[SOLO] My Personal Experience with Emperor Q Experimental


Hopped on the bandwagon.

Will be noting down the changes I experience from running this particular experimental subliminal. I will be focusing on masked version in particular.

So far I’m 10 minutes into the track and I notice a very calming and soothing effect throughout my body. Much like a warm shower, all muscles tension fades away. Instantly felt an increase in energy. Heart beat feels similar to what it has been in the past but I do feel a tingeling throughout my spinal column. Nothing new here as I get these energy surges a lot lately.

I’m feeling good. Happy, enthousiast, ready to handle whatever comes at me. As the track proceeds I am beginning to feel a little ecstatic as well - but that might all just be placebo. If these positive attitude changes are still valid in a few days then we can conclude it not to be placebo.

Tingeling in my hands are definitely noticeable as well. Anyway I just go home from a trip in the city and I always feel much better when I get home. My place is pretty much in a bubble of positive energetic frequencies with all my energetic technology that I have laying around here.

I wish all of us a pleasurable and enjoyable testing experience. Shall all of us reap many positive benefits including the subliminal club developers.

Hermit out. :mage:


I keep wondering whether or not something alchemist like has been added to this Q version of Emperor.

Somehow I’m feeling an increased amount of energy to get things done. Emperor v4, drained my mental energy a little bit. In relation to Emperor v4, I’m feeling way more energized.

I’m 6 loops in. Did 2 loops yesterday and managed to do 4 loops already as for today, so far nothing related to reconciliation has come forth. All I can say is that I’m feeling good, feeling optimistic, ecstatic. I thought EQ was going to be rather dense instead it turns out to feel very light. Me and Amash had a conversation about I can kindly want to refer to his journal in order to view @AMASH’s theory on this.

After doing two loops yesterday I went out with some friends, I thought it would be the perfect situation to give a first impression of the power behind EQ. I instantly noticed that my subtle body, aura of sensation was giving out a very assertive vibe, like being the center point of attention. The people around me could smell the authority and charisma on me. I personally relate this to the commander script, I haven’t ever used this supercharger but I did read the subscription before and I instantly thought of that supercharger whilst experiencing these effects. More so it really felt like I had the power in every conversation to say the least my aura was giving off a very commanding and charismatic vibe.

I have mentioned this before in other journals but I’m not taking huge hits anymore compared to what I’ve noticed in Emperor v4, which I thought was related both to New Beginnings and the denseness of ev4. Definitely something going on here with New Beginnings, it’s different, I’m feeling good, happy, ready to tackle anything that comes at me. At first I thought New Beginnings was left out but later Saint verified that it is still in there but it has been changed to handle situations in a more optimistic way. From my experience with Sanguine which is my favorite stacking module here on Subliminal Club, I truly think Sanguine has something to do with it. Either it has been added to Emperor Q or Sanguine based scripts have been added to New Beginnings to make it easier to run. Whichever it is, I love it! :smiley:

All in all Emperor Q > Emperor v4

The above is what I noticed from doing only two loops of Emperor Q. It’s really effective and I woud say QuantumTech certaintly has been improved. So many changes that instantly manifested. Powerful!

I was intending on building up my loops with Emperor Q so that I didn’t get an overload. With Emperor Q being so pleasantly light to run, I’m changing plans. Will run it for the whole day until I go out tonight, which will give me an whole new package of insights and experiences that I’ll be sharing on my journal for tomorrow.

There’s only so much you can tell of your internal when playing subliminal’s. What’s really helpful to notice the effects is go out in an environment and see how everyone responds differently from subliminal to subliminal. I’m feeling happy, I’m feeling energized, I’m feeling on top of the world.

[SOLO][AMASH] Honest Review of EmperorQ

Sanguine, Admiral and Commandor, Alchemist, Power Can Corrupt? What else in here. I mean Emperor Q is just so amazing, whatever Fire and Saint have put into this, surely gets the job done.

I’m on @Fire :smiley: lol!

