[STACKED] EmperorQ and Alchemist


I am at day 24 of Alchemist Stage 2.
Adding 4+ loops of emperorQ masked.
Currently first loop.

Will report more soon.


35 minutes in: Intolerance to time wasting.
Also before that a light pressure on the top of the skull.


Awesome! An Alchemist!

Happy listening.


Yesterday I was thinking about people who are not so good for me.

After I identified one of them as time waster I still spend another 30 minutes with him before I left.
He is an old friend, but I had the feeling that our time together will be over at one point. Friendships in my opinion are not made of many years of knowing each other, but of nurturing each other on the current path.

Day 1:
EmperorQ: Listened to 3 loops awake, 5 loops during sleep.
Alchemist: 3 loops during sleep.

Day 2:
I will begin with 4 loops of emperorQ, then Alchemist
Sleep was better than in the last days. Some dreams I don’t remember. None of them disturbing my sleep.

@Malkuth Thanks. We will see how it turns out, I was interested in Emperor before, because during my work with Alchemist I had a dream. In it I (as the ego) was not ready to go yet, because I wanted more success with women. Also yesterday it became clear that my current work situation needs to change, because I am bored out most of the time. I have balanced that with hobbies a lot, but still that doesn’t seem to be enough. Hope emperorQ helps me a bit with confidence, so I can change the situation at the current company or leave for new adventures.


After about 30 minutes in this morning I felt horny. That became more subtle later.

When I was outside I was closed up towards most people. Thinking sometimes that they are annoying. When I saw women who sparked my interest I had vivid sexual thoughts. This is my 5th loop today and I am at a family gathering soon. Will see if I am more assertive or whatever happens.

Update 5h later:

Family gathering was boring. At one point I told my sister that she should be nicer to my mother. I think that was some sign of setting boundaries.

On my way home I felt anger again and at home I wrote some free flowing text:

I hate people. They annoy me. I am angry at them. I see more foes than friends. Feel very agitated in public places. Somebody stands in the way or moves slowly? Anger. Someone moving unpredictable? Anger. I don’t know perhaps this is my personal anger I didn’t let out for all the years. Anger can be good as a motivator. When you are happy, you don’t care about changing things much. Anger is moving you in another direction. Stop now. A short focus on the feelings. Forget about the reasons, the thoughts and just feel the anger until it is gone. It is a character flaw. Ok seems to be gone now, more peace of mind. I should do this in public before I get into trouble.

I have read on other journals that people become more postive through emperorQ. I cannot relate to that at the moment. Maybe this will get better. Maybe it has nothing to do with emperorQ and is just my current mood. What I call anger is at least better than the boredom I feel in anonymous public places most of the time. As I have written in the free flow I still see anger as a character flaw and will stop and just feel the emotion from now on. When I fully feel the emotion it is gone in a few moments with all these negative thoughts.


When I first saw “[STACKED] EmperorQ and Alchemist”,
my thought was “this is going to get interesting.” :wink:

I’m not yet checking the SOLO journals, but…

I have stacked “Ev4 + A4”, and can tell you that anger was definitely a part of it.

Alchemist is unique for everyone, so I don’t want to paint your expectation with my experience.

Keep on. Looking forward to your testing. :+1:t2:


Ok, Anger is under control at the moment.

Some entries from my private journal:

(while listening to emperorQ at night):
Realistic dream about my neighbor. Seems real to me even as I can see through walls. That was just my reality at the moment. I had conflicts with the neighbor in the past. A guy is talking to him, telling him to behave better. To be more peaceful and pay his rent. No excuses are accepted. I wake up and write it down.

Saturday I was very tired, got to bed at 7 pm to sleep for an hour, woke up at 2 am. Decided to go to a party. Here is an entry I wrote about that on Sunday:

Yesterday there was a conflict at a party. I stayed calm but alert. Trying to move the drunk guy in another direction with words. Later he was removed by security.

