[SOLO] Friday's EmperorQ Awakening


Ohh god I can’t believe I am actually doing this…
I started my journey with my first subliminal club sub Khan 8 months ago, which I listened to this day without any pause or desire to change to any other alpha male subliminal.

But I hereby declare, I am now officially running EmperorQ.

I am very excited, as it is the first time I am going to experience the powerful scripting of Emperor.

[SOLO][AMASH] Honest Review of EmperorQ

I don’t think you will feel the scripting of Emperor in the “traditional sense” :smile:

EmperorQ feels like 70% Khan with a 30% Emperor boost. It doesn’t have that dry seriousness of Emperor, it’s not antisocial, but it has the focus of Emperor.

I look forward to your report on your first day with EmperorQ!


Day 1:

  • The first thing I noticed while starting to play EmperorQ was a feeling of pressure in my chest area. Didn’t hurt but wasn’t pleasant either. At 30 mins of the first loop, the sensation is gone.

  • After the first loop (45 mins) of EmperorQ, I began dancing after my morning shower. It is giving me a happy and enthusiastic feeling.

  • I notice how I begin watching the body language of others in the room. I did not do so normally. I am trying to determine how other’s feel (unconsciously) and make good guesses about that, which I can use to either making them feeling better or using it to my advantage potentially.

  • My voice seems a bit deeper / I am speaking a bit deeper to get more respect. Feels like a part of Power Can Corrupt is in the script so far.

  • When somebody interrupts me in midsentence, I am more inclined to just finish my sentence and not let the other interrupt me.

  • I am naturally more used to shy away from hard conversations. Reflecting back, I addressed two “unpleasant” topics today without much thinking.

  • I was having a three-course menu with a huge portion of dessert today as I was going out with my family celebrating my success with Ql from last week (more on Ql in a different post). Normally, after such a meal, I lay down in my bed and start watching YT videos. Today I laid down, opened the YT website and found that I did not have ANY interest to watch ANY of those videos. So after like 7 seconds, I closed the window.
    I then went to Netflix and watched one episode of “Suits”. I am not a big fan of Netflix, I do watch a lot of YT videos normally but very very few Netflix episodes. While I was running QL I noticed and increased interest in the series Limitless, now today I had an increasing interest in the role of Harvey Specter.

  • I gave my mum clear dominant commands what she should do for my parents’ own benefit. She followed along and talked to my dad how I told her, and then they both did what I told them.

  • EmperorQ feels very dense for me. Khan St4 was much smoother, I could listen to it and would not be able to tell if the subliminal is running in the background or not. With EQ, I feel it.

  • On the one hand, EQ is giving me a lot of desire to “get my life handled” in all areas of life. My life is pretty much handled, but it gives me the desire to finally take the actions needed which will lead to pure excellence in those areas or to get finally get rid of the things that are still bugging me. This desire is fueled by energy. On the other hand, I am feeling very tired. Even after a lot of sleep today (pre-EmperorQ; just started today in the morning with listening), I took a 30 mins nap, 10 mins longer than my usual nap (which I don’t have very often). After the nap, I woke up and was still tired but motivated me to get up by punching in the air and breathing strongly.

