PLEASE READ: StarkQ: Terminus Experimental Now Available

Friday night surprise drop, ya’ll – no one does it better than SubClub.

StarkQ: Terminus Experimental is now available for download for those who have purchased StarkQ. Those who purchase StarkQ now will get access also. Grab it from My Account --> Downloads.

With Terminus, we’re really pushing the power limits for this version of Q. It took Q-Prime, an eight-core system, over two hours to finish putting it together. To put things into perspective, Q usually takes about 30 minutes to put out a title.

We’re not sure how this will go – you could receive outstanding results or absolutely nothing at all. People, PLEASE be careful with this new technology. Use one loop on the first day and see how you feel. It’ll take awhile for that much information to process, so even if you aren’t “feeling” anything immediately after that loop, don’t run it again. Over time, increase the loops, but don’t go over three loops a day for now. Also, try to take breaks every 2-3 days. Don’t run ANYTHING on your rest days. We’ve recently come to realize that with Q-powered titles, rest / processing time is just as important as exposure.

If you’re going to journal, please put [STACKED] or [SOLO] in the title. Also, a few of you will be receiving invitations for name embed (some of you already have) tests for StarkQ: Terminus. Please don’t message me asking if you can get in that test. Those who were going to test the name embed emperorQ will get first dibs. After that, it’s all about your posting history. Don’t take it personal – @Fire and I have certain things we’re looking for.

Questions and comments in THIS thread.


Sweet, gonna try it out for a month, experiments are always exciting :smile:

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I can agree with that!!!

Also thanks for all the great efforts, gifts and surprises!!

What about stacking this with Stark Q? Should/could they be stacked or is it better to run them separately from each other because of the density/power?

I think that would be overkill since it is 2 different versions of StarkQ.

I am definitely interested in running this.
Can i just add this to my already existing journal which i have to update later today or tomorrow?

Bruh. Why? lol.


Yes. Update the title though, and place a notation in the journal indicating that you switched.

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Shits? Giggles? What happened to encouraging experimentation in this forum?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Fine fine, I guess I have my answer lol


Alright thank you :slight_smile:

Hahah, it’s the same script, just “TURNT UP” as the youngsters say. At least, I think they still say that.


Alright well I guess my stack is getting turnt tomorrow :man_shrugging:t5: see y’all on the other side of this fun ride


It’s so interesting, every now and then We have something more to look forward too.
I am excited again .
I will add it too .
Thanks @SaintSovereign

Thanks, I feel great after one loop, I can feel that StarkQ terminus is stronger than the normal StarkQ…I’m more focus and more organised its been less than one hours since I’ve listen to it.


Blimey, can’t sleep on SubClub… Saint is feeling so generous with us, he might just go join the protesters at the beaches (j/k)

I’ll have a go with this “industrial” version and mark it out on my journal. Feeling the strength already.


@SaintSovereign Based on this, are we expecting StarkQ Terminus to be roughly 4 times as powerful as StarkQ?

4x6 = 24 times more powerful than a non-Q sub?

Hmm, so with all Q titles we should take breaks (and especially this one)? As I’m all of two days into any of this I’ll watch for results.

Is StarkQ Teminus a total different sub or part of StarkQ? Cheers

It’s the same sub, but more firepower.

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I almost missed that announcement :open_mouth:

Very excited! And thank you for making this public to all users who bought Stark