[STACKED] EmperorQ and Alchemist


Ok sorry, I jumped over to StarkQ. Might mean no future testing, but I can live with it.
My main goal is to finish Alchemist at the moment and to enjoy the benefits of StarkQ.

I am using the set & forget method today. Ultrasonic with StarkQ and Alchemist Stage 3 in the stack.

My results from emperorQ:

  • Focus at work (daytime job and writing)
  • Higher sexual drive
  • Inspirational ideas
  • Idea to start my own business or find other additional income sources
  • Getting clear on my goals
  • Sometimes V.I.P. treatment (not in the past few weeks because I left the house sparely)
  • In the beginning there was anger in public places
  • Sorting out time wasters

Good Luck to all still testing and thanks for the opportunity to take part in this test.