From Sunday to Monday I listened to Alchemist a bit at night. Woke up a few times in the middle of the night from dreams I don’t remember. I always thought it would be time to get out of bed, but it was just very early in the morning.

I am curious how my sleeping patterns will be influenced by this stack.

Today I will not listen to any subliminals at night and get my daily doses of emporerQ and Alchemist in daytime. Curious how I will feel when I return home, if there is still anger at people. At the moment I am calm and balanced. Will update this post in the evening.

@Simon Thanks for your reply. And thanks for not spoiling the fun.

Night edit:
Nothing big to report. Anger seems to be gone. People are treating me sometimes like a vip. I ask for the way and they stop everything and show me where it is for example. Or I ask to change money and the guy asks everyone if they can help me out. I remember this treatment from the past when I was more in the Alpha role. Need to get used to it if it persists. I should appreciate it and not feel a bit guilty about it.

So there was something to report. Taking more action is an important next step.


I begin another reply. This is day 5.

  • Had to listen to Alchemist at night for a few hours. Waking up in the middle of the night seems to become a habit. I want to fit in both subs on daytime, but this doesn’t work yet.
  • Work runs smoothly. No more boredom. I just use the free time I have for side projects. Time flies by.
  • Still no more anger problems
  • Health: I don’t enjoy snus/nicotine pouches as much as I did before. This habit will be reduced or kicked out probably.

… to be updated in the evening …

Update 6h later:

  • In my private journal today, I defined my current goals as A,S,A+S (Author, Social Confidence, Alchemist + Self Care) - I am beginning to spend more time on these goals and create new habits. Also I am thinking about some parts of my life which don’t align with these goals and how to stop or exit them.
  • Author Actions: Daily writing and reading
  • Social Confidence Actions: Exercises to open myself up a la behavioral therapy
  • Alchemist Actions: Weekly and daily spiritual exercises
  • Self Care Actions: Treating myself well, watching out for what I really want and what’s really important on a regular basis
  • I want to work on consistency with daily improvements


Do you recall which hour exactly you’d wake up? Is there any pattern, might be a synchronicity. If you bring me the exact hour I might be able to tell you something about it.


@Hermit 5:18 am today . Not enough data yet.

Had a dream about the Author goal. And about losing the headphones during sleep.

I began the day with self care activities.

Now I am beginning with day 6 of emperorQ. Update as always later in the day.

Update 12h later:

  • Changed to the hotfix
  • Done everything very well at work
  • Wrote my daily writing goal in no time
  • Aggression is showing up again in public transport. There was a woman with a nervous tick and it annoyed the hell out of me.
  • I am very tired now (7pm), could go to bed and sleep
  • I think I listend too much to emporerQ today, just did set and forget during the day. Will listen to 5 loops max tomorrow.


Inspiring. :pray:


Beginning of day 8:
Woke up early, this is happening often in the last days. Today half an hour before I had to wake up. It’s also easy to start the day then.

My dreams seem to be more often influenced by reality. When my headphones did fall out at night, I dreamed about buying new ones. I also dreamed about using a light switch and a light not working. A few days before a lamp broke.

Generally I am not so connected to my emotions. With Alchemist alone I had sometimes intense feelings of love. With emperorQ in the beginning I felt this anger, but only in public places. This might be some residue of social anxiety. As I am not able to cope with these emotions very well, I cope with bad habits. Like drinking alcohol.

At my daytime job work is in the flow. My side projects, which are more aligned with my goals still need more attention. Yesterday I worked on a side project, which I want to exit in the future, because it is not part of the goals “Author, Social Confidence, Alchemist and Self Care”. After that I drank too much alcohol, which could be because of the tension I felt during the side project. Working more on Social Confidence and Self Care can help with that. At work I am also investing more time in educating myself.

Accepting what is is important for me right now. Setting goals is one thing, but it takes time. If I can accept the feelings as I have them and feel them, I probably don’t need bad habits to cope with them.

