[SOLO] KingR testing EmperorQ


First of all I am super psyched to be part of the test group. Got my file last night, plugged in straight away and listened to two rounds of the masked track (1h long).

First listen: The first thing that I noticed was the smoothness of the sound of the mask has improved slightly. I find it more enjoyable to listen to than the other water mask of the subliminal I own. That in itself makes me want to listen to the track more often

The second thing that happened almost straight away is that I felt a shift of energy within myself. Others have mentioned that occurence in their journals I believe. For me it all happened in my lower stomach. It felt like energy was flowing and circulating around almost like the chi the taoist describe when they rub their stomach around the belly button clock wise. I felt a tightening of my abs. Could it be also a chakra being stimulated?
A few minutes after that I felt a heavy sensation behind my eye-lids. Nothing else truly noticeable happened during the first listen.

Second listen: I played the masked file while in bed, eyes closed and I eventually fell asleep. That was the beginning of crazy dreams. I was in the US, in the countryside, somewhere that looked like Kansas, in the depth of winter, with a friend I cannot identify. We are heavily armed and fighting against a group of thugs, with rifles, looking for weapons through people’s houses and barns.

I woke up this morning and ran another loop, drifted back to sleep again.
Now I am dreaming that I am in Japan, my office and my appartement is on the same level of a university building in Tokyo. I am somewhat of a supervisor. My long time friend is paying me a visit as he is here to see clients. I am showing him my appartement and I am taking him out to lunch…random!

Now that I am awake, I feel alive and ready for the day. The feeling I had all yesterday, I was feeling really gloomy and dejected, seems to be gone. I wouldn’t yet call it euphoria but I look forward to the day.



Yes! This is my favorite thing about EmperorQ! It’s like a turbocharged Sanguine is included in this one!

I look forward to you future journal posts!


Day 2: So today I have listened once in the morning right when I first woke up, masked. I mentioned it in my last post.

I have listened once more masked taking a nap in the afternoon and then did 2 loops of ultrasonic in the afternoon and evenings.

The things I have noticed when I listened to the mask version was once again, movements in my upper belly, getting closer to the solar plexus. Energy still moving along the chakras path?

I have felt in a good mood all day. Not an exuberant one but a tranquil, calm and reassured state of mind. It is like I feel confident that everything is going to get done. I do find solutions quickly and act on it. I also notice after I listen to a loop of EmperorQ that if I pick up a book my reading speed has increased, like a speed reading ability. It is like I have a thirst for knowledge and want to complete things I start.

Also it has been subtle today but everything that I have watched or the interactions that I have had with cashiers and the likes seem to almost all have been synchronicity or small pleasing manifestations. It was noticeable yet subtle. It is the accumulation of small things that make up for a great life, we tend to always look for the grandiose.

Anyway, this has been a good day!
Peace fellaz!


Day 3: So last night I could not sleep for the life of me. I have listened to two loops of masked EmperorQ in bed eyes closed.

Today I have listened to about 3 loops ultrasonic at work. I have been overall not only very much taking the stance of the leader but also, and I have noticed that from other fellow testers here I found myself doing all kinds of little things out of kindness, like offering to make a coffee to a coworker, picking up my coworker’s bag to carry to his office while he is talking care of an emergency downstairs. I am doing it to help to poor guy. I realised that I am leading through superior energy. People can tell that I am in charge just by the energy I radiate.

I did have a mountain of work to do but didn’t feel overwhelmed like I would in normal times. I advance methodically knowing that everything is going to get done and work out, despite the alarming amount of work piling up on my desk.

This new girl came into work today. I am digging her man. We will see what happens. I am about to run two masked loop before dozing off to sleep. Looking forward to tomorrow.


Wow, this is exactly what I experienced today. I really love the combination of being this warm person who gives, with the prominent subconscious commanding/leading vibe.

Do you feel like you are radiating higher energy than usual?


Yea, it is a different frequency of energy! A bit higher on the scale than most people around me. That could be from the shift of perception of work as a pleasure rather than a grind, I feel concern for anything that is related to the business. Does that make sense?


Day 4: The worst day of the week so far.
Listened ultrasonics 4 to 5 loops today.

