[STACKED] Raphael's EmperorQ Testing + Emperor Fitness ST1


Have decided to start my subliminal journey all over again due to too much stacking and changing of my playlist. And what better way to do it than to try out EmperorQ and stack it with Emperor Fitness ST1.

During the duration of this testing, I will only use Emperor Fitness ST1 since I would like to reap its healing benefits.

Also, until I get EmperorQ in my downloads, I will run Khan ST1 Total Breakdown.

Time to unleash The God Emperor!



To prepare for EmperorQ, I ran Khan ST1 Total Breakdown for a period of two nights and a couple of hours for two days. In hours it will come around to 16 hours and in terms of loops, around 21 loops.

Reconciliation is back with mild depression and something like a midlife crisis where you question everything. It isn’t as strong as the first time I ran Khan ST1 and since am not stacking it with Spartan or Sanguine like I did before, I have nothing to “cushion the blow” of the relentless Breakdown, so to speak.

This is a good thing. We could use mental pain for both disciple and resurrection.

I have also resolved that if am not accepted for EmperorQ, it won’t be as big a deal. Will plan a new stack accordingly.


I forgot to mention that I had vivid dreams on both these nights when I ran Khan ST1 Total Breakdown.

Played it for 2 more loops when napping today in the afternoon, taking total preparation (Breakdown) to 23 loops.

More importantly, just received the download for EmperorQ (Thank you SaintSovereign and Fire) and will be running Masked versions of both it and Emperor Fitness ST1 in a simple 1:1 loop:

EmperorQ x 1
Emperor Fitness ST1 x 1


Did you know that we have DarkTheme on this website? It’s a boon for my eyesight. I found how in the forum here:

After all that, click “Save Changes”

PS: the above mentioned right most drop down menu first shows “Account”


Day 1

  • Woke up to a slightly more energetic day than when just running Khan ST1.

  • Dreams were exciting and vivid. In contrast to Khan ST1 dreams which were a bit morbid, EmperorQ + Emperor Fitness ST1 dreams were more action packed. I had one where I was teen wolverine (that’s right, Bub) and was saving my classmates from goblins who were on the verge of stealing their backpacks and school stationary lol.

  • Not all was fine and dandy though. In the morning, I felt rage against what my life has become. Also felt like a beast in a cage. Since I had not taken the appropriate steps to be financially independent by this age, I feel like an absolute loser. I can’t live where I want. Can’t hang out with people I want. Can’t buy the things that I want. Feeling totally miserable right now with a mix of knowing I can change it.

  • Am running this stack as I type this. And having vented in the point above, I feel better. Like the tale of Pandora’s box where after releasing all the evils that were inside it, hope also was set free from within.

  • So no matter the situation I am in, there is still a way I can turn it around.

  • I have come to the realization that organized religion brainwashes you to fear success. Being rich is evil and surmounting the limitations of the human body using science is seen as pride. Suffering is good and being happy with an abundance of sex and money is considered bad.

  • Never mind that the Bible has a lot of mystical and manifestation teachings but largely the interpretation of it is usually to serve priests and their hierarchy and has little to do with empowering those who go to church.

  • Noticed that am even less inclined to watch YouTube now. Even listening to success related videos is not that interesting. This is a good thing since I can now do a nice dopamine detox in addition to already having signed out of social media, music and movies.

  • Reading Yoval Noah Harari’s Sapiens. Feels easier and more focused to read it now as compared to before starting this stack.


Well not all - check out the Prosperity Gospel. But I get your point since I was baptised Catholic and my immediate environment is still very much extreme Traditionalist Catholic. I spent a very long time coming to terms with my religion but yes, Catholicism is very much focused on holding back your personal ambitions and denying yourself the opportunity to improve your material quality of life based on your own terms.


@King - that’s exactly my view too which I put in the next point regarding manifestation and the mystical nature of the gospels, which I actually subscribe to.

I was baptised Catholic and was a “good catholic boy” feeling that am a sinner and I need to learn to suffer. All that indoctrination was too much until I reached a breaking point and rebeled.

After flirting with atheism for a bit, I became agnostic and then gnostic, seeking truths in the gnostic gospels and new age truths.

But many times I still feel that a lot of useless religious beliefs are emotionally ingrained in me. Something that I seek to overthrow everytime I encounter them whether it is using subliminals or logically thinking things through.


@raphael one more thing we have in common. I also was raised a strict catholic. Have spent since I was 18 working through all the hang ups that caused me.


@HappyHero - I feel you, bro. I thought that the brainwashing wouldn’t be that difficult to remove. But so many unwanted programming resides unconsciously as I can see it in the way I am submissive and feeling guilty many times. Guilt when even though I haven’t done anything wrong.


Do you feel that the mystical and manifestation teachings of Catholicism affect your ability to properly manifest the things that you want? The Catholic Church in particular is actually quite vague when it comes to manifestation of material needs through prayer and gives all sorts of excuses if your prayers aren’t answered like. For example,

  1. God is not an ATM machine
  2. You aren’t in a state of grace
  3. One should pray to submit himself to God’s will and not ask for material stuff
  4. God always answers prayers but sometimes his answer is no
  5. God is like a loving parent who will not give you what is not good for you
  6. We are on earth to carry our cross. Everyone has his cross to carry, not just you.

