[SOLO] KingR testing EmperorQ


Day 18: Oh boy I just realized I skipped a few days of journaling!

May be hitting some reconciliation or it could also be just the activity level dropping everywhere with the corona nightmare. I do appreciate the calmness of it all but emperor has me crave action, any type of action.

I noticed yesterday that I girl that I have decided to stop paying attention to has become friendly and approval seeking around me at work. She showed some vulnerability just a tad! I would say that on emperor Q it is more of the manly and leading behavior that attracts women rather than the pure musky pheromone like type masculinity and virility of let’s say Primal Seduction. At least that is the way I feel.

Health wise I feel like I am not getting enough exercise and that is starting to bother me a little. I decided to come back earlier from work to take a walk in the evening.
Either way things have been uneventful. I am quite satisfied as I have negotiated a fixed term contract right before the quarantine decision so I am getting full wage paid while working part time from home. Its not a bad deal at all.


Day 19: Today a thought about the effect of Emperor Q.

I have been going forth and back to work with the pandemic, working mornings and then coming back home on the afternoons. Because the office is somewhat empty I haven’t even bothered to eat lunch anymore and I must admit that my appetite has somewhat almost disappeared. I am happy and really enjoy my evening meal with my mom but I feel no need to have a sit down meal during working hours.

Other than that, I have picked up Italian. I am learning it and really enjoying it with BABEL. I will see how the limitless component of Q is triggered with the learning.

I am being very conservative with the little money I have saved up so far. I want to grow it but I am also conscious that we are certainly at the edge of a financial crisis. Would anyone be surprised when the federal reserves pumps anywhere from 100 to 1000 billion dollars a day in the financial markets. They pin it on the back of the coronavirus but that fiat money only goes to banks so they are precipitating the meltdown.

Other than that, still very deep quality sleep and improved relationships with everyone around me. Take care of yourself my friends!


Day 21: The return of the Italian

It has been 3 weeks on Q now. I have been learning Italian for a solid week now and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I even watch all the Italian movies and series I can get my hands on. Started watching Suburra on Netflix. It is really helping.

I am also starting to analyse the business I work for through the prism of the owner to see what works and what doesn’t and if this is a viable option for me to stick with them for the long run. I would have not taken that approach before.

I am thinking about all kinds of things at the moment. the bad decisions I have made and why I am made them. I feel like I have broken the trance and the vicious cycles. It hurts to look at them straight on but so necessary.

My sleep is better than ever. I am feeling overall positive despite the current world situation. Stay strong yall!


Day 22: I am learning Italian fast now.

Feeling in my own world. The road are opened for me to get to work efficiently.
I am feeling more ownership of my world each day that passes.
While on Emperor I am starting to feel less of a “funny guy”. I have less of the urge to please and make other people laugh but getting more serious about things.
I like this feeling because I am resting more in my power by doing so. It is my self image changing. I can feel it so.

It sure took its time but it is now here. I am thinking about all kinds of way how I could make a quantum leap, a Q leap.
The way will appear.

Ciao miei fratelli


Day 25: Q consciousness!

At this stage of my experiment with Q I must say that my self image is changing.

First I realised that I am much more connected to who I am at an identity or even DNA level. I have started doing things that I have always wanted to do to feel more in tune with my heritage. Mainly that means learning Italian as all of my mom’s family is either Sicilian or Sardinian! I am also learning about the culture of both island and planing on visiting them both once this virus episode is behind us.

Right before I am about to do something non beneficial for my growth I have an automated check going on and I ask myself " would this be something an emperor would do?"…jerking off to porn, bing eating, watching dumbass videos…its on autopilot now and I love it…even during this sanitary dictatorship we are going through. It is hard for an emperor to accept a lockdown…

My bad for not updating though a bit more often. Overall Q has made me feel more in control, feeling like things are possible again. Subclub, I thank you for this.