Some upgrades have been done to QuantumTech, it’s different, Quantum Limitless feeling stronger in comparison to Emperor v4.

I’m the center point of attention, people respect me more then ever, I feel energized, really strong internally, I feel optimistic and ready to go about my day.

I’ve used Emperor Q throughout the whole day. No signs of reconciliation, no tiredness, no brain fog, no imposer syndrome kind of things going on here at all. How can it be that a subliminal program contains so much scripting yet doesn’t take my down that place where you don’t want to be? Something is definitely different here.

Yet it’s to early to tell given that I’ve only been running Emperor for about give or take 22 loops. I’ll give it more time for reconciliation to catch on but I doubt there will be any. I’m starting to like running one distinct program.


I’ve always been very sensitive to energy but since running Emperor Q, I’m starting to notice an increased sensitivity.

Not that something in my DNA is changes so that I’m feeling much more but rather the subconscious picking up on more of the information. At least that’s what I believe it is. There are so many things going on around of us and 95% of it is being filtered out by the subconscious. There are some very sensitive people out there, they just haven’t build those subconscious brain patterns to pick upon what they’re sensing.

Alchemist are you there?


Men, Power Can Corrupt is something which has been in my eyes sight closely since it’s release. I’ve always found these rules intriguing, not to misuse them - rather more so that they suit our current living territory very well. You ain’t going to survive long in our current society not using them. Actually I used most of these rules unconsciously over the past years and I’m only just beginning to start noticing it when I’m actually using these rules.

Because of this I was always very interested in getting PCC but it just didn’t seem to be worth the increase in my stack size as of the time being.

Been out twice over the past two days while on Emperor Q. Have I been behaving strangely in power around my peers. Not that I wasn’t in the past, just taking my power in a different way. I can twist and turn any situation around according to my needs and wants. It almost feels like a young men like me shouldn’t be capable of having all of this power. I just have my voice which stands it’s ground and speaks up when needed.

Feels like Power Can Corrupt is coming alive inside of me. Just an insight, it could be the status of Admiral and Commander but then yet again I’m viewing situation so differently. As in having a view on things from a higher perspective, being able to handle any situation in the most optimal way. Conversations are flowing as to how I want them - soft intentionally.


Felt very groggy when I woke up today - same grogginess I felt when running Quantum Limitless stage 1. I’m wondering whether or not it has been added to the Q script of Emperor.

I’m feeling so hungry the whole day long, I’m not used to eating that much as I usually do intermittent fasting but right now the hunger is over the top, I’m constantly eating. This is not a bad thing at it’s core cause I’m not overweight or anything like that. Actually I’m pretty low body fat and it seems as if I’m growing more muscular. I did go to the gym today and had an insane pump, felt really good and I could pop more sets then usual.

Besides that I’m being more productive then usual. I’m able to push more out of my work schedule then ever before, feeling an intense amount of focus and concentration. Much like how I felt on Quantum Limitless stage 3. QL really seems way more intense in this one.

Still feeling great, often I get hit by reconciliation a little bit by the third day, that’s why I always take a day off after 3 days so that the script can render a little bit. Well what can I say, Emperor Q has been great so far, it really has. Just feeling really tired once I wake up, a lot of scripting is probably being worked on in my sleep.


More signs of Power Can Corrupt or is it Admiral and Commander? I’m gonna go and say it is Power Can Corrupt as my texting game has improved tremendously. The commanding aura which has come alive in me since starting Emperor Q surely is there but it’s more noticeable when actually around people. I can’t mistake Power Can Corrupt from The Commander when texting as I can’t actually project that aura onto people as I do when being around them. I look over situations differently, I feel like I somehow have an advantage in situations, being to frame everything according to my advantage. Some people would actually approve the perceptions that others throw over them, well I don’t, and I don’t misuse it but I can twist the situations to my will.

I’ve been noticing this way to much since starting Emperor Q, it’s to much coincidence for it not being anything Power Can Corrupt related. Give me one more week and I will tell you whether or not it is in there with certainty.

