[SOLO] StarkQ Terminus


I am new here, and using Subliminal Club subliminals for the first time. However I am not new to subliminals and have been using them for the last 5 or 6 years. On the whole I respond really well to subliminal audio, and have a keen sense for how they are effecting me and the changes they are pushing me toward.

I’d like to share my experience testing StarkQ Terminus out of self interest in seeing it’s success.

Prior to using StarkQ Terminus I had been listening to EmperorQ for about 10 days. While on EQ the most noticeable effects were a change in the way I walked, and exercise became vigorous and intense. In fact my body really started to change as I put on muscle working out harder and running farther. Overall I felt like I had more gravity, and that if I were to keep listening long term there was the potential that other shifts could come. However I was interested in the increase in productivity people were reporting using StarkQ, and as this is what my main focus needs to be I decided it would be more valuable for me to switch.

I’ve been listening to StarkQ Terminus solo for 8 days with one day off, at about 3 to 4 loops per day of the masked track, dropping down to 2 loops over the last 2 days. Mainly I’ve noticed the effects of EQ diminishing. Working out isn’t as intense and has started to feel more like a chore again, the feeling of gravity is gone.

I’m not experiencing any shifts in productivity. I mostly just feel tired, and a tightness in the crown of my head. There is kind of a sense that there could be something working under the surface, but it’s not bringing any profound shifts, or anything that I could definitively attribute to it’s use.


You’ve switched to what has been described as essentially the most powerful subliminal program on offer here. It’s still in an experimental status at the moment.

This is from the post where @SaintSovereign first introduced Stark Q Terminus Experimental.

Then it says this:

You must have already read this because you’ve titled your journal with the [SOLO] label as requested.
But you may have glossed over that first paragraph.

So here are the main points:

  1. It’s experimental
  2. You may not experience results
  3. When first starting out, play 1 loop a day, then increase gradually based on your observed reactions
  4. Aim for a rest day (a completely subliminal-free rest day), preferably after every 2 days of listening.

It’s not quite clear from what you typed how closely you followed those points.

You said,

It’s not really clear when, in those 8 days, your rest day happened. Also, it’s not clear if you started off at 3 to 4 loops a day or gradually ramped up to it.


That sounds like overload to me. More is not always better. You’ve worked with subliminals in the past and had good results, so your mind may be quite receptive and able to easily absorb. It’s possible that you don’t actually need to expose yourself to so many loops and so much intensity to experience the benefits of this subliminal.

But beyond all of this, remember that it’s an experimental release. If you tone it way down and it’s still not feeling right, then switch over to Stark Q (which you already own).

Or you may use Emperor Q.

Emperor Q actually does strengthen productivity. It’s just that that productivity needs to be in line with your genuine lifestyle goals, dreams and ambitions. It’s not going to help you as much to slog through tasks that don’t work for your vision. (That’s my sense of it.) For tasks that are about expressing your vision and building what you want, Emperor should supercharge your productivity.


Thank you for your thoughtful reply Malkuth. I appreciate it.

I read the instructions and decided to do the “What happens if I don’t follow the directions” experiment with the super powerful new experimental sub. It’s definitely overload. I haven’t felt fatigue like this from a sub in a while. I’m taking today off which will be my 2nd day off in the 8 day period that I’ve been listening (last day off was Friday). I’m going to dial it back to 1 loop and see how it goes.

Like I said there is something going on under the surface with this. It’s like I’m in deep dark water, and I can sense that there is something in the deep.

As regards Emperor I like where it was taking me, and I can see the potential in what you are saying. I was getting immediate external results, but not in the area that most concerns me right now. This area does have to do with my dreams, goals, and ambitions. But it’s more than that.

Thanks again. I really appreciate you taking the time.


That’s really interesting @Faust.

I really feel like you’re not alone in this. Just after the Q titles were first introduced there was quite a bit of unrest and disturbance manifesting here on the forum. It seems that these more powerful subs were really getting down in there.

In my case, I’ve found a similar trend expressing itself in different ways. One of the most obvious was that in the past week I literally found myself drawn to the movie Midsommar. (I mentioned it briefly in my journal.) I found myself pulled in, fascinated, and disrupted by it. Watched and read a bunch of symbolic analyses of it.

I also noticed a subtly aggressive or judgmental tendency arising in me. Nothing out of control, thank goodness, but noticeable if I pay attention.

