Some help with some health issues


This is a strange question, but is there any program that I can add to the ones I am doing now that might assist with back health issues. I am currently in my third week of Ascension/Mogel Ultrasonic at night, I am currently doing 2 loops of each (4 hours) on the loop nights. Anymore and I am hammered in the morning.



People seem to have getting results with Elixir Ultima. @Joa93 comes to mind, If I recall correctly who I’m thinking of.


Regeneration + Elixir Ultima is the way to go!
Assuming you went to the doctor and all that stuff.


Some words from Saint


You could read about this at the main shop:

Dragon Reborn

You can read about this at the Q shop:

Health Codex
Serum X
Epigenics and DNA modulator
Deep Sleep
Harmonic Singularity
The Architect


Thank you every for your thoughts. I will do some research.

Does anyone know if you can stack Elixir Ultima with Ascension and Mogel?
Every other sub site doesnt recommend stacking… but i have read it is different here.

Lasty, a Happy New Year to Everyone!!!
May the Lord grant everyone happiness.


I searched for those titles in the shop and none can be found. Please explain where they can be found.

Health Codex
Serum X
Epigenics and DNA modulator
Deep Sleep
Harmonic Singularity
The Architect


@petesei - those are in the Q Store. You have to make a custom subliminal if you need those. It’s more expensive than the normal store


Yep,you can stack elixir ultima with ascension and mogul just fine.Rebirth ultima is also a good one for stacking with major programs.You can stack up to 3 majors and 1 ultima.More detailed instructions for stacking are here.Just remember that the more you stack the slower the results for each individual program will be.Ultimas are the exception to that though cause they are used more as boosters.Just curious,why are you running ascension and mogul seperately and not ascended mogul?


Personally emperor fitness and dragon reborn have been the best for physical healing for me so far if not going for a custom.Dragon reborn in particular has been good.


If you go to

you should be able to find them by going to Build Custom tab at the top and click License Modules.

Then keep scrolling through and you should start to see them. They are listed in alphabetical order.


that was what was recommended for me… I need stability and finances…


Yep but ascended mogul is just ascension and mogul combined.Wouldnt it be easier than listening to them seperately?


I was told to get this… I assume they are not the same… given the pricing…which is double the price…
I have very very limited funds, so if it is they same I will not be happy…


Hmm,guess should be okay if was recommended to you.running ascended mogul would take longer for effects to appear than running them seperately but would be easier to use cause only need to run the one program and would only count as one major program in the stack instead of 2.its also cheaper than buying both but you have them already.results would be same in long run


I am into week 3 now… and no change, nothing.


Hmm,can sometimes take awhile for effects to appear.Usually for me obvious effects only appear around the 2 month mark when i start a new program.Its also good to set a baseline so that you know when things are different like are you making a bit more money than usual or are you standing up more to people who are taking advantage of you etc if your on ascension.Its sometimes hard to notice changes happening to yourself unless you write it down or compare your day to what it was like before.Also minor changes are sometimes easy to brush off as coincidence if you dont keep track.Its also sometimes good to play around a bit with loops a bit.I sometimes do better at 1 loop instead of 2 when im running multiple programs in a stack but its different for different people.

Should also check out the instruction manual.It has a lot of good info on what to look for and things like that.

This part from the manual is a good rule of thumb
As a general rule of thumb though, you should expect to see minor changes around day
30, strong changes around day 90, and MAJOR changes at six months. Using a
subliminal program is like going to the gym, you just can’t use it once a week for an
hour and expect huge changes in your life. They require consistent, regular use. It really
is like going to the gym — with regular training, you’ll notice your strength levels rapidly
increasing. If you go sporadically, you’ll never see really good results.


What would you define as a change?

If a change happened, how would you know?

What changes are you expecting or wanting?


A few days away from a month. No changes at this end.
I expect changes in finances and opportunities coming my way.
Strange that the guarantee isn’t at 3 months…at it would make more sense given your point.
But given nothing is happening … why wouldnt a person request their money back???


Are you new to subliminals?
How long did you run any subliminal before.
How many loops of AM are you running at the moment.?