That makes me wonder - what else is even in here? No reconciliation, yet this Emperor feels so different, I’m really loving it. Gym was greater then ever and my muscles are pounding. I’m feeling so damn shrugged and ripped whist I only went once to the gym since starting my Emperor Q journey, which was today. And even before that I felt like my body was strengthening. Odd.


Let’s see, what can I report today.

I don’t note down anything which I notice throughout the day, so I just look back over my day to see what has happened. Some things where I was conscious of I can usually just remember right away.

I wrote in earlier posts that I didn’t take a break on the third day, but then after a few loops I did do it anyway. Reconciliation hit me a little bit on the third day, whenever it hits I just take a break. It is might be worthwhile mentioning that I pulled of a 16 hours listening time without break on the second day.

What have a learned from this? There’s literally no reason to keep listening if you’re experiencing reconciliation - your brain is still progressing the script. The days of trying to listen as many hours as you can for increased results are over. The newer programs from subliminal club are so effective that you don’t need more then a few loops, depending on how much the script is in alignment with your life and the action you’re taking. For example someone with bad self-esteem is going to get hit with reconciliation from the ascension script much earlier then someone who has really good self-esteem or self-confidence because the script is in alignment with your internal already.

Balance is key to everything, don’t try to pull through reconciliation by listening more instead just take a break for a little bit and tiredness, brain fog, emotional pain or whatever it is you’re experiencing will fade. If you keep listening you will have some pretty nasty days ahead of you.

I’ll be listening a loop followed up by a break, feeling out every each loop to find my barrier. I hope to achieve with this a balance where I am always affected by the subliminal in a balanced way, so that I never get caught by reconciliation. I’ll probably be getting an increased overal result and I’ll be able to explain what exactly is inside the subliminal with way more detail. When reconciliation hits me, I find it very hard to explain what a subliminal is doing, because it’s not affecting you anymore, instead your subconscious is fighting against it.

This is an insight I received to be shared with the community. I hope anyone the readers of this are aware of how important it is and test it out for themselves. A few loops, two or three at most can already put you in the exact state you need to progress through the scripts, once it starts to fade a little bit you can add a few more loops.

I estimate that I’ll be doing an average of 6 hours a day, which is for the 45 minutes version 8 loops a day.

Having that said, what did I notice today the past two days?

Last two days I woke up in a very very very deep state. I think it is the deep sleep module, I wake up in a deep delta state, then move in a low theta and stay there for about half an hour after waking up till I’m fully awake. Strange, I had this from Quantum Limitless stage 1 as well. Hopefully it fades overtime.

In the morning I always do two rituals, first I cast an LBRP to clear out all negativity from my subtle bodies then I do a Middle Pillar to charge all middle chakra’s and then I cast another LBRP to clear out any astral negativity that has been attracted by the light of the Middle Pillar. After doing these three rituals which take me about and hour to do properly I feel so energized that I taught I didn’t had any reconciliation.

After three loops it hit me. Felt really mentally drained, couldn’t focus. Not that I didn’t get enough sleep, so I wasn’t physically tired, yawning or anything like that. I pretty much never have that because I sleep very well so I noticed it must be the subliminal script from the 16 hours+ the day before. Which it was… later that day is faded.

I did around 8 loops today, an average of 6 hours with many breaks in between which felt really balanced. I was on top of the world the whole day long without noticing any reconciliation coming up. Upcoming days I’ll keep feeling out the loops one by one and overtime increase my listening time.

Emperor Fitness? There must be something in here related to Emperor Fitness, it just cannot be otherwise. Some people are eating less, some are eating more. Is it scripted to have people reach there optimal body weight according to there own subconscious belief of an optimal body. Some would be eating more and some be eating less. I have been eating so much the past few days, it’s insane. Lot’s of meat, lot’s of fruits and vegetables. Healthy food as always - I don’t eat fastfood it makes my sick.

