[STACKED] The King Test EmperorQ


Stopping Khan ST1 for the testing of EmperorQ


Been running EmperorQ for 5 hours now. 1st 2 hours on ultrasonic, and then the rest masked.

I went to meditate for a while, but ended up falling into a deep sleep. I dreamt about myself in front of my bathroom trying to turn on the lights before going in - but all the switches did not seem to work. I was thinking of just going in to the bathroom and turning on a smaller light from within when I was surprised to find myself waking up on my bed.

It wasn’t a long period of sleep - maybe about half an hour I think.

Linking this to a previous post since it the dream is quite similar.


I ran EmperorQ for 9 hours on the 1st day.

Was feeling very very hungry - much hungrier than usual - at the end of the day and before I retired for the evening.

Anyway, managed to get a quite a very good sleep. Nightly sleep has been improving for the past few days, perhaps due to Khan ST1 too.

Could feel myself slightly aware of myself dreaming (10%) before I woke up this morning.


Today, have been running EmperorQ for 7 hours so far.

Feelings of lightness and slight optimism as I ponder about how I should restructure my business ideas.

Have a bigger desire to be a real CEO and build up a business that the world will take note of.

Keeping track of my available resources and opportunities available.

Also looked into starting to start investing with a small amount of cash.

If EmperorQ is really similar to Stark, then I am considering adding in Inner Circle to get my dream team and mentors.


Ran EmperorQ for 10 hours today.

Caught a bad cold and didn’t really do anything much.

Anyway, had a funny dream while I was drowsy from my cold.

I dreamt that I was going to sit down at a food court when my bag slightly brushed against a girl but we both ignored the situation.

When I was about the leave the food court, I could hear the girl telling her friend about my personal details that she as a stranger couldn’t know of. I then realised that she was a master pickpocket and had somehow managed to get hold of my personal documents.

She then approached me and introduced herself as a pickpocket and telling me that she was actually advertising her pickpocket services.

An earlier dream the night before involved me sitting next to a friend of mine at a dinner table and he was sharing with me his knowledge on wine glasses. In front of us were special wine-glasses where the bowls were actually cylindrical in shape. He was telling me about how specially these wine-glasses were designed and that if I had completed a User Experience Design course he would have hired me to design more of such wine-glasses.

Interestingly, a subsequent dream in the same night , a friend of mine was holding two big fat wine bottles which were made of black dark glass, and interestingly, inside these two fat wine bottles was vinegar instead of wine.

Another interesting dream in the same night that I made was that of a boy leading me to my bathroom where he told me the Devil was haunting my bathroom in the form of a smiling cat. Yea, I saw the cat sitting on the toilet seat smiling widely at me. The boy just said the Devil could be driven out with a few words that he recited, but I think the cat was still sitting on the toilet seat and not smiling anymore.

Finally, I could remember a portion of a dream in the same night that involved me being due to take an exam. Couldn’t remember anything more , but the paper was on “Quantum Mechanics” I think.

I had a to-do list (action list) which I prepared and hope to be able to carry out simple actions tomorrow. Today I struggled to complete one of the actions, which was to to sychronize an email client with my MS Outlook but I found out that they were incompatible. Never mind as that won’t kill my life or business if I can’t check some of my emails on MS Outlook.

I also started making a list of things that I am grateful for, and desire to be grateful about.


I will be EmperorQ for 10 hours today minimum.

The themes of my thoughts today while running this are “Sense of Control”, “Certainty”, “Predictability” and “Stability”.

I have realised that a key cause of my emotions as well as actions in my life has been due to the themes above. It has been something I crave for.

Perhaps, this has been is due to various occasions in my life where I would be very very close to experiencing some things (be it in terms of relationships, career, finances, family) that would change my life, but at the last minute things would take a 360 degree turn and I would be worse off than before. Every time this happened, it resulted in me getting more and more depressed. The fact that I lacked any means to control the situation made me feel worse.

I am running EmperorQ therefore to primarily regain this sense of control over my reality and my life - to be able to believe that I can get what I want.


Suspecting that I may have some GABA deficiency, which could explain my constant stress, anxiety and difficulty trying to relax, meditate or go into Alpha state.

Its been over 30 years of such emotional turmoil, starting from various events as a child.

Will give L-Theanine a shot.


I’d really like to be running Khan ST1, but don’t want to buy the entire Khan set at this point.

Does ST1 integrate well with EmperorQ for you, King?


