Spartan Q vs. Emperor fitness ST4

Are there people who used both? what are the differences. Which one is better?

Emperor Fitness is much more encompassing and allows you to fine-tune your results moreso than a single stage. Spartan, however, is no pushover. It can help you reach all of your fitness goals. It has an emphasis on developing a “warrior mentality” and works well with martial arts. @OmFlux, who doesn’t post much anymore, tried both and got good results, if I recall.


My fitness goals are more towards having endurance, fat loss, muscle building, lean body etc. Is emperor fitness faster than spartan q at achieving these goals? I’m assuming EF is more dense.

I’m about to give a shot at running both together again, starting today. With the Quarantine in the US closing the gyms (still closed in my State) and no access to equipment really, plus the recent controversies over at Crossfit HQ which seem to have resolved themselves today by the sale of the company, I’d like to get back up and going. I’ve fallen off the wagon, per se, and it’s affected my mental and physical well-being. Unfortunately, I also quit the Crossfit gym I’d been attending for the last six years because I’d lost respect for the owner on the way he’s carried himself over the last year and a half.

However, as I have many goals I want to accomplish this year, I plan to change up my Subs at two points during the coming year, but I will focus on fitness to start out.

The supercharger for EF (Beast Within) I am not really able to listen to during workouts as headphones/personal music are not allowed in any Crossfit gyms I’ve gone to.

Spartan, in my opinion, is extremely effective for mental toughness. If your challenges are related to sticking with a plan, pushing yourself thru barriers in your workouts, and in life in general, then Spartan will be immensely helpful. But it is not necessarily a fitness focused sub, so if you cannot do both, then I would choose EF over Spartan for your fitness goals.

And Saint is right, I haven’t posted much or come around lately. For me, too many products coming out and I needed to step away to figure out what I really want.


Is Spartan more effective for motivation and drive?

In my opinion, yes Spartan was more effective for me in regard to motivation and drive.

Funny that as soon as I wrote my prior response a few minutes ago I see the link for Custom Subs…now I may build myself something that covers everything I need, not just fitness.