I’ve been pumpin weights like Dwayne Johnson, I’ve been putting in the same effort then I was before but I feel so physically energized. But I’ve been lifting more then usual. An 20% increase in strength, perhaps because I gained some weight which are transmuted into muscles. I’m without a doubt way more muscular then before. Either way it’s Emperor Fitness or it’s just that I put on weight and transmuted it into more muscles. I do have lot’s more physical energy then usual, but I noticed from reading some other journals that other people have been getting these influxes of energy as well.

I’m sorry if this post has been a little bit all over the place, I’ll be writing down much more tomorrow but it had to be quick for today. My fingers are flowing of the keyboard at 100 km/h to put this post together in only a few minutes. Time is the only valuable thing in life, you can never have enough of it. Anything material there is a unlimited supply of, but everyone of us only has a limited supply of time in this life, better make use of it.

Let’s see… anything else? Confidence has increased, I’m the commander of my reality. I notice everyone’s truthful intention in any situation.

Oh and been way more horny then usual. Might just be the few runs of SM that I did before starting Emperor Q but since I’ve started running it and I’ve been getting way more horny every each day which I didn’t exactly notice from running SM. It’s just that I’m interested in meeting with some hot chicks again. In the past few months I’ve been putting a lot of them off, as I didn’t really care to be honest. I’m still texting with that girl I fuck every now and then and she’s so addicted to me, but that mostly puts me off.

This is such a boring journal to read, lol I know. Just putting my insights out there, they are mostly informative. Not laying a lot of my personal life on the table, I’d rather not do that.


Haven’t been journaling over the past three days and not without a reason - Mercury is still retrograde.

It has been hard, it has been though. A lot of clearing, cleansing, rewiring and restructuring of old beliefs and programs that no longer served me have been released since the 17th of February. At first this Mercury retrograde didn’t feel to be a harsh one until it hit me.

Communication, intellect and awareness are all within Mercury’s domain, as are logic and reasoning, our manner of thinking, and how we create and express our thought processes. It wouldn’t be fair of me writing down descriptions of how my personal reality is changing by Emperor Q, if I’m not able to communicate it in the most truthful way. I don’t want to misleading, I know what it happening but I have a hard time intellectualizing it and writing it down in an understanding concept for anyone grasp my subjective experience of reality.

All I can say for now is that there’s no thought in my mind that is willing to swap Emperor Q out for anything else on the Subliminal Club store. Emperor Q has all the fireworks that haven’t exploded in Emperor v4.

Everything inside of me is on fire and ready to burst into that ecstatic stay of blissful, thoughtless, flow like state of living. Really intense and high fields of energy are floating over us right now, but with Mercury being retrograde it’s much like sitting on a beach with a hot sun whilst there is a cold breeze passing by being Mercuries retrograde. Once these breeze is over we’ll be able to fully experience the warmth of these current energies coming in.

Prepare yourselves for the 10th of March, the end of Mercury retrograde and beginning of a full moon in Virgo (ruling planet being Mercury). My moon is also Gemini (Mercury being it’s ruling planet as well). My communicative skills are way more expressed during any full moon as my airy Gemini energies come alive inside of me. I’ll hope to note down the most comprehensive, detailed and truthful expression of my experience down, once these celestial alignments occur.

Have a great weekend, namasté and LVX. May Emperor Q transmute you from lead into gold.


Mercury has finally turned back into a direct motion. God has this been a tough past three weeks.

I personally don’t want to get to much into any ‘woo woo’ stuff for some of you guys reading this, especially not on this this particular journal as it is ment distinctly for Emperor Q. But yes, March is an extremely powerful months and it’s going to shake our belief systems by emptying the bucket and refilling it.

Today has been an off day, haven’t listened to Emperor Q just to have the scripts process a little more. Emperor Q definitely feels way lighter although behind the scènes lots of stuff is still rendering. Like, especially at this point in time, it’s been kind of a harsh period for me. Not so much physically or emotionally but mentally, damn, it’s been harsh.

