Some Tough Love Regarding Libertine Ultima

People –

We keep getting messages about “blaming” people for bad results and not taking responsibility, yada, yada. I’m going to clarify this one time before moving on.

  • Libertine is pure aura. There’s no snipers, there’s no manifestation, no special features. It’s just a very intense, sexual aura designed to induce sexual attraction to you in others.

  • How many times have you been out and saw an attractive person, become very aroused, steal a bunch of glances at them, but did nothing? Many times, right? Perhaps it wasn’t an appropriate place to make a move, or maybe you were too far behind them in the checkout line. How many times have you seen an incredibly attractive person and fell on your knees and began fumbling with their zipper? None? Then why would you expect anyone to do that to you, regardless of how attracted they are to you?

  • It’s not socially acceptable to be overtly sexual with a complete stranger. You have to do SOMETHING to open that door for them. Smile. Say hello. Strike up a conversation. Ask for a number. Running a sub, then walking around acting disinterested will get you nothing. Being too afraid to even look someone attractive in the eye is not Libertine’s fault.

  • This is why we’re thinking of moving away from sexual auras. Our company has always had the mantra of “take action,” and while some of you are doing that, “aura” subs tend to attract those who want something for virtually nothing. They don’t even want to say “hey,” and then when we point this out, we get accused of “blaming” the user. Well, unfortunately, if you are ignoring the advice that you have to take a bit of action to get results – yes, it’s your fault.

  • Get mad, send us angry emails, wish COVID-19 on us. Doesn’t matter. Ain’t gonna get you laid, and it’s still your fault, because you’re being weak. And who in this world wants a weak partner, too afraid to even look at someone and smile, nod, or anything to get the ball rolling?

  • You have a choice, either take control of your life, or keep claiming that the “sub isn’t working.” Ignore all of the people getting good results in order to protect your ego, or realize that you’re not even trying. It’s not going to hurt me or @Fire either way. We built an empire without focusing on sexual subs, we don’t have to continue to make 'em. And even if SubClub were to fail today, we’d simply use Q to create personalized titles for a new endeavor.

  • We know the aura works. We tested it A LOT. A huge number of you tested it earlier this year when we ran the original EmperorQ test. 90% of those who ran it said they felt extremely euphoric, like they had tons of energy, etc. Yeah, that was the new aura technology. It works – point blank. We cannot control, however, what the user does with it.

You’ll have excuse me for being harsh, but I’ve grown weary of talking about this. The next time someone messages me about it, I’m referencing this thread.


Did this aura made it into the standard scripts of other updated subs to Q - like Khan, Primal etc?

I believe so


Oh, the surprise for Libertine owners is still being release, right? right?


Relax, looks like it still is going to be released. Just a PSA that Saint placed here.

it seems many people have this unrealistic expectation for subs…thinking this is magic…and it manifests everything out of thin air…back in the day when I was in the pua community ,many people too believe there is a magic line could get any girl …obscene…wish them luck…

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I think it’s the term “aura” that’s causing passivity the most. And obviously it is not an ideal time to try out something like this.

No it’s your fault I paid 50 dollars I could have went and bought me a hooker instead!!!1

(hm, I think that’d still be more action than some people take lol)

but seriously you guys did great. I mean people want magic pills and what you offer does come close to it… at some point one really has to bridge the gap and take some action to make things work.

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haha! funny!

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TBH. I don’t know what more i can expect from sexual subs, with SEX mastery Q, Stark Q, Emperor Q, Khan Q and now libertine Ultima.


So when is this comming? That would also be a perfect solution for this problem, wouldn’t it?

Guys have patience. Everything has divine timing.

They not releasing it yet can have two causes
A) They are working on it to make it even more grand
B) They are working on other amazing stuff that will change our lives in unseen ways, and will come back to this product soon.

Either way, it is coming :blush:


Listen you bunch of losers rather then sitting at home munching on pizza and watching porn hub whilst listening to Libertine. Do not expect Libertine to magically make a porn star jump out of the screen and begin sucking your cock. Its not going to happen.

Wake up smell the coffee get a shave, shower dress up and get out there and approach women. Stop making bloody excuses honestly you lot are bloody useless TAKE ACTION. Stop chanting stupid mantras and doing chakra cleansing rubbish get out there and TAKE ACTION.

Enough said !


Welcome back, Blackadder.

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Thanks King lets talk more in detail later.

King beat me to it. Welcome back.

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Re read this 15 more times, this has happened to me and has happened to all of us, and its a very fair point. A little more action like a “Smile” or “Hello” takes you miles.


No way, I can’t just meditate and have women beg to jump on my dick.

I don’t get why some people expect the sub to do everything for you. Just assume you have a sexual aura, and speak to women. Be open sexual and non judgemental so she can act on her desires. Seriously if you judge her sexuality you will instanly kill the ability for her to act on her desires.

I’m also curious about the update to Libertine though :smiley:


That’s really annoying when I’m trying to meditate.

The most advanced meditation ever. Having a woman look into your eyes with fuck my eyes while you just sit. XD