I can think of many more of these excuses but the point here is that they form a whole complex block of limiting beliefs that affect your ability to manifest and you grow up with an idea that you don’t deserve anything at all.

One positive thing is that the Catholic Church encourages a method of prayer that allows you to go into a silence (contemplative style) and meditate on things. It just happens that this meditation can improve both your spiritual and material quality of life (similar to chaos magick and LOA) but they want to limit the benefits of this to the spiritual only.

In fact, the Catholic Mass is very much like a grand occult ritual. There are some similarities if you do some research.

I think many people who didn’t grow up under Catholicism have much less of this mental and emotional baggage, so sadly we have much more to clear.

For me, I feel that understanding the Bible as a psychological novel like Neville Goddard helps a lot.


I consciously rejected Christianity at the age of 12, but I know it still to a great extent shapes my point of view. I am trying to remove all that negative programming.


@dorfmeister Neville Godard’s interpretation of the Bible has done so much for me as far as clearing beliefs instilled by the catholic church.

I could list 20 more in addition to yours in just two minutes but I’ll leave this for @raphael and his journey.


@King - you have listed excellent points regarding the mix of positives and negatives of the Catholic Church. As they say, if you want people to believe a lie, put some truth in it.

Yes. I should admit that it has put obstacles in the way to manifest how I wanted to live my life. The idea of hammering “original sin” into us is one of the greatest sins of this religion. Something which takes some time to remove. Jesus himself said “ye are gods” but this is always interpreted to mean that we aren’t as powerful as we wish to be and that we shouldn’t desire what we want. All this adulteration of mysticism and fear is ball of yarn that took some time to untangle using the teachings of law of attraction, Abraham hicks, neville goddard and Abdullah (the mentor of Neville and Dr Joseph Murphy).

I agree your point regarding meditation. It’s been an on and off thing for me though.

In the end, all of it still feels insufficient and the journey to be free from such chains is ongoing.


@dorfmeister - exactly. It’s a journey in itself. A waste of time and energy but at least we are concious of ourselves.


@HappyHero - am so grateful to the teachings of Neville Goddard (and similar teachers). Without them, I would have rejected the bible altogether.

And yes, one more point. The emphasis on being submissive to authority is a central part of Catholicism. “obey your father and mother” and the idea that we should always listen to the priest (using the idea of jesus giving the keys to the kingdom to Peter etc).

The problem with religion is that it uses the Bible as a textbook of moral science when in fact spirituality has nothing to do with morals.

“Honor (not obey) your father and mother” means many things. One spiritual meaning is to honor the masculine and the feminine. Or honor the concious and the subconscious. Honoring the dualism in some way.

“Giving the keys to the kingdom” isn’t meant only for priests but for us all. We are all priests in this regard.

I can ramble on but this is enough for now.


Day 2:

  • More vivid dreams than before. I don’t recollect them today though but I distinctly remember that there was a variety of different plots in each of them. Possibly 3 or 4 different vivid dreams at least.

  • Have been going to bed early the past two days since I started this stack. The day before yesterday, I slept 7 hours. And yesterday, I slept 8 hours.

  • Don’t feel as alpha as before. At least yesterday. I feel a bit better regarding this today. Might be reconciliation and the fact that am missing Khan in my stack. I feel that it will improve though.

  • Don’t feel as easily tired as before when I do something that takes effort. Sometimes I used to end up panting just because I walked a bit too fast (won’t explain this too much since it’s a medical condition). Must be Emperor Fitness ST1 healing working.

  • Also my eyes felt a bit weird the last two days when I wake up. Not in a good or bad way. As if it’s swollen a bit. Don’t know whether it is because am reading more now. Or if they are healing. Will keep note of this.

  • Didn’t feel like taking an afternoon nap yesterday. Just ended up reading.

  • Am more inclined to listen to this stack during the day too when previously I only did it when I sleep. I just plug my headphones and read.

  • While am sitting here, am feeling a sense of gratitude for everything I have. Granted that there is a lot more that I desire but it feels good to be thankful. Thankful for these subs, thankful for this forum and the men in it, thankful for my parents who even though disagree with me are still generous with taking care of my health and giving me the best care I can recieve. I can and should do all this for myself but it is a gift to have what I have when many don’t have these options.


Day 3:

  • Had a vivid dream again. The difference is that it was a dream I had before but extended. Felt that I could control it more.

  • In the dream I saw a new way of launching an aeroplane into the air by first splitting the cockpit from the rest of the body. Then launching both of them separately. After which they somehow join back together. Seems like a reverse of the epic scene in The Dark Knight Rises where Bane destroyes a plane.

  • In the same dream but later, I remember that there was some form of friction between the men and women. And I started shouting “WHAMEN!”, teasing the ladies after which the other men joined in. That diffused the situation after which the ladies ended up laughing.

  • Again in the same dream, but later and after the flight had landed, the men banded up to form a team where we met each other often to talk and raise our masculine energy. Almost felt like a band of brothers.