This indicates to me that the ‘silt on the river bed’ is getting stirred up and processed.

Quite a ride.

That sounds intriguing. Look forward to reading more about it if and when you feel like sharing. (Sometimes it’s good to let things develop silently, I know.) Either way, I appreciate your time as well, and wish you well-being far beyond your expectations.


I took yesterday off, and haven’t listened at all today. I was thinking about running one loop while I read before I go to bed tonight, but am on the fence about it. I have that feeling I get, usually after long term use, that I need to take a break from subliminals. I don’t really want to, but I might need to take a few more days off. If I sit down I’m having a hard time keeping my eyes open even though I’ve had enough sleep. I have brain fog. Any effects the subliminal might be having are fragmented. Memory recall isn’t great. The quality of interactions with others is not optimal due to lack of presence and ability to focus. All progress made on EQ seems to be wiped, workouts are more difficult.

My dream life when I sleep does seem to be more alive, but there isn’t much I can say about that as I don’t really remember them, and it’s not translating into major revelation or changes during waking life. At least not yet.


You mean POSITIVELY attribute to its use. The tiredness, the tightness (and I’d be willing to bet, intense dreams) means you’re processing the subliminal. However, you’re not seeing results you want because Terminus might just be too much for you – and most people, as I’m starting to see. I warned everyone when I released Terminus to start with a single loop a day and build up, and everyone jumped straight to running 4-8+ loops per day.

There was a reason why I recommended one loop – most people, myself included, probably cannot handle that much input. I’ve been testing Blue Skies Terminus and to get the desired results, I have to do one loop per every FOUR days. With the Q version, I can get away with about 1 loop every other day.

I’m starting to think that Terminus is NOT the best option going forward for increasing results. Not because it isn’t powerful, but because we’re starting to get multiple reports of the same issue: people getting headaches, intense dreams, fatigue (which are all classic signs of the subliminal being processed), but not the results they’re accustomed to having. I think Terminus may be best as the final stage in a multistage, where you’ve slowly built your way up to it.

The best way to run Stark Q: Terminus is probably using the regular Q version for 3-6 months, then dropping in Terminus once you’ve started to see progress.

PLEASE READ: StarkQ: Terminus Experimental Now Available

After taking two days off yesterday was my 3rd day running only one loop. I don’t feel as overloaded, but there is still a kind of trance like feeling, and brain tingle. When I listened to the track last night I could definitely feel the tightness on the top of my head

I used the word “definitively” in my previous post simply to indicate that I’m not quite sure I can put my finger exactly on what is going on with this sub. I concur with what @Malkuth mentioned in the main thread about this thing working deep; and like him I’ve been struggling to come up with a metaphor to explain it.

It’s like I’ve been fracking my subconscious with input, and when I stopped I felt something working in the deep. It then seems that fragments of the changes the program is trying to help me may come bubbling up to the surface like oil bleeding through sand. It’s hard to explain, and it’s also very subtle. I’m having a hard time attributing anything to this sub other than that there is something happening in an alternate universe. If anything I feel more stripped down to my normal baseline self than ever, and I’m just kind of aware that there is something doing something in another dimension.

Many of the guys who seem to be really enjoying this sub like @Malkuth are running multiple subs at once. I’m wondering if this thing is not only working in the deep providing a new foundation that is bolstering those subs; but if those subs are paving over the gaps in SQT as it comes to the fore in fragments, hence they are getting strong results.

I’ve not had any dreams that have absolutely blown me away. However I have had the experience that my sleep life and dreams are active and alive. Meaning there is a sense that I am receiving something in my sleep.

It’s been difficult for me to parse out what revelations are a part of the very uncomfortable lessons in self knowledge that were already hitting me like a freight train due to an event starting back in February; and what revelations are a direct result of SQT.

The first paragraphs above I wrote last night. Today I don’t have as strong a sense of the leviathan swimming in the deep. I do feel even more stripped down. Like I am facing who I actually am, and not the idea that I’m carrying of who I am. All pretense has been stripped. Saying this feels a little strange as I thought I had overcome so much, and it’s true in many ways I have made changes to my life, but it hasn’t been enough. I’m still avoiding parts of myself. The subliminals I’ve used in the past completely destroyed my previous life. It was very difficult to go through. But I haven’t really stepped into my new life yet, I’ve just been living amongst the rubble of the old.

