StarkQ vs StarkQ Terminus effectiveness

I’m confused on this part of the post where Saint talked about Stark Terminus. For certain individuals, stark terminus is a binary work or not.
So does this mean that if I run Stark Terminus solely and happen to fall in the camp of it “not working at all”, I will not get the original Stark benefits without Terminus?
OR does “absolutely nothing at all” mean listening to Stark Terminus might as well be listening to Original Stark
I hope the question makes sense. Thanks!

It means, we didn’t know how Terminus worked at the time. Previous Terminus tests yielded results that were all over the place.

StarkQ is very consistent. If you want consistent results, stick with StarkQ.

I’m curious—was the Terminus build itself modified to become stable or did it just become more well understood?

The latter. Details soon.