[STACKED] @Salchichon Journal EmperorQ + QL ST1


Hello everyone. Curious to combine this two subs. Waiting for approval.


Hello everyone,

I wanted to talk about what is my baseline before taking Emperor Q

Actually, I’m dealing with a very nasty divorce proceeding. My ex-wife doesn’t allow me to see my children (I got 3; 7, 6 and 4 yo) since November 26, 2019. She claimed recently that was abusive, etc; and suddenly an invent all types of lies in order to obtain the full custody of my children. So my baseline is the following:

  • Not very enthusiastic about the future
  • Worry about being or not being in love for my kids
  • The idea that she’s working on then giving thoughts like your daddy abandoned us, it is terrible
  • No sexual desire
  • Lack of concentration and motivation to work properly
  • I must take a huge exam in May, which will define a lot in my career
  • Increasing my debts to pay lawyers and prospectively is not going to end anytime soon
  • It is very hard to see how to create a financial empire
  • I miss my children not even sanguine can reduce this recursive idea

So when that as a baseline let’s start with Emperor Q tonight


Thank you for sharing that with us. I know how hard it is to open yourself up, but in this community, we value it and never take it for granted.

Is the plan to listen to a few loops at night before sleeping, or to let EmperorQ run while you sleep? :slight_smile:


I plan to start with 5 loop of masked version. then, from midnight up to 7: 00, & hours of ultrasonic version.
Honestly, It’s hard to share this situation, but it will give a good idea of the potential of EmperorQ and to express some hope of better outcome.


Emperor Q First No other subs today
Day 1 - Feb 29
3 loops masked on speakers
10 loops ultrasonic
5 loops masked on headphones

  • After the first 30 minutes intense sleep desire
  • After the first loop, moderate headache. It subsided with Tylenol
  • At 15 minutes 3rd loop insomnia for 2 hours
  • I took a coffee and sleep for 9 hours
  • Woke up with low motivation. I spent three hours in bed.
  • No desire to go pray
  • Sadness most of the day, missing my children thoughts
  • Physical finding: Curious; constipation, very rare, I do not remember any episode of something similar in decades.
  • At 13:00 First listening of masked version with headphones, goosebumps for almost one minute
  • At the second loop, I started decluttering my children’s room.

No other findings


Welcome, Salchichon!

Writing down your baseline is a really good beginning. You will soon experience profound results changing you from the inside out. The changes may flow so smoothly that you might (otherwise) forget how the “old you” behaved and acted differently in certain situations.

In a 1,3,6 months time, you will be able to look back reading your old baseline and you will realize how much you really changed. Good luck and I wish you all the best!


Thanks, @friday! I hope medical school is going well. I remembered a lot of fun while studying it.


Day 2 - March 1st
Only EmperorQ 8 loops ultrasonic 1:05:15
I did not started Quantum Limitless ST1 yet

  • Woke up with low motivation. I was in bed for one hour, then, go back to sleep.
  • I went to pray in the afternoon
  • Missing my children thoughts
  • I’m continuing doing 50 minutes on the treadmill machine. Burning around 700 calories daily. I was doing it for more than 2 weeks.
    No other findings


Day 3 March 2nd
Ultrasonic – 11 loops version 1:05:15 h
I’m still doing Emperor Q solo

  • I woke up with neutral motivation
  • I slept very well approximately 7 hours
  • I heard 11 loops of ultrasonic version
  • I started working on my judicial case
  • It is being hard to concentrate still
  • My mood is sad most of the day. I am missing my children.
  • In one week I have to return to work. So, not excited about that idea
  • I continue doing a 50 minutes of treadmill machine daily
  • Not special increase in appetite

No other findings


Day 4 March 3
Masked – 11 loops version 1:00:00 h
Quantum Limitless ST1 - loops

  • Neutral mood today
  • It is being hard to concentrate still
  • I am missing my children.
  • I continue doing a 50 minutes of treadmill machine daily
  • I went out ot spent time with a friend, it was very good
  • I decided to drive for an hour only to enjoy the rain
    No other findings


I hope you will be okay @Salchichon and that you will get custody of your kids soon.


