Spearlight’s Subliminal Journey

Hello everyone, I have been lurking for about 2 months now since I’ve bought Dragon Reborn and Khan. It’s been a treat to read all of you guy’s results and journals. It has inspired me to start journaling offline and I thank you all for it.

A little bit of info about myself. I’m a 19yrs old student. I’m about to take a Engineering course. I have listened to subliminals mostly on youtube but I have had barely noticeable results.(Not that I’m bashing them but they just don’t work for me).

My Goals and Aspirations on this stack.

  • To be the man that I deserved to be.
  • Become someone who can take charge knowing that he will win it all
  • Be able to freely talk with others without anxiety
  • Be more consistent and actually follow through with my goals
  • To be more productive
  • To be able to make money by innovating in the field of Engineering
  • Transform from being skinny fat into being muscular dude.

May - DR ST1
June - DR ST2 and Khan ST1
July - DR ST3 and Khan ST2

Here’s my summary of my run so far as well as some snippets from my journal.
5/19/2021 - “I have been sleeping way more than usual, my brain feels really foggy for some reason. felt very out of it”

6/14/2021 - "So today I suddenly had the ephiphany to just go out and start gazing around. I didn’t bring any electronics just me and my dog.

While walking I started to notice the different types of people and I started to appreciate nature more. I feel calm and I started reflecting on my past and the road I’ve taken. I realize what an absolute piece of shit I am.

I realize that I had this preconceived notions that I’m a good person when you know I’m a piece of shit. I realize that my I keep blaming others for my mistake when It’s absolutely my fault. "

6/26/2021 - 'Suddenly came across a post a post detailing how they are eating for themselves and that food should be treated as fuel for the body. It got me inspired to try and make changes in my diet.

Realized that I need to be a longterm kind of guy not a short term kind. I was really tired but forced myself to go to the gym…"

6/30/2021 - " I started internalizing a quote I came across “Do the hard work especially when you don’t feel like it”. I got inspired so I dragged my ass to the gym and came home feeling great and euphoric.

7/6/2021 - "Started to notice that my thinking has been great. Lately my thinking has always been positive but not too positive. I found that I’m finding the balance between positive and negative.

Talked with some of they guys in the gym and they started giving me life advice and career advice. when in the past I would’ve actually ignored. I noticed I was way more comfortable making connections with people. The best part about it is that I met some really influential people that I think can help with my future career."

7/8/2021 - "I just finished going to the gym and found out that my muscle soreness has gone down big time. I’m going to the gym 6x a week. I found it bonkers because it has literally never happened before. "

Entry for today: 7/10/2021

It’s my rest day today and I feel really out of it. I was feeling down and confidence is really like poof gone. I found myself browsing and then start comparing myself into other 19 year old who are way farther in life and are making money.

There’s this one girl who is a model for some kind of thing.(I think cars or makeup?) same age like me. I started having thoughts like why I was born this way and not like her who had good looks and better yet opportunities I started to get really insecure and my mental is going down.

I sort of feel like I will never achieve anything in this life. It’s hard man. Rest days are hard.

So yeah. That’s my journey so far and thanks for reading it. I hope to interact and learn from you guys here.


This is reconciliation. DR is difficult to run. It can be an emotional roller coaster.

These thoughts are just thoughts.
This is still reconciliation.

Yes. They can be.

I found running Elixir helpful as an adjunct to DR.

What is your weekly listening schedule?

Welcome to the Sibling-hood of the Dragon!


Yes, I have found that DR is indeed a lot hell difficult to run especially during rest days where they really kick in.

My listening schedule has always been 2x both Khan and DR for 5 days a week. Weekends being my rest day. Thinking about it now that could’ve been the reason as to why I was having such thoughts when running DR and btw Thanks for the reply @RVconsultant

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7/11/2021 - Today is my Sunday which is another rest day for me. Today I woke up really early(which is rare for me) I then took a morning run. While I was running I could feel other people gazes on me. I have noticed that at one point when I was about to bump into a guy I found that he kept his head down. I dunno if it means anything. It happened literally to everyone I was gonna bump while running.