Today I have been aggravated all day long even with bouts of outspoken anger towards my colleague. On the flip side I am fraternising with the big boss, well fraternising is a BIG word, I may be exaggerating a bit. The man is not warm by nature to say the least.

Anyway, I have felt mostly scattered today. I am taking care of business and becoming really commanding and on the flip side I seem to be less keen on the minutia and the details which is good for me but bad for the job and so, in the end, bad for me. I am still seeing synchronicity also the head fog is not always allowing me to be fully conscious of them. I think a day like this may be a hint of reconciliation on my side. My brain could be going faster than the physical realm.

The girl at work was locking eyes with me today when we were talking, I can feel she is into me. It’s that animal vibe. So I seem to be very outspoken today as well to the point of slightly stepping on some toes.

The new thing is the frustration with work and people at work and my performance which wasn’t as good as usual. It made me feel like I wish I had more hours in the day.

Any my time is counted until I go to bed, I literally work and sleep and nothing else these days.


Day 5: Listened to about 4 loops in ultrasonic on my iphone speaker and two loops on my car speakers.

Today started out pretty good! I woke up naturally almost at the time I wanted and was motivated to get up right away. I didn’t notice anything particular this morning. What I did notice though as with other Q users is that my dreams are continuous and I am becoming more and more conscious that I am dreaming while dreaming.

This morning I went to visit a receptionist that I hired on the clients’ site. I had a good time and it was pleasurable seeing her. I must admit though, that for the first time I was fully conscious that platonic interactions with women are attracted to are worthless and leave me feeling highly agitated. Q has increased that 10 fold. Being single and without a sex life doesn’t help on top of it all. Later on once I was back at the office I started working and I was highly productive. I have noticed that my brain finds solutions quicker as well which is very enjoyable.

I still become increasingly outspoken. I refuse to be spoken to badly by anyone.

Nevertheless I received my paycheque today and immediately after I saw the four figure at the bottom I felt immediately dejected. I have basically given away 45 overtime hours for free just because I have such a work ethic. I have been basically doing my boss’ job for about a month for a huge discount rate… and so even though she wants to make me a permanent employee I will refuse the offer because I will know it to not be sufficient.

So I have been angry, I wouldn’t pin it on Q though but on circumstances.

Listening to my night loop right now.


Day 6 - Man today was rough again.

I have felt stuck most of the day in resentment. It was like I was absent minded on my way to work this morning and then became much more present when I arrived at work.

On Q I have no problem sleeping and getting up. Sleep pattern was a bit strange at first but now it is completely normalised. I still dream non-stop.

At work despite the resentment feeling I managed to flow back into productivity despite being interrupted all the time. I basically have 1 more day to clean the deck completely, go through all of the leftover work and email and I feel confident that it will be all done.

My energy dropped towards early evening and I felt less energised as usual, high level of stress and lower level of sleep. Also I have this constant rash all over my body ( completely non-sub related). I have been carrying this conditions for 5 years now and it is starting to really wear me down.

I have been really vocal with my feelings recently. Anyway, going through tough times.


Day 7: Wow can’t believe it has been a week already.
Finding Q was a blessing coming at the hardest time.

Today was really different than the others. It was really smooth sailing after going through a rough path of the last 3 days. I was either listening to too many loops or I was hitting some reconciliation.

My focus returned today, I have been productive all day. I would dare to say that I felt some quantum limitless even maybe. I suspect some of it is in Emperor Q. It is like my brain has been rewired better. Already my memory isn’t particularly improved, my clarity of mind has increased and I felt it particularly today. I could start a task, get interrupted and then come back to it and close the loop. I clearly was playing a game with work today rather than dreading it. I would start something and get it done without overthinking.

People, especially a few coworkers paid me compliments today which was nice, on my work and dedication.

Also I got lucky a few times today. It is a bit weird. Earlier I was speeding through the freeway and I felt that one the bridge overhead ahead would be cops with a speed radar. It is like I knew ahead of time. Later on, I was hella speeding back from work as well around 8:45pm. I didn’t have my lights on. This car behind me flashed theirs at me a few time and then when the car pulled up to my side the guy on the passenger side told me my lights were off. I was driving this new company car, I had no idea! I could have a serious accident but these guys were super helpful and went out of their way to let me know.