Yesterday: 5 loops of emperorQ.
Today: Will start 5 loops soon and write an update later.


When I ran Khan, Ql was clearly overwhelming Khan in a 50:50 ratio

Do you think EmperorQ is overpowering Alchemist?


@friday I guess so. I don’t know yet. I have been very happy with Alchemist Stage 1. Stage 2 seems to be more subtle for me. I am running emperorQ only for a few days now, so I do not want to jump to conclusions.

Today I had the epiphany to focus on just one goal mainly.
A - Author is ok, I am writing daily
S - Social Confidence - I can live with my current level smoothly and stress is too much at the moment to level up
A - Alchemist - This is what I am neglecting and it is easy to do things, so I will focus on the Alchemist goal
S - Self Care - is the foundation and will be always part of the goals

So the idea is to work for the next two weeks on installing alchemist habits. For example superchargers daily. And body exercises. When I have these habits I can begin to work more on the other goals.

emperorQ results so far today:

  • Working is easy with focus and no laziness

Update in the evening is coming.


Day 10:
Sexual drive seems to be higher than usual. I am now using the sexual energy to play around with tension. Also transmuting it when it becomes too much. Anger is gone (for now).
Focus and flow at work and at leisure activities is strong.

Hopefully I can write more about dreams in the future, as I am restarting my dream journal as part of dream incubation work.

The weekend is coming to an end and I was able to stay away from alcohol. So I guess it won’t become a habit.


I only remembered one dream after waking up, which had to do with my family. It was about a psychological issue my sister has and I won’t go into detail. Maybe letting go of the feelings I have about this condition? The dream journal will be continued tomorrow.

Work is done fast as always with emperorQ.

If there is more to report I will update this reply later.

Update 17h later:

My dream journal progreses little by little. I only remember the dream before waking up.
Today it was about a war between young people created by adults through games. It had many conflicts and I guess it could be that there has been some emotional clearing done. Also the message is interesting - a war created between people by other people - sounds like a conspiracy reality or a movie to be made.


Forgot to update. No new recorded dreams so far.

I started to listen to emperorQ in daytime for a few hours and Alchemist at night.
Since I am getting later out of bed now I want to change that to get the right doses of both subs in daytime.

I am currently at Stage 2 of Alchemist, will change to Stage 3 on Monday.
EmperorQ will stay in the stack for the required minimum listening time.

At work I am very focused with emperorQ, but I am less interested in leisure activities like meeting friends. They seem a bit useless to me at the moment. Maybe emperorQ made me more goal oriented.


No update for a while, because I had a lot of other things to do.

Now I am working from home and will probably have more free time.

I am thinking a lot of how to make the best out of the current situation.

Also I started reading “Mastery” by Robert Greene. Great read so far.

Dreams are still connected to reality a lot. I dreamed yesterday about my boss confronting me, because I don’t work enough in my home office. :slight_smile:

I am now on Stage 3 of Alchemist and everything is well. I can now listen to subliminals all the time, because there are no outside appointments any more. Only when there is a video conference I have to stop for a while.

I am thinking about trying the silent version of the subs, but I don’t have the right speakers at the moment. Maybe the work notebook speakers are good enough. I have to look into it.


My current regime is a few loops of the Aegis sub to start the day.
During work I am listening to emperor Q and at night to Alchemist.

Aegis makes me pretty optimistic.
Emperor Q helps me to stay focused on the work.
Alchemist seems to do more subtle things like enhancing my spiritual work.

I am happy at the moment. Enjoying an artificial sun light, because I am less outside in these times.


I subtly notice that I want to finally build my own little business.

My daytime job could be shortened, so I might get less money out of this income source.

Time to brainstorm which skills I have and how I can offer them as a service online or as passive income with on demand products.

Currently I am listening to emporerQ. I want to start listening to Alchemist after a few more loops.
Also I lost the habit of doing the superchargers. I want to reinstall this.