Might take another day off tomorrow, depending on how I feel. Many times I feel a second day is not necessary, I actually never take two following days of so we’ll see what happens. I’m wondering if taking more then a day off would actually make a difference - and if so, that would mean stuff is still rendering in the background.

What have I noticed so far whilst running Emperor Q?

  • Increase in energy

  • Increase in Masculinity

  • More social power especially in arguments

  • Seeing the truth in people and their intentions

  • Confidence and Self-Esteem have increased more then ever

  • A very commanding aura (I do not notice this when reconciliation hits though) If I’m keeping a balanced schedule in terms of loops, I get to keep the commanding aura. Reconciliation diminishes much of the above traits and especially cancels out the commanding aura.

  • Quantum Limitless Lite really doing great work; memorizing improves daily, creativity has increased, seeing methods of studying that I didn’t realize before, seeing through ideas and concepts more easily. I feel as if these traits increasingly become more effective over time.

  • Every now and then New Beginnings gives me a little tap on the shoulder making me aware of things I haven’t seen before, totally changing the way in which I handle certain situations.

  • Can’t say I have been more productive although these are very energetic months for me, I can almost attest it being because of the Mercury retrograde. I’m always productive but I means in terms of business and creating my empire. I have done a lot of spiritual clearing, healing, cleansing, understanding and becoming.

Is there more to tell? There always is…

I think it’s an existing time for all of us. Collectively we’re going through an insane shift in energy this months, I think inherently everyone can feels this to a certain extend. Each one of us takes in these energies to it’s own level of allowance - a 10 watt light-bulb can’t take in 50 watts of light, right?

Evolving consciously has it ups and downs, you become more aware, more sensitive, emotional and this of course does come at a cost. You’ll have to ground in more of these energies which are currently waving through our solar system from the central galactic sun. Eventually it’ll settle down but it’s just been a very harsh past few weeks.

A lot of long term cycles are going to move over into the next zodiac this month, one of which being Saturn the planet of karma with it’s 2.5 year cycle moving from Capricorn into Aquarius. There are a multitude of similar events happening this months totally shifting the way we operate collective, so do be aware of that.

But like I said, let’s not turn this journal around into anything spiritual or awakening. I just think it’s worthwhile mentioning these celestial events as they do also change the way subliminal’s operate. As subliminal’s are affected by the energies which are operating behind them (or above them) depending on how you look at it.

Over and out.


Some friends asked me to go out and party with them. Usually I would just stick to my working schedule but I realized a day off wouldn’t hurt.

Besides that, it would also be the perfect opportunity for testing out Emperor Q. I took two days off though it felt like their was still stuff progressing. I went to one of the most well known party streets here in Ghent, Belgium. I noticed I was getting a lot of attention, especially a lot of looks from girls, all men we’re respecting me - overal great vibes and had a lot of fun.

I always have these like wide open eyes with big pupils. People kept asking me what drugs I was on, I’m so social, talking and vibing with everyone and I just shine light everywhere I go. Most often people think I’m on cocaince or XTC but I take neither of those. I’m just HIGH ON LIFE.

I came out of a club and I saw a good friend of mine getting into a fist fight. Usually I would break the fight apart and settle everything in peace, but this time was different. My friend was getting hit by at least 3 different guys, like the cowards they we’re. I was well aware that we we’re with two against a group of at least 25 guys, I was like fuck it let’s go for this. Maybe a little dumb but that’s how you grow out of your comfort zone, I got 7 guys on me at the same time. Funny thing is they didn’t even take me down or anything like that, I can take a lot. Just have a few bruizes in my face and a thick lip but all in all I got lucky, lol!

I could definitely take two or three guys on at the same time, but not 7, dammit such a cowards. Me being so spiritual I just see it as an experience to grow and forgive them for what happened. Not sure if I’ll ever see those guys again, they have yet so much to learn. I understand out of what kind of consciousness they are acting and I respect that.