  • I love my nap dreams because I can always remember them if they are interesting. Today was very interesting. First I dreamt of some friends, we were like on a class trip. Those friends were in groups and I was pretty much “alone”. I hang out with one group when I asked one where the other group is as I wanted to switch them for the others. I began becoming a bit lucid and started to fly (this became a common theme in my last dreams, where I am acting like a god). A very old “friend”, a person, who used to be a friend, with I don’t have contact right now as he did not like my decision to not come to his party but rather learn for my medical entry exam, (he) came through a door, and was, first of all, looking more like a monster, and seemed to threaten me. I decided to shot him down without much thought.
    _The second dream, was me dancing in a club with a black sexy girl. We came closer, and it was the moment where you would normally kiss. But she hesitated… some moments passed… I could feel her thinking… “Should I do that?”, “Is this a good idea?”… she decided and we kissed. I then pushed her against a wall and the next thing I wanted was SEX. Now it gets very interesting. Suddenly behind us was a very big mass of people (nobody specifically) looking at us, WATCHING US. They even said something along the lines of “I want to see him having sex with her”. They were behind my back, but I was facing my girl, so “I did not see them”. But the girl was facing them, seeing them. She did not want to have sex, she was afraid, she was afraid what the other people would say, she was afraid of their judgement. While I was pushing here, saying things like “Don’t worry about them”, “It is not that bad”, “who cares if they are looking”.
    Now comes my interpretation: The girl I seduced was myself. I was the girl. (It is not getting pervert here, but the dream is just very very interesting and metaphoric, so just go with that for now). It was the worse half of me. The girl inside my masculine shell. The hesitating was me, hesitating if I should make out with the girl in front of me. This happens and happened lately when the girl in front isn’t so attractive. It is the dilemma that I feel when she doesn’t fulfil my standards (and I am kicking myself because I am not talking to the more attractive one) but I am just very horny. In the end, I always end up making out with her anyway.
    The sex part is metaphoric for my sexual insecurities I have / my sexual anxiety. I am still afraid of the judgment from other people, while my better self knows that I should not care. But I am seeing the people behind the back, and can’t let loose… even when I know better.
    WOW. I was listening for 3+ months to Khan St1 to get two things solved: Seducing higher quality girls, and being able to lose all my wrong sexual programming which is still holding me back. I did not have any dreams of that kind, I can remember or which I could interpret like that. Just 6 loops of EmperorQ and this is addressed. WTF… This is either New Beginnings or Quantum Sex Mastery v3

Disclaimer, those “results” are all very subtle. Do not interpret those as EmperorQ gave me better results than Khan in the last 8 months. BUT, Khan did not give me such results on the first day of listening. I am speechless.
Also, even though, Khan was my first subclub subliminal, I used to listen to other alpha males subs in the past, giving me a total of like 2 years of subliminal use. Also, I will probably not be able to write every day such a detailed post. I can try but there is a lot to do for me in the next days. @SaintSovereign I am sure you have a lot to do and may not be able to study every post of every EmperorQ journal. But read the dream part of this post, it might be very insightful also for you guys.


Yes, EmperorQ makes me dance for no reason, it’s fun!

Although today is my day OFF. So I am in a good mood, but not as enthusiastic and happy as when I run EmperorQ.

You are funny, man! I love this idea, and I hope Quantum Sex Mastery X3 exists :smile:

I told you you’ll love EmperorQ when I recommended it for you :wink:

  • Just got in a fight, where I got very loud. Very unusual for me and this happened the last time in the first days of Khan St1. I am emotionally unstable right now.

[SOLO] Tarmicle's Journey with The Incredible Experimental EmperorQ

Stay strong @friday! I hope you will be okay!


This is definitely strong reconciliation… I listened to Emperor for around 11 loops today, so I now stopped listening.

We could solve the problem and I had two realize that I was partly wrong. So I did what is the right thing to do and apologized for shouting and for being wrong. I then told her firmly what made me so angry and she also agreed she should have reacted differently. While doing this tears were streaming down my face and my voice broke. Like a little kid…

We hugged and everything is fine now.

@Amash What do you think is the reason why I get so emotional on EQ (or we did on St1 Khan back then). Of course, reconciliation but what exactly makes you emotional and shouting?

[SOLO] Tarmicle's Journey with The Incredible Experimental EmperorQ

It depends on which level you are asking, so I will answer both:

  • Anger and shouting comes from repeated boundary violation: Someone has dome something you find unacceptable to you for a long time, but you stayed silent again and again, until you explode to fight for your right to be treated in the way you want. It is natural, and it is why “nice guys” become “assholes”.

  • The second level is that EmperorQ has New Beginnings in it, which is a more powerful process to heal traumas than Khan ST1. Basically, New Beginnings and Khan ST1 “kill” your past, and that is a life-thread that gets defended by huge emotional swings and shouting.

Did I answer the question you mean, @friday? :slight_smile:


Thanks for your time and answer. Really appreciate it.

I was wondering what exactly it is that lead to such reaction.

So EQ is working on the past but my mind wants to protect the old beliefs? Or probably it is opening some wounds of the past.

But I am happy for such events even though they are not nice. At least I know the script is working :wink:


Day 2:

Today I had my first day of working in a hospital, which is something all medical students have to do for 3 months in their medical training. I am thereby not working as a doctor but as a male nurse.
I was skeptical how Emperor would like that work because it is 1. not paid, 2. very very tiring and exhausting, and 3. you are serving people (like washing them; not very ‘noble’ tasks) which isn’t something the old cold-hearted Emperor could tolerate.

