[SOLO] The Greatest Emperor of All Time


Let this be my first journal on this forum. I been lurking in the background since I discovered Subliminal Club back in May 2019 and reading everyone’s journal and see their progress. While I kept my own journal, it was something private as I do not want expose my private life to people. However, since I was given a chance to test out EmperorQ, I decided to make a public journal.

A bit about my subliminal background. The first time I used a subliminal was in May of 2019 with Ascension LITE. When Khan came out in June, I decided to get it because I was interested in the healing of stage 1. I used Khan exclusively with several super chargers until November when I added Emperor V3 into my stack. Then I replace V3 with V4 when it came out. In December I added QL into my stack and been using that stack ever since. For this experiment I will only use EmperorQ.

Honestly the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. March will be the most transformative period of my life. I will be attending a 14 days bootcamp with some of the top PUAs in the game to learn how to interact with women and be more comfortable with myself and overcome my insecurities. While Khan and Emperor have helped me grow a lot in the past 8 months, there are still deep issues that I couldn’t resolve on my own and having mentors helping out will speed up the process. Furthermore I always have a hard time interacting and talking to women. I would either stuck in my head or say something stupid that would turn them off. After the trip, I will also starting a new job that required me to move to a different state, leaving my family and friends. It will be the first time that I live so far away from my parents and honestly I’m freaking out a bit. However one can’t grow while being comfortable so I am also looking forward to the new challenges that I will face.


Day 1

I ran ~20 hours of EmperorQ ultrasonic and I noticed three things:

  • This version is loud. My typical setup maxed out at -30db but I noticed that this version easily hit the -10db marked.

  • I felt very sluggish. After listening for 30 minutes I felt the need for a nap and I ended up taking a 2 hours nap. I had a very good sleep the night before so I wasn’t expecting to nap during the day. I also felt very tired waking in the morning despite sleeping for 8 hours. Interesting though is that I can’t sleep in even though I was feeling tired. Something in my mind telling me that I need to get up and not continue to sleep.

  • After listening for couple of hours I get a strong sense of certainty. It as though everything will turn out fine. I haven’t act on this feeling yet but I have a strong feeling that everything I do will turn out the way I wanted.


Day 2

I ran approximately 8 hours of ultrasonic today. Not much to report. Still feel tired but energized at the same time. It felt as though if I just sit around and do nothing, I would fall asleep. But if I get up and do something, then I have massive amount of energy ready to be use. I also went out and did some shopping today. Normally I would only buy clothes that are solid color of white, gray, black, or navy. However several shirts that have colorful patterns caught my eyes and something inside telling me that I need to buy them. I don’t know what was drawing me to them since you would never see me wearing such shirts. The only thing that I can thing of is in one of the previous tour I went last year, two guys were wearing similar shirts (button down, short sleeves with colorful patterns) and they get lots of complements from the girls. Maybe it was that memory that drawn me to these shirts. Does EmperorQ have something that would invoke some memories if there is a trigger? I have similar experience with QL while I was using it. After checking the price tag though I put those shirts down since they are out of my budget. As I walked away to browse more things, my gut told me that I would regret later if I don’t get at least one of the shirts. So I went back and bought one, despite not wanting to due to the price. Many of my actions today were driven by gut feelings. They were strong and clear. In the past with Khan and Emperor V3/4, gut feelings were vague and requires a lot of reflections on my part to know they were there. Not with Q, it was like right in your face and will make you take action on it. I know that Khan st3 promised this but I never experienced it with Khan.


I’ve heard alot of times Emperor caused its user to develop a better taste in clothing.
I think this was already a thing back in V3


I read several Emperor’s journal and also noticed that people developed a better fashion sense. I didn’t do much shopping for new clothes while on Emperor thus did not get to experience this. I also found the subs work very subtlety and I would miss all the changes happened if I do not pay attention.


Day 3

First day at work with EQ. I did not see any changes to my interactions with my coworkers. One explanation is the changes are so subtle that I didn’t noticed them. Or that since I have known them for couple of years, it hard to change the way I interact with them so quickly.