Also I feel like the company HR is flirting with me. Maybe she can smell the testosterone induced musk emanating from my nuts! I would totally butt fuck her in the closet! Either way, I think slightly pulling back on the exposure has been really helpful and triggered the positivity I have experienced today.

Q style baby!


Day 8: First day when I really started thinking like an emperor! I went for a walk this morning and I noticed my thought pattern changing. Rather than thinking about individualistic and somewhat immature goals such as banging women or focusing on the things I don’t have, material stuff, etc…I started thinking about how I could increase my influence on the world, how I could build a business or create an empire and also I was thinking, and this is quite unusual for me, about starting a family and having many kids rather than one as of most western european scared-of-everything causasian do these days.

I imagine myself being surrounded by a loving wife and many loving kids and how it would exponentially increase and tap into the huge love supply I have within me. The day is still young, it is only 11am here in France but I had to write this down. More later!


Day 8: Part 2 - The rest of yesterday would look uneventful if one only looked at surface level. I am not particularly a big meat eater but on my morning walk I was drawn to buying a nice piece of Sirloin from a high quality butcher. It has always been my favorite since childhood. Bought a small one just to treat myself and reconnect to pleasurable times. I noticed when I was running errands that I was catching the eyes of several women.

The Emperor thoughts continued all day. After I got some work done, I got drawn to watch a documentary on Gangis Khan! I was curious about everything “emperor”. Then I took a longer than usual nap as I really felt the need to! I fell asleep running a masked loop and I found myself in sleep paralysis. This time rather than having the dread usually associated with such phenomenon, i felt like I could project my body outward of my stuck physical body and stand upright next to mybed. It was really interesting and lasted for what felt like an eternity. I went to my grandma a bit later on and really had deep thoughts about her.

My grandma is an old fashioned Sicilian woman who had 8 children, got married very young and despite being a little over 80 is still the most beautiful grandmother I know. I thought to myself that I want to find her equivalent in today day and age, a woman who totally dedicated to keeping the house, raising the children, with strong religious values, integrity and faithfulness.

The rest of the night was quite uneventful on my side. I am really thinking about my immediate future. I have a tough decision to take about work and a potential permanent position that is being offered to me. I want to pass and look for something with a better pay.

More later…


Day 9: Tough day yesterday.
I was so caught up in the grind all day that I don’t believe I managed to listen to more than two to three loops ultrasonic.

I am more than ever a work horse on EmperorQ. I will not let go unless my work is done. I am a heat seeking missile with a nuclear warhead! I wish my penis was like that, I would be getting more pussy!

What do feel is the lack of direction though in my outward universe. I grind and I grind…and so my mind is going faster than the outside world. Things will change though I am confident. Maybe one should be looking for baby steps rather than Quantum leaps.
Either way, I did notice yesterday that I despite the stress associated with my job I was still in a joking mood.

That is all so far for yesterday. Today I have been listening to an ultrasonic loop right as I woke up this morning. I am 16:50 minutes in and I already feel in an uplifted mood.

Have a great day yall


Hahah that cracked me up :rofl:

I am noticing that as well but still be careful getting caught up in work, neglecting other areas of your life.


That is true friday! I can feel the neglect element but at the same time, it is congruent with my goals at the moment which is to make and save enough money to move to my own flat. Once I hit that goal I will rebalance everything with more social and sports.


Day 10: I kicked back on the listening a little today.

I am feeling a bit exhausted today although I felt fine all day, it really hit me around 6pm today. It is the mental stress. While everybody is leaving the office around 5:30pm, I am the one staying until 8, sometimes 9pm and the next day I am at work at 8am. My contract is expiring soon anyway and unless I am getting a significant raise I am out of there faster than a fart out of a lose asshole!

I realise that this might not be the best Q journal but I am feeling pretty proud for the consistency of not having missed a day yet. Today I performed well at work and was energised most of the day. I feel like my coworkers, even the ones not really knowing me a treating me like somewhat of a celebrity despite me being aloof and solely focused on work.I feel like I am responding to people with a kind of authority that I noticed I didn’t have before.

Today a young receptionist who got involved in a bad car crash shed a couple of tears in front of me. Damn this politically correct world, I just wanted to give her a big comforting hug but in a work context…shit that is the compassion inside of me. Strange how she let go like that. I only saw here once like 3 minutes before.