Throughout the day my mental and emotional state has been I don’t know what to call it I guess still processing? I find that certain memories keep coming up and they’re mostly the ones I was the most embarassed about. I find that my emotions towards those emotions has gone from being angry to just being indifferent about it. I mean on some level I probably still feel embarassed but I just move on.

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First of all, welcome to the SubResults forum. Great to see your journal since we can always learn a lot from each other.

Your reflection about yourself being shit is, contrary to popular opinion, a very useful concept. It helps you to be able to listen to what others say and push yourself to improve your life. And trust me, some of us got that realization way later in life (I am almost 40 and I only understood that a few years ago so you are way ahead, man).

You have already acted on going to the gym and walking outdoors which are 2 ways to get your head out of this largely online world we have and have a strong presence in the real world.

Coming to your worry about not being upto par with the equivalent 19 year old girl. First of all, women have their best years between 18 to 27. This is when they are the most desired and they can take advantage of a lot of things that life offers them. Subliminals can change this but my emphasis is to make your life as a man easier.

Men, on the other hand, peak between 30 to 40s. This is when they are more mature, have their money handled and have experience in the bedroom.

Again, subs can accelerate this for you so I would seriously advice to concentrate on study, career and money while dating and building your body on the side.

DO NOT date long term until your 30s. You haven’t reached your peak and women will easily prefer other dudes to you for long term relationships (if infact you want longterm relationships at 30 that is. I prefer to date casually even at 40 but that’s another topic).

Am not trying to be a downer here but to inspire you to become great and trust me, you are starting at the perfect time at age 19.

I recommend the youtube channel “1st Man” for your education. In that, the guy hosting the channel explains the male advantage of working hard between 18 and 28 so that the rest of your life becomes easy peasy. Highly recommend it.

Here’s to your success!

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Nice to meet you man! What you said about us men peaking later in life just hit me, it hit me hard man. Even now I’m constantly thinking and realizing what I could achieve if I keep up a good work ethic.

I watched the youtube channel you suggested and man. His stuff is good. I do not know what else to say man. Just that thank you for dropping that nuggets of wisdom. It helps man. It helps.

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Probably effects of DR.

What is your listening schedule for next week?

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7/12/21 - 7/15/21: I have not listened to any subliminals this 3 days because I intutively felt like I got overwhelmed and that I should take a break. I did and now I feel a lot better. These past 3 days my emotions have been fluctuating left and right and it’s honestly really exhausting. I find that DR is bringing up a lot of memories again and overtime as I remember these memories I find that my mood and confidence levels just keep getting better and better. This past 3 days have been a rollercoaster ride.

Probably 2x of DR ST3 and Khan ST2 each day. I’m thinking of doing the Set and forget method with ultrasonics but I don’t know. I think I will test next month or week.

STOP! Set and forget is for the pre-Qv2 technology.

ONE loop of DR ST3 and ONE loop of Khan ST2 each day, for 4 days a week, with 3 days of rest.

Please start there and notice what happens.


Hello everyone, Sorry for the lack of updates but I have been infected with a pretty bad case of flu which lasted for over 5 days. During this time I haven’t really had the ability to listen to subliminals as my body was bombarded with pain and various other symptoms. At one point tho I started playing ST3 since I remembered that DR is supposed to also include physical healing so I thought why not try it.

So I played the ultrasonic version of DR ST3 1x and at about 40 mins or so mark I started to feel relax. My headache seems to subside and my symptoms seems to lessen but at the very next day my symptoms came back with a vengeance. It’s the worse I’ve ever felt. and then the very next day I feel better and already is healing.

So basically
Day 1 - 3 - Worse symptoms
Day 4 - Listened to DR ST3 ultrasonic once, symptoms subsided felt relax
Day 5 - Symptoms came back with a vengeance
Day 6 - Already on the road of healing. Body feels amazing and I can feel my vitality.

7/22/2021 - Ran DR and Khan 1x today, felt at peace and my illness are mostly healed although I have found myself not eating as much. I relate that to my flu. Emotionally and mentally I’m fine and I have this idgaf attitude which is I’m really loving.

7/23/2021 - I’m hit with a intense bout of anxiety about life in general listened to DR and Khan which seems to process it since after listening I feel a burst of optimism.

