

I do wonder what would be a realistic time expectation for physical shifting/healing to take place.

It’s (probably) slower with more modules.

So, what if a person created an Ultima with 4 Hero physical shifting modules plus Paragon and Asclepius?

What’s a realistic timeframe expectation?

My mind says 3 months. I wonder.

Well, @honeymonster, you started your 4 module Project Hero Ultima 2 weeks ago. It seems that you’re doing well in the Action department, with the physical training that you described. Seems like by 4-6 weeks you may see some promising shifts, and by 3 months possibly something very significant. So, see you in mid-July.

Another question: For how long after one stops listening to a Hero custom would the physical shifting effect continue? This one seems like it would be related to the amount of time spent listening and the Action basis that exists in one’s lifestyle.

But again, let’s take the person who uses a 4-module Hero Ultima for 3-6 months. If the person stops at that moment, and continues in healthy lifestyle practices, perhaps the script would have been somewhat incorporated into one’s mental process by that time.

I wonder how integration and plateauing works when it comes to subliminal messages.


I would hope to see results in 2 months given the fact this is super duper bleeding edge technology. As well as the training i am extremely regimental with what I eat these days.


Have you noticed anything further to report so far?

Also is the regimented training and eating an effect of the Ultima perhaps, or a concious choice to maximize the Ultima’s effect?

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