Very lame of them, but whatever, at least my friend didn’t end up in the hospital because of me ‘intervening’. I grow stronger, more muscular out of these kind of situations. Sometimes and even being the good guy, you’ll encounter situations we’re you’ll need to defend yourself. I’m really strong on that part, I know how to defend myself. Even though it was a dumb move hitting some guys in a group of 25, I’m still happy that I did it in order to defend my friend.

Anyway I heal insanely quick, I never really get bruises or anything like that because I’m normally just always ‘lucky’ - protected from above. I would love to see how quickly I’ll heal from this bruises, it always interests me how quickly I heal compared to others. I’ll give it three days. :smiley:

Emperor has really been a pleasant experience so far. I’ll start listening again today to give you guys some deeper insights.


I almost couldn’t find my own thread with all those topics on Emperor Q, it’s insane.

I’m not reading any journals either, I’m to occupied with other stuff at the time and I’m happy that my focus has shifted away from the forum for a little while. Sure it’s worthwhile sitting on here helping people out but I need to be a little more selfish to be selfless.

Going to do a subliminal flush of 3 to 7 days depending on the experience of the situation.

But why? Because I feel that Emperor Q is rendering a lot of stuff in the background after 2 days of not listening. Emperor Q is obviously a more dense script compared to Emperor v4 yet it feels lighter when listening. Intuitively I know this is because of the way it is scripted, it makes you feel good even though a lot is going on. Eventually it catches up on you anyway, so what’s the point? People will go in overdrive even more easily.

It’s already been a harsh period energetically speaking. The universe is utilizing me as a light bulb to ground in all incoming energies. At night look out in the sky - can you see the central sun of our universe? The star is literally HUGE, once you see it you’ll be like what the hell is that light, it’s huge please go out and look, observe and connect.

So about Emperor Q, I’m going to flush all scripting out, as many days as I feel is necessary. After those rest days I’m going to proceed with my balanced listening schedule. I actually prefer a more dense subliminal as I do not have to listen the entire day in order to get the most effective results. Around 6 to 8 loops a day really does the job for me on Emperor Q.

It really has taken me through some tremendous changes. I’ve never ever been so masculine and commanding, my vibe is unreal.

Loving it!


Haven’t updated in a while.

I thought it give Emperor Q some time. I took a few days off, been busy meditating, centering, cleansing and clearing. Helping friends and family be in ease in this time of acute change.

With Emperor Q you reach a point where the whole scripts has been totally ingrained within the subconscious. At this point you seriously are ready to rock & roll. First few days with Emperor Q where really pleasant and amusing, after that it really made me cleanse and heal some broken wounds. You have to keep going and be aware that your subconscious will create all sorts of thoughts for you to quit listening. The script is forced upon the subconscious and when reconciliation hits, which it certainly will with a script as packed as this one; you’ll have to pull through. These thoughts are not your intuition guiding to listen another subliminal or look elsewhere for a shiny diamond.

Instead your subconscious absorbs certain pieces of the script while neglecting others. This will be for each on different. When it gets really harsh just take a few days off. I personally took 3 days off until I started listening full blast. I really feel that I have almost entirely subconsciously accepted and absorbed most parts of the scripts. A steady and focused listening pattern will now lead me to become the most prominent Emperor based on my own subconscious beliefs.

Once fully having absorbed all scripting within a subliminal you really reach a turning point. The subliminal can finally use all of it’s tools and tricks in order to take you to that place of mental focus, emotional balance and physical action which is unresilient compared to your past identity. Over time this force will increase exponentially.

I don’t think Emperor Q contains alchemist or power can corrupt but I assure you that it contains parts of Sanguine, Admiral and Commander, social king and perhaps something energetically related to Emperor Fitness.

I’m loving this subliminal and it’ll probably be the main subliminal I’ll be running for the upcoming year. Now with the Q software being released I’d probably make my own preferable adjustments. I might make my own combination out of Ascended Mogul, Daredevil, Quantum Limitless and some lesser dense detailed stacking modules here and their.