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I have been having a really bad anxiety over how my life is going right now. I feel responsible for the lack of memorable and lack of money in my life. And I’m just afraid of anything right now. Even with simple things I get this deep anxiety that somehow I’m doing everything wrong. It’s a bad day for me right now.

For now I’ve been really trying to cut down the time i’m on this forum because I find that if I look here I find myself reading and reading when I should be focusing on my life and doing self improvement stuff. So from now on I’m just gonna come here and update whenever a major thing happens. That’s all

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7/28/2021 - Got a really weird dream last night which is I was on a river riding a boat with others pushing it and then I see people who are yelling at me. I feel anticipation and excitement while going thru the river. I see the person at the end the girls who I’ve had a crush on at somepoint in my life. I see them as I was riding the boat.

As I ride the boat in the river more and more people are pushing me into the end of it. I remember seeing that the end was a bright light. I remember at one point it focused on one particular girl. I do not know why. but yeah. That’s the dream. If you guys have any interpretation I would really appreciate it.


Ok, am I understanding that your first Subclub experience is to stack DR and Khan?
Those are both advanced programs and can be very hard on you. You’re likely to get better results from just running ascension on its own for a minimum of three months. Six would be better. That is one powerful program and it’s got a lot to offer.
Since you’re in engineering school, maybe run it with limitless or better, combine the two in a custom. You will see some good results on all of your goals, and the advanced programs (and probably better ones) will still be there.
I know it’s tempting to try to do everything at once, but going step by step will give you better results. You’re nineteen, you’ve definitely got time.
I’ll echo what a number of others have said. Spend this part of your life working on yourself and building a successful life. Keep dating to catch and release for at least a decade.
Good luck. I wish I’d had these products and this community available when I was nineteen.

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Yep, this is my first subclub experience. It’s really intense and really scary. I’ve been reading on the symptoms of reconcilliation and I’ve been really experiencing a lot of boredom, headaches and just really the urge of switching titles.

I’ve been really scared of wasting this time of my life so that’s probably why I try to do everything at once with DR + Khan, I think you’re right and that I should focus on building my foundation first. Ascension + Limitless sounds really good, I should probably focus on those first. I always feel like at the back of my mind that I’m overwhelmed like I don’t have the enough ram for this yet. All my life I have been forcing things and not really going through the step by step process. Thank you for your advice, It really helped put things into perspective. @COWolfe Do you think I should still run DR? I’m thinking of running it plus ascension once I get the funds.

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Now, no. The sales page recommends you don’t run it first. It’s really for when you’ve already made a lot of progress and want to take things to the next level. I’m taking a year to run DR in a custom with Emperor, and while I’m getting amazing results, I think if I’d jumped onto it as a first sub, I’d have had a rough time of it and probably quit. That next level will be there when you’re ready for it.
Having discovered these tools at your age has given you a massive leg up on the rest of your life. As long as you keep making progress your good.

It’s very good that you’re thinking about it, but if you’re making progress its not wasted.
I think that if you’ve got the funds, you should make a custom with Ascension and Limitless as cores and just run that for a year. I, and a lot of people here would be happy to help you design it.

Oh, so DR is for someone who’s really experienced? I hadn’t really thought about that when I was buying DR. My thought process while buying it is that I’m currently in lockdown and this would be the perfect time to run DR since it’s healing basically my whole being. It’s quite true though. I’m really having quite a hard time. Emotions have been spiraling. but it’s quite amazing tho since it’s given me this willpower. I have noticed this in the past few days. Thanks for this.

:ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

Making a custom is not really in my financial range right now but I’ll definitely consider it in the future. The goal for now is to get ascension and profit.

I’ve decided to drop Khan and focus on DR for now while save up for Ascension. I’ve realized that I need to take things step by step and not skip around. Since listening to Khan has been giving me a lot of recon which I’ve read is a sign that my whole being is still far, far, far away from the Archetype that Khan is.

@RVconsultant Would it be possible to change the name of thread to just Spearlight’s Subliminal Journey? I’ve tried changing it but could not find the button to edit. Thank you in advance.

This is perfect!

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