[STACKED] EQ /StarkQ / Alchemist 3 @rajeshwer


Just received my downloads for EQ
Mine is 42:58 for masked , as I am more comfortable with masked .
Thank you @SaintSovereign


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Thank you @DarkPhilosopher
Done needful .


I am running it with Alchemist stage 2 , I am already on 60 days of stage 2 and want to give myself 30 days more on stage 2 .
Also I always run SM while making love to my girl and it has done wonders to my life so will keep on running it , which is once in a day .


Your masked for EQ is 42:58? Mine is an hour.


Mine also (ultra is 5:15 longer). I do believe it is supposed to be an hour, with an 82.17MiB zip file and a slightly larger MP3 file. If yours isn’t, you may want to download it again.


Wait how long is your ultrasonic?

Mine is 44:28. Also my masked version is 43:02.

Do we all have different versions of EmperorQ?


Yes. I think there are 2 versions, but it’s the same thing. I just think 1 is more “intense” than the other, so they test how much can people handle.


Damn, I am running ‘probably’ the less intense version and I am still getting such reconciliation and adverse effects haha


Nothing gets past ya’ll. Yes, there are two versions of EmperorQ and we’re aware of who is running which version. :wink:

Don’t overthink it, just enjoy the ride and report.


Wonder which version is more intense. Did you base which versions to give to whom randomly or based off their past documented results?


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Ha ha
Thanks @DarkPhilosopher
It’s ok to discuss anything here as long as it’s related to EQ

Day : 1
I just replaced EV4 with EQ
I mean I was running in avg 10 loops of Alchemist 2 and 10 loops of EV4 , 1 loop of SM and one loop of inner circle .

So I just switched EV 4 with EQ in my play list .

Played alchemist 2 and EQ alternate thru out night , morning I woke up and there was this strange feeling , my head (forehead region) was heavy / dizzy but my body was light like feather and I had this cloud like feeling inside my body .
There was spring in my footsteps and I was looking forward to day .
I was no hungry , I take banana every morning but today didn’t feel like .

Yes I also had running nose only right nostril , which is strange .

So t am ready for work and playlist still playing .

Will keep posting .


My ultrasonic is 44:28 too @friday


Another 5 loops apx
I feel same like I felt in morning after listening to EQ overnight
I have extra energy and feel more commanding , just to fortify , I was talking to my dad and I realised I am putting my opinion and point in front of him with assertion although with due respect .

Also my girl told me why are you acting like hero , though I did nothing out of way

I feel this sub has same impact in ke like SM , I mean I feel results too soon .
Never seen a sub like SM before , of all subs I have run of sub club ; I don’t listen anything else ) I think SM has very fast impact and results on me and my girl too , this EQ , I feel is on similar pattern , I can’t explain why but it’s almost hitting me like SM .

Also my head is still heavy and body super light ., nose still running .


So now
I have burning sensation in eyes , some pain in right shoulder and finger joints …
Something like gym pain …
And now I feel sleepy .
But I am still not super hungry like I am otherwise …


Also I feel E 4 was taking me away from social gatherings / social talks .
With EQ on , I am feeling sleepy but still I have energy to connect with people and reply to them , may be frequent posting here is one of signs …


After whole day of alchemist 2 and EQ
I still have mild headache / running right nose , I feel sleepy, I have body pain but strange my body is light , there is still that spring in my steps .

I have replied to all my mails of the day , no pending work , had a productive day than before and persuaded lot of dealers to buy our stuff .

With E4 , never had this feeling , this sub is penetrating my subconscious fast in lighter way , there is no pressure to complete work , it’s just happening happily while with E4 , it was always pushing me to complete work and somewhere I didn’t want to do but with EQ that want to do more work is there


So morning again

Thru night I listened to EQ and Alchemist2

I had vivid dreams , normally I don’t remember my dreams , morning I woke up and again my head was bit heavy but body was again light like cotton ball .
But I am for sure in happy mood , and I m keen to reply people back .
And I feel optimistic


I can feel that irritation inside me .

Also head is better and so is running nose