Running one distinct subliminal packed with all the tools and tricks that I need for 2020 is my goal of the year. I would like to fully ingrain the script into my subconscious and let it flow for a good amounts of months as to reach certain goals which are in resonance with the subliminal. I really do believe staying focused to one subliminal is key here. Most people quit listening before even having grasped the power of the subliminal, simply because the subconscious makes up beliefs to turn directions. Don’t get fooled you guys, keep going - no matter what.

I have reached this state of bliss and ultimate power, charisma and dominance with Emperor Q. It feels as if it is constantly improving, changing, adapting and molting towards my subconscious needs at every point in time. Just don’t expect this from the first week of listening. With a subliminal like Emperor Q, expect to see 1 months of increase struggle, healing, cleansing and changing until you reach that zero point where things can start developing.

That’s it for today. I’ll be updating this daily if not every other day! Stay focused :blush: !


Emperor Q.

Theirs not much going on these days. Every night I go outside to look at the stars, can you see the beautiful Aries Constellation shining? It’s beautiful and full of light.

The whole planet is quiet, the air and skies are clean and clear. The pollution has been cleared out of the waters, the chem trails have been removed and the universe are beaming the highest frequencies possible upon earth.

Can you feel it? How beautiful this is. I assure you an Emperor can feel what it is to be a life in this moment in history. We’re on the gab of making revolution, upcoming few weeks won’t get any easier. Just hold on tight and pull through, the light is at the end of the tunnel, heaven on earth will be there soon.

Being a conduit of planetary energies is no easy task, let alone the ascension symptoms that come with it. Emperor has been pushing my limits lately and I feel like I’m gonna need some sleep. While the quarantine lasts it is a good time to reflect on your emotional and mental state. I’ve been meditating 3 hours a day, nevertheless trying to hold on the meditative states as much as possible.

Didn’t listen to any Emperor today. What a relief, Emperor tends to constantly push your limits. A day of is like having that weight lift of your shoulders. I love my work days though, but they certainly zone me out so much that I forget all what matters; eating, sleeping, tiredness dissipates - I’m completely in flow.

Over time you’ll really start to notice the effects of Quantum Lite, it has that Emperor vibe to it. Really having you zone out whilst working on your Emperor and everything that comes along with it. But do I really want an Emperor, that’s the question which keeps arriving. An Emperor for all is what I belief in, but then it wouldn’t be an Emperor, would it?

Hopefully Q will enable me to make my own personal archetype of character. Although I try to stay apart from my lower self identity as much as possible, I’d like to have a good framework when I do hop on into it. Most people associate themselves with the lower-self or conscious identity but they are not. Pure observing consciousness is what we’re connected to anything and everything around us in the vast matters of time and space.

I keep seeing synchronities everywhere, let you inner guidance and the math of the universe guide you. The fibonacci sequency, Phi and Pi are not just some ordinary numbers. They are in fact infinite fractals!


3’s everywhere these days.

Biblically, number three represents the Holy Trinity, that is, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. The number 3333 is, therefore, a deeper meaning of three since it is a sequence of four threes. The number 3 also means growth and increments. In the New Testament Gospel books, Jesus Christ during the transfiguration has three disciples with Him. The three disciples were Peter, James, and John. Peter represents light, James love, and John life.


It’s been almost a month.

Emperor has a lot of traits. At first I really noticed the overwhelming presence of Sanguine which felt like a impenetrable inner happiness. The next thing I noticed was the dominating aura which I’m assuming comes from ‘the commandor’. Over time certain traits and perks start to vanish and come alive in me, it is like your subconscious has to go through the entire script and absorb each trait and perk one by one. You really notice this in the first month, certain traits and perks come alive while another day they vanish and then you notice something else.

For me personally, I felt Sanguine and Commander instantly. Sure I had run Sanguine in the past but I never ran Commander, I really think your subconscious decides which it absorbs. Hence each journal is different from person to person.

Now that we’re approaching the 30 days since release I can really tell that all these traits and perks are coming together as a whole. But still, I don’t think I have a grasp of what this subliminal is capable of, it’s more like I finally downloaded the entire subliminal in my subconscious.

