OmFlux's Emperor Fitness Journal


Hi Folks;

I picked up Emperor Fitness on Monday night and have been listening to it for the last four days. I took Friday night into Saturday night off, because I forgot to set it up before bed, but I will be back at it tonight.

My major goal is to see if this subliminal and the superchargers can help me improve at CrossFit and place for a medal at a local CrossFit competition.

I had a successful run with Spartan last year, nearly finishing third in a group competition, but a weird thing happened after I stopped listening to subs. I fell into a deep depression, due to various stresses at work that I couldn’t handle. I thought I was losing my job and since I have a family to support, I fell into despair. I stopped working out. I put on about fifteen pounds. I had trouble sleeping. I hit some major low points in my life toward the end of last year.

I find that when my fitness is on point, other things seem to fit into place. I realize this isn’t the best introduction, and I am a bit pressed for time at the moment, but I hope to not just my progress but various strategies, books/resources that I find useful. I’ll occasionally share daily diet/nutrition info, and sample workouts, without being too verbose, I think, if I were to journal every single thing I ate or did.

I will also note improvements that spill over into my life, if and when they come.

Spartan Q vs. Emperor fitness ST4

Actually that is the best introduction. I am very excited about this journal and i agree that when fitness level is decent everything else seem to fit into place. Please keep us updated regularly. I will possibly buy this sub tomorrow


Hey how is it going for you?

By the way, why did you decide to go for Emperor Fitness instead of just rerunning Spartan again?


How many loops did you listen to?