Thanks, buddy! I hope to have them soon. I must wait until March 20.


Day 5 March 4

  • EmperorQa Masked version 1:00:00 h X 2
  • Quantum Limitless ST1 X 1
    Emp Qa Masked ( 8 loops)
    QL ST1 Masked (3 loops)
  • It was very hard to go sleep with the hotfix version, I spent 4 hours turning on my bed before falling asleep. Somehow, my mind was active but then subsided
  • Better stable mood today.
  • I started reading for my exam
  • I am still missing my children, but I more hopeful for the future.
  • I continue doing 50 minutes of treadmill machine daily
  • I went out to spent time with a friend who recently lost his father, it was very good for both
  • Tired most of the day. I took 2 naps of 45 minutes
    No other findings


Day 6 - March 5
EmperorQa Masked version 1:00:00 h X 2
Quantum Limitless ST1 X 1
Emp Qa Masked ( 7 loops)
QL ST1 Masked ( 3 loops)

Today was a fantastic day. I sent my ex-wife BS excuses and I went to see my kids at the end of school.
After no being able to hug and kiss them since the end of November, Today, I was able to do so. I was very worried about how they will react after being drilled day and night about how bad their father is by my ex and her family.

Aaah! My kids were there, even though everything that she’s doing to alienate them from me. They were there for me. I was holding myself to do so because of my lawyer’s advice. but today I said**: Fuck the world!** I’m going to do what I want! I bet on it and I won!

I don’t know really if this was Emperor Q, but whatever it was, I’m immensely thankful! @fire @SaintSovereign

Sorry, I cannot give you more details about this day, because only this event made not only my day but help me to heal so much pain experienced for more than the last almost three months of their absence.


Day 7 - March 6
Emp Qa Masked (7 loops)
QL ST1 Masked (3 loops)

  • Extremely exhausted. I got some respiratory distress. Headaches all day.
  • Mentally confused most of the day.


Day 8 - March 7
EmperorQa Ultrasonic version 1:00:00 h
Emp Qa Ultrasonic ( 10 loops)

  • I spend all day at home. Respiratory symptoms continued all day. No fever.
  • Not at my best at all.
  • I believe start having ear problems with masked version. so I tried ultrasonic.


Day 9 - March 8

Emp Qa Masked ( 7 loops)
QL ST1 Masked ( 6 loops)

  • It looks like the ultrasonic version is not change nothing on my mood. I prefer masked version.
  • I wait hours at ER without being able to see a doctor.
  • No appetite today
  • I felt I lost my momentum. Somehow, I feeling fear but I cannot identified to what.


Day 10 - March 9
Emp Qa Masked ( 6 loops)
QL ST1 Masked ( 3 loops)

  • I cannot study. Very poor attention due to headaches
  • I am going to work with a mask. Everyone is going paranoic around here.
  • My lawyer disappeared. Fuck! It is not answering my calls.
  • I think that was the reason of my fears yesterday
  • The uncertainty is taking over me


Day 11 - March 10
Emp Qa Masked ( 8 loops)
QL ST1 Masked ( 5 loops)

  • l am in quarantine due to my respiratory problems.
  • My lawyer is gone or something. Fuck! Bad karma?
  • Losing hope regarding my children judicial fight.
  • What is this? New beginnings?
  • I feeling bad, quite depressed all day.


Day 12 - March 11
Emp Qa Masked ( 8 loops)
QL ST1 Masked ( 3 loops)

  • I should work from home. My productivity is near 10%
  • Lacking of energy all day
  • Taking time to prepare my defense at court. I cannot rely on lawyers anymore.
  • Crazy appetite today
  • My mood was quite neutral.