I also filled out my exit survey since my current job is ending soon. I gave several honest, frank, and negative feedbacks regarding the work environment and managements. I filled out similar surveys in the past but they always contained positive feedbacks, in part because I never trust if those surveys were anonymous thus I was not honest with them. For this survey I was totally honest and wrote down all my thoughts. I felt liberated as I filled it out.

There is a lot of talk about the coronavirus going on around me. It seemed that everyone is afraid of it. While my rational brain said that I shouldn’t be worry about it, there was a bit of fear inside of me, considering that I will be flying out of the country at the end of the week. This feeling went away after I listened to two loops of EQ and I was filled with peace and contentment. One thing I love about previous versions of Emperor. No matter how stressed out or fearful I am, one to two loops of Emperor will make those feelings go away and instead I’m filled with a sense of power. This time however instead of feeling powerful, I feel calm and carefree; a strong sense of certainty and contentment.


Day 4

Morning report.

As I was getting ready to work, a sudden thought came to my mind: “Why was I so afraid of strangers?”. I keep thinking about the answer to this question and I remembered my childhood. When my family first came to the United States and living on our own, my parents used to told my brother and I that we are not to open to door to anyone, that we must be quiet so that they do not know we were inside. The reason for this was that kids need supervision and with my parents working everyday until late afternoon, my brother and I were without supervision after school and during weekend. I believe it was from here that I become more afraid of strangers and I carry that fear with me everywhere. When I come into a new class I would sit in the back so that people don’t notice me. When I have to attend some kind of event, I would find a quiet corner and stay there until I can leave. I dreaded doing anything that focused people attention on me. This turn into a fear of public speaking, introducing myself, or approach girls in public. For years I did everything I can to make myself as invisible as possible because deep inside I still remember what my parents told me when I was younger. Since I begin working on my self confidence and using subs, I started to handle interacting with strangers easier but there was always the initial fear when I first met them. I tried to change my mindset around the first approach such as making “approach anxiety” to “approach excitement” but none of them work. I believe that until I can resolve this old memory, that initial fear of “stranger danger” will not go away.


Throughout today I found my body language to be more open and relaxed. I typically sit with my arms crossed yet today I found that position to be uncomfortable. Instead I prefer to put my hands behind my head, thus making an open posture. I also assert my self more during a conversation. Normally if some one speaks while I was speaking I would stop and let them speak. Today, however, I would continue my line of thought, irregardless whether the other person continue speaking or not.


That is fantastic! I look forward to your future results, and also your report on the bootcamp you will participate in :slight_smile:
Will you run EmperorQ while you’re doing the bootcamp? It might mean running it while you sleep, which not everyone can have a good night sleep when they play subs at night.


Yes I will also be running EQ during the bootcamp. Playing subs while sleeping is more convenient for me since it hard to find uninterrupted listen time during the day. I admit that it hard to fall asleep sometime but once I do, I get a very deep sleep. One thing that I noticed while on EQ is that I wake up several minutes before my alarm goes off. It does not matter how tired I was or how late I went to bed the night before, I will wake up 5-10 minutes ahead of the alarm. It as though there is some internal clock that been turn on, allowing me to get up at any time that I want to.


That sounds like a good plan, let us know how it goes :slight_smile:


I can really relate to that. Khan St4 changed me to a more social, dominant and sex-worthy guy but after the initial success I noticed some deep issues I have to solve before I can reach the next level. I tried to solve these problems by listening to Khan St1 for 3 months. I had some ups and downs, moments where I thought I resolved everything that is holding me back, and moments where I crumbled in fear.

At the end of February, I was laying on a beach and thinking about my life. I was feeling much better but I knew that the last 2% are still missing…

I thought about it even more… What if I my subconscious is not really afraid of X and Y anymore? What if I am only afraid of taking action towards X and Y?

I am just scared to do the first step, to potentially find out that the issues are still there… I feel like taking a bootcamp is here very smart. It seems like the problem is more the conscious mind as the subconscious. Having people who show you how they get results, and take you by their hand, baby stepping your actions until you reach your goals, seems to be a very good solution. @the-goat I wish you all the best on your journey!