Emperor Q feels really smooth now. It’s not holding me back anymore in any shape, way or form. I can’t wait to see where it takes me. I’m full metal jacket ready to go. Play time has begun.

I forgot to mention but my libido has really increase since past two weeks; at first it was kinda wobbly and all over the place and since then it started increasing steadily. I can’t dismiss that I have fully incorporated the Quantum Sex Mastery script and damn… I have a vivid sex dreams every single night for the past 7 days. Every single night! I’m usually already very lucid in my dreams but It’s never really about sex. I have several dreams at night I usually remember around 6-7 dreams and theirs always 1-2 about sex every night since a week ago. Sex Mastery has been activated, let’s go.


Taking a week off from subliminal’s.

I just feel like doing so. The sun is shining, life is good, the skies are clear and bright and the planet is healing. I thought I’d just remove myself from subliminal’s all together for a good week.

A subliminal cleansing while the earth and it’s inhabitants are doing their own individual cleansing and healing.

Emperor Q has been a very pleasant ride so far. I learned a lot through testing this subliminal.


Ten days of darkness coming - soldier up.

I feel It’ll be from 1 april till 12 april with 72 hours of no internet, television, no media. Be prepared.


I’ve been 8 days off from subliminal’s. I’m looking to hit the 11 days mark. Refreshing my mind and letting it do it’s thing feels good, for once it isn’t processing all kinds of subliminal scripts.

My mind is thanking me for giving it a rest already. But okay, let’s see. Emperor Q? Yes, I’m still an Emperor - still have the dominance, thinking and action taking mindset. But I must admit the dominant ‘aura’ has faded though. It was really active when running Emperor. It’s like you enter a room and you totally become the center point of attention. In a way people respect and worship you, which is nice but I don’t want anyone to worship anyone but themselves.

So yeah… I prefer to be the kind, helpful and service to others person. That everyone can come to and openly ask for a consultation or advice or anything and everything. A true master teacher.

The emperor vibe really gives me people this vibe of like, can I say this or can I not say this, is it respectful how will he react to it. Like seriously, just calm down and talk to me, I love you unconditionally no matter what and I’m a respect your opinion, will and way of thinking.

Looks like I kept all of the Emperor Q traits that I did like. And don’t get my wrong this dominant Emperor aura really fits the Emperor lifestyle amazingly. It just doesn’t really resonate with my personality.

A true Emperor for me is Donald Trump, he is balls hard. The dominance, inner power and emotional barrier he has is amazing. A Donald Trump like character would totally fit the Emperor Q subliminal.

I really see subliminal power be amplified when the subliminal resonates with your personality. If you’re an introvert and you just love to be alone then I don’t see Daredevil working for you. I don’t think a subliminal can change your energetic layout.

I bought StarkQ upon release, haven’t used it though. I feel good now, mind is crystal clear and full of energy. Stark resonates with me like no other. I’m really curious as to how to feels though, I’ve been waiting to try Daredevil and Power Can Corrupt for a long time. I love to interact with people and I’m really and outgoing, social person.

Will hit StarkQ in 3 days. It looks like StarkQ will become my main subliminal.


Stark is the middle way between Khan and Emperor that I was looking for. For me personally this is the most astonishing creation of Subliminal Club so far. I didn’t really like the introverted aspect of Emperor, especially on Emperor v2, Now Khan didn’t interest me as it was first of all a multi stage and second it was to women focused.

Stark has the best combination of social, networking, money skilled, business like and outgoing personality that I was seeking for. When going for a subliminal you really have to look for what skills, abilities and personality already lay dormant within you. I feel that Stark Q is going to give me to most amazing results and benefits ever as it totally resonates with my personality and not to mention my goals for upcoming years.

This is truly God given. Thank you :hearts:


Thats insane bro glad you didn’t suffer any major injuries. Emperor Q I think gives you the mental strenght of a navy seal to standup and fight like ten tigers as the famous wing chun master Yip Man would say.