  • I had to wake up very early today and was therefore very groggy while getting up. I immediately started to play Emperor and I did feel the effects of the subliminal very quickly. After 1 loop I get an energy boost, a mood boost and especially a confidence boost.
  • WOMAN: Awww I missed that feeling I was getting from Khan ST4 which I did not have for the last three months running St1. With EQ it is back! Today I had wonderful encounters with two beautiful nurses. Young, petite face and body, blond hair and blue eyes. One of them is called Maria :heart_eyes:. I chatted them up very easily with no fear and lot less resistance than usually (Remember my sticking point has been flirting with 9/10s). Instead of shutting up and being more introverted, I expressed myself. Empowering thoughts went through my mind like “I want her”, instead of “Oooooh fuckkckkk she is so pretty. ERROR.”
  • I dominated my work place. I kind of took control over the whole hospital station haha. There were two other medical students which I both chatted up. Soon both of them were looking at me, following my lead. I dominated by expressing myself, instead of taking on a facade like I mostly did on Khan St4. All the actions I did happened subconsciously like the little touching, hand gestures or the commanding voice.
  • Had some interesting eye contact with Maria :yum: I want her. She is probably 6-8 years older than me but damn… There is something about her. Maybe she is running Seductress?
  • I had a very fun day today, with my buddy and with the patients. It seems like being a medical student is really something that I love to be doing. Therefore, Emperor seems okay with me doing shitty work for a while. But Emperor is not making me cold-hearted as I first thought or as it was on older versions.
  • I am now more dominant than I was on Khan St4. When I laugh and make jokes, I am still kind of commanding and dominating. It is something in my voice or body language that changed. It is not something that I do consciously. I really like that combination of being warm and giving (good emotions) and at the same time commanding and dominating.
  • Today was a tiring day but still I do notice a lot of brain fog.


Biggest plot twist in 2020.


I look forward to the moment when you get her, man!


Day 3:

  • The last three days have been thrilling. I do feel like they have been great not just cause of luck but because I made them great myself by acting in a certain way. I created my own fun and opportunities. Today, I had the chance to watch a major brain surgery, which I took. Maybe it sounds weird but it was absolutely amazing! Becoming a brain surgeon is more and more a real possibility for me.
  • I did notice a lot of eye contact from hot females today.
  • The work at the hospital is very tiring… When I come back home I often just fall asleep and am not productive at all. Hope to change that starting tomorrow, as I do have planned to learn a lot for this month.
  • I am more playful than usual, and I know how to enjoy myself and make fun out of nothing.
  • I am more consistent with my diet, fasting until lunch. Also I did notice an increase in motivation to work out e.g. instead of taking the elevator like on Day 1, I am now running up the stairs.
  • Even when I am out of my comfort zone and not at ease I do know there is nothing I can’t handle. I can handle everything.
  • I am definitely more dominating and commanding than on Khan, but I am not a douche. I provide good energy and people just do what I say.
  • In the last three days, I hear “Thank you” so often.
  • I am saying what I think, I express myself. This is really different to Khan where I did everything to reach my goals (picking up chicks). With Emperor I do care the most about myself, having fun myself first, and only then come my goals and all the other stuff (girls).


I’m experiencing the same feeling. I’m more committed to make everything work for me, first. I noticed if I must choose between make somebody feel good (like with giving a compliment) than make him do a better work, I choose the latter. This was totally a no-no for me before Emperor.


I used to have this when I was on a “standard” diet, but since switching to Keto, I don’t get that energy dip at the end of the day. What diets have you tried @friday? Having enough energy is essential for success.

I love this! This is the attitude to have!

How were you on Khan? I find Khan unleashed a solid level of dominance. Maybe it doesn’t feel that way, since it’s not as “serious” as Emperor, but it’s there.

I can relate to this BIG TIME. Which is weird, because the original Emperor versions were about sacrificing ALL in order to get your empire built :smile:


Yeah, so far EmperorQ seems to be everything I wished for Khan v2 but with less sexual scripting.

I do not feel more serious, I even feel more unstifled than ever before. I had some problems with dominance back then but I probably solved those on Khan St1 in the last three months and with EQ now.

I am aware of it’s benefits but it is not an option right now. I am fasting 16/8 to lose some excess