I’m considering dropping out of the experiment and switching to Stark Q this evening.


Reconciliation at its best. Anytime you can sense something is being processed, but you have an urge to switch, or you feel like the sub “isn’t doing anything,” it’s generally reconciliation.


Possibly. I’m aware of this which is why I stuck with it and ran another loop last night before bed. However it could just be impatience. During the 10 days on EQ I was completely transforming my body, getting ripped, and felt a very palpable gravity to my overall being. I looked at a photo from that time, and I was looking pretty intense, more intimidating, and like a force of nature. Why would I want to go from that to essentially nothing, to less than before.

The farther I’m getting away from overload the less I’m feeling the leviathan in the deep phenomena for lack of a better description. Today so far I don’t feel much of anything.


Because StarkQ is a vastly different script than EmperorQ. It’s taking your psyche – EmperorQ gains and all – and going in a different direction than before. That means certain parts of you will need to be broken down again, and in some cases, you’ll feel like you lost your results from before.


That’s what I’m holding out for.

Holding fast, continuing to chart the unknown; despite the siren’s call of the well worn path.


Does this imply there are conflicting messages between the two scrips? Asking because I’m concerned they could be offsetting each other’s results. I’m running both right now. About 4-6 loops for Stark and 1-2 Emperor. I typically throw in 1-2 Stark Terminus in there for good measure every other day


It’s been a while. It feels like time has sped up since I’ve been on this sub.

I continued on for several days with just Stark Q Terminus at 1 loop before deciding to ad two loops of Stark Q. I was listening to one loop of Stark Q Terminus during the day, and 2 loops of Stark Q at night, before intuitively feeling like I needed to drop Stark Q Terminus.

I fell asleep one day while listening to SQT on headphones and I had a vision that there was a high pressure fire hose shooting water into my head. As I continued to use it I was not noticing much change, but I kept having this feeling like I was searing my subconscious. When I started listening to SQ it was like there was something for SQT to grab a hold of, like a ladder for it to climb out of the deep. My dreams went from just feeling alive to actual images and experiences I could remember. Slight shifts in attitude and thinking could be detected. The world took on a slightly psychedelic hue. However I kept having this feeling like I was searing my mind listening to SQT, and could not shake the feeling that I should stop running it. It felt painful. Not in a reconciliation kind of way. So I stopped.

I’ve been running Stark Q now for a couple of weeks. I went from working out nearly everyday to working out once or twice a week. At the same time as I feel very positive and hopeful in general, and more appreciative of who others are, I also feel angry and frustrated with others. I’m not more productive, and still wasting time. Though I do feel like I know what I need to do, and feel very optimistic that if I would just do certain things big things will happen. I still feel stripped down, like any pretense I had is gone. I am just my own raw self. I feel like this program might be closer to who I am which is why I am not noticing seismic shifts.

I have a lot of anger at people from my past that I’ve been struggling to let go of. Forgiveness has never really felt like the right thing to me, even though I’m told it’s important. But there’s a new framing of these old dynamics happening. I’ve been aware for sometime that this re-framing has needed to take place, but I think the sub may be helping me step into a part of myself that can actually firmly grasp these past situations in the right way.


Change is hard to notice. It’s one of the issues every subliminal producer has. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve had people refund a title because they “didn’t notice anything,” end up on the blocklist and a few weeks later, beg to purchase another title because once they took a break from running the sub, they realized how much they actually DID change. Perhaps someone told them that they’ve changed, or they got a promotion at work, or they had reacted to someone being verbally abusive in a way that they wouldn’t have in the past.

It’s similar to when people are dieting and working out for the first time. They don’t see the weight loss, but everyone else does. It’s only after they can fit into a smaller shirt or dress that they realize that profound change has occurred. This is why the journaling process – whether online or offline – is so important. You need to be able to see the minor changes that, over time will equate to a “seismic shift,” as you called it.

Most likely, you’ll NEVER experience a huge shift overnight unless you’ve run subs for quite awhile and you’re skilled at picking up changes. It’ll be small changes, day by day, that become “normalized” very fast. Because of that, you might not even notice it’s happening. The only way to prove that you’re changing is by documenting it.

Once Q is up, that’s something I want to explore more. Perhaps adding how to journal properly to the instruction manual.


You made me want to revisit my EOG journal. I’m realizing some key reasons as to why I pulled off, and re-reading it will probably really highlight it for me