Thanks for sharing this with us @friday I also had these feelings with Khan.


Thanks for the kind words @friday. And I think you are spot on about this. There are many time that I am afraid of taking action. I was afraid that all the new beliefs and confidence that I built while using the subs would be destroy by the harsh reality.


Day 5

Had exit interviews with mt direct manager and the department head. I was very frank about my feedback, explaining the main motivation about my leave as well as pointing out people that made working a negative experience. I treated the interviews as an outlet to let out all my negative feelings that been bottled up the past few years working. Hopefully they will take my feedback seriously and work to change the workplace. I also found myself less tolerant with other people’s bullshit and attitude that made me felt undervalue and not respected. Every time that happened today I felt a rush of anger, however I quickly stop the feeling since I felt that lashing out at them is not productive nor professional.


Do you feel like you can better control your emotions since starting EmperorQ?


Day 5 and 6

Yes I am able to control my emotions better. I also noticed that I can switch emotional state very quickly. However there was something happened on day 5 that caused me to lost control of my emotion. I found out that my boss schedules an on-site interview for my replacement on my last day. It should not had affected me much since we been talking about interviewing my replacement. However the fact that it was scheduled to be on my last day made me felt not being respected or valued. I felt that I am insignificant since I have “out lived my usefulness”. I lost control to my emotions, clean up my desk, say good byes to my co-workers and stormed out of the office, without letting my manager know. Majority of my coworkers understand my feelings and thought that it was disrespectful of my manager to scheduled that interview. There are also some that thought I was overreacting. Maybe I was, but the feeling of being disrespected was so strong that I let my emotions took over. One thing to note was I had a lunch appointment with several friends. The appointment happened between the time I was told about the interview (from a friend/co-worker) and me storming out of the office. When I reached the location for the lunch appointment, my emotional state quickly switched to a happy/social state and no one there knew I was upset. I was cheerful and joked with them normally. Once I got back to the office, I switched back to my anger state but I was still calm, as though my emotions may take over but I can still control my actions. It was an odd feeling, being influenced by my emotions while still retaining rational thoughts. It as though EQ is teaching me the art of state control.

I party late that night to celebrate my last day of work (in a sense, I was celebrating my unemployment lol). My friends and I went to a local club that was filled with young and beautiful women. Unfortunately I did not approach any of them. I noticed that whenever I think about approaching a women, my heart rate went up. Look like my approach anxiety is still as strong as ever. Luckily today (day 6) I am leaving for my 14 days bootcamp and getting rid of approach anxiety will be my number one goal for the bootcamp.


Great! I look forward to your report on that experience :slight_smile:


Day 7

Did not listen to the sub today. I was planning to listen to the masked version while flying but did not do so. I actually had a very good sleep while on the plane. Typically I can barely sleep while flying but I had a deep sleep this time. I also woke up feeling energized and not foggy like previous days. Not sure if it was due to not listen to EQ or because I only had few hours of sleep the night before.


Day 8

First day of the 14 days bootcamp. Met the guys that I will be living with for the next two weeks. We shared some personal stuffs with each other and set goals and expectations. Since this was the first day, the coaches took us out and see how we usually run night games. As my typical night out simply involved me standing around and do nothing, I expected the same. One hour into the night, one of the coach noticed that I haven’t done anything yet so he pushed me to open a girl by just saying anything. The first set, I was nervous but I did it anyway. After that things became easier and I eventually open groups, both girls only and mixed set. As the night progressed, I noticed that I actually enjoyed the interactions. In the past I considered each interaction as a chore and I would get exhausted after each set. This time I was enjoying all my interactions. While there were times I wanted the interaction to be over but the coaches pushed me on and I felt accomplished afterward. I took a bootcamp in the past and it wasn’t as enjoyable as now. The only thing difference between now and then is the use of subs, and more specially EQ. EQ has allow me to take massive actions tonight and enjoy the process. I am excited to see how far EQ will take me during this bootcamp. The goals for the next few days is to reduce the time from when I start my night to open my first set as well as keep talking (I left several sets tonight because I ran out of things to say).