I have used both Theanine and GABA and found some benefit from them. I use other nootropics, too. One you might look for is Picamilon, which is GABA combined with Niacin. It is supposed to cross the blood brain barrier more easily

I had a bottle of Picamilon quite a few years ago, but I am not sure I felt that it was better than just GABA by itself, for me.


I only used Khan ST1 for a week before testing EmperorQ so I don’t know how it integrates, but I guess New Beginnings should do a lot of the work that Khan ST1 does…


I am thinking I am feeling “New Beginnings” at work as I listen.

I used Regeneration for three months by itself, but I am still not sure what to say about it. I am sure it had effects, it was just that I really didn’t feel like I was noticing a whole lot as I ran it.

I still would like to try ST1. I guess I would like to try Khan, but in a way I keep wondering in what ways it would be better to run the entire 4 track run of Khan over just continuing to run Emperor, which I have put more than 9 months into in its various incarnations.


Ran EmperorQ for 7 hours in the day yesterday on ultrasonic, then again for another 8 hours at night.

EmperorQ on ultrasonic appeared to be activating some parts of my body slightly. But I couldn’t sleep at all with the ultrasonic running so I turned it off and managed to get to sleep eventually.

Perhaps I will test running EmperorQ with masked at a low volume at night when I sleep.


After almost running EmperorQ day and night yesterday which ended up as sleepless night, I decided to stop running it for today and let my subconscious mind take a break for a day.

I found myself quite productive for today, researching and planning up a list of sales prospects for my business as well as taking some other small actions that would enhance the quality of my business network.

I will try running EmperorQ on masked from my laptop tonight when I sleep to see the effect.


Personally, all versions of Emperor, and also Khan ST4, do not let me sleep if I play them at night. So I don’t think it’s a special thing that only EmperorQ does.

Great journal! I look forward to your future posts.


Running EmperorQ for 8 hours today minimum.

Some badly needed cash in the form of payment from a client finally came into my corporate bank account. While the amount would be peanuts to most of you, I had had a dry spell in terms of my business for a very very long time, so having this amount of cash which more than doubled what I had in my corporate bank account was very significant and gave me a sense of relief.

Still not out of the woods in terms of being financially secure and I won’t spend on anything that is unnecessary.

Keeping my fingers crossed for bigger projects from the same client - they might be delayed because of the virus but I will remain optimistic. If I win the next project , the fee would be 5-6 times that charged for the last project - that would place my business at a certain level of stability.

Unproductive day today but I continued to examine my existing network to see how they could help in terms of the growth of my businesses.


I’m also feeling this. Altough this is gradually shifting to something more “agressive”. While on Emperor it felt abrupt, with EmperorQ is controlled, paced. I wonder if this is intentional @SaintSovereign, @Fire ! :smiley:


Yes, those are the emotional states that I am aiming to achieve and am not becoming a badass overnight.

My current emotional level is still quite far off that needed to achieve my end goals - I think Regeneration has helped a bit - so I need to rebalance myself first before the line of vision appears clear enough for me to charge forward.

Sometimes I feel that this subliminal script contains a line like “Slowly…Slowly… Relax…Relax…” that is addressed to my subconscious regularly to keep my mental state in check. While running EmperorQ, I would go haywire for an hour or so, then recalibrate myself and tell myself everything is alright and the plans are going well if I look at things from a long-term perspective.


Yes. And if you could detach from yourself for a moment, how does a person who says this view himself as compared to others? Seeing others as more successful, bigger, greater than him, or the opposite?

Metaphors are a very powerful force that shape our lives.
Tell us more about what kinds of woods are those woods? And where would you be when you get “out of the woods”?
And is “still being in the woods” an empowering metaphor to describe this journey of growth you are on? :slight_smile:

When I win the next project” :wink: Words shape your consciousness and determine the level of confidence you have to approach things.

AND, since networks are based on Reciprocity, how can you add value to them today, so that you can have more help when you need it in the future? Would this be a possibility?

Yes, so the aggressiveness is controlled and paced. How specifically do you notice this at your workplace, @Tarmicle? Any specific examples? :slight_smile:


I don’t have specific examples, or I would’ve gladly described them. :slight_smile:

It’s more of a feeling.

However, if I had to make it an example I’d use my last interaction with my CEO, in which I answered to her in a very assertive way, without sounding arrogant or aggressive. I’ve never been able to do that in the past. I’d either answer aggressively or passively. See here:

Did I answer your question, @AMASH?


Thank you @Tarmicle

Yes, to me, I would you the term “assertive,” but if “aggressive” works better for you, then that’s what is important. :slight_smile:

When some people think of “aggressive,” they imagine something less friendly.

I look forward to reading more about you progress!