Overall I can say that I am feeling a bit more joyful than yesterday and that seems to keep getting better everyday.

The other day I failed to report that I had two investment related dreams involving me being really undervalued properties from people in distress. These dreams really stood out and seemed coherent with my desire to invest in properties.

Any I am feeling really tired, I am busted my mental nut.
Wishing the best fellaz!
A demain


Day 11: Wow eleven already! Crazzyy!

Today was a strange day…well to be honest, everyday has been strange since I started listening to Emperor Q or no one day is the same.

Today the main takeaways: productivity has increased. I get more shit done in less time. As I am still undecided whether or not I will stay with this company I now view work as a game. How organised and efficient can I get is my moto! How can I improve things and make them more efficient?

I notice that girls are flirting with me a bit more than usual. I am still horny. Unlike other testes who may have reported that their libido dropped, mine hasn’t and I am definitely looking for deeper connections.

I still find myself talking to everybody easily and being kind to others. I noticed today that I now have a feeling of financial abundance without being particularly well off. I want to take care of other people financially like I am the boss… I find that interesting.

I notice also more control over my environment and my financial condition is improving. I had yet another financial business dream the other night once again linked to property investing and rehabbing!

I was talking to my manager earlier and I realised deep in my heart that I was not “needy” anymore when it comes to getting a permanent position. I know my worth and I am confident in the future.


Day 12: No break in sight.

Today I have not really been able to play many loop of Emperor Q. Besides my one loop on the drive to work and my one loop on the way back. I am running a loop right now until I doze off to bed.

I don’t really know what to make off today to be honest. I showed up to a client’s meeting today and it was really interesting. I was quite carefree yet very professional and on point about what I was saying. I definitely have an authority I didn’t have before…and a certain maturity that grew real fast so to speak. I walked into this meeting earlier today with two more senior colleague in the business representing other business units and I literally owned the meeting. I didn’t have to force it easier. I was acting totally normal as I knew that we were performing.

I seem to be communicating with people on a whole new level as well which is quite interesting, some sort of directness that gets instant respect.

Either way, as an emperor I am totally disliking this influx of injonctions coming in from this coronavirus nonsense. Hope Emperor has some scripting on how to forecast the market as billions are going to be made on the stockmarket with this mascarade. Crisis ( and wars) are always created by banks for the banks.

Emperors should always be one step ahead.


Day 13: I did run about 4 loops today. How do I know? I play my loops on my phone at work and then after one is done it switches from the ultrasonic to the masked track. So the head of the firm I work at got to see my phone start making water sounds more than a couple of times today…

Today I essentially worked around managing a crisis. The corona crisis. Our desperately deep state controlled french president decide to cancel all schools starting Monday so many single mothers who are working for us as receptionist are pretty much fucked so they have to stay at home and we have to replace them during their absence. It is chaos. I thought I would have an easy day and maybe I could even take the afternoon off as I have been banging away 60 to 70 hour weeks lately! But of course not my friend! I left work at 8:30 on a Friday, the last one in the building like most nights!

To be honest at this stage I don’t even know why I keep doing it while being paid so little money. I just want to see it through until my boss can come back from her Quarantine. If I wasn’t there the company would collapse. Anyhow no major noticeable change today.

I am completely drained! Shalom!


Day 14: two weeks in! That’s a celebration. Can’t wait to see what my reality will look like on day 30.

Today woke up early for a Saturday, 7am. Got up and went on a mission to clean the company car. It was literally a dumpster on wheels! It was handed to me by a disgusting motherfucker about a week ago. I had my direct manager tell me a few times that they would let me borrow their cleaning card! The big head of the firm wanted me to show them to horrific state of the car…but then I realised I could not let myself ride in a dirty vehicle and I couldn’t count on other people either so I got that shit done myself.

I spent most day ready today and I can feel my brain is processing and remembering information better these days. Tonight I am intentionally fasting as I had a big lunch and I am realising how much overeating westerner society promotes. I don’t need that much food unless I am exercising.

I tend to take big ass naps on the weekend these days. I start off by listening to the masked Q track and then I am two hours into a nap. Shitballs! At least I have gotten one more loop in.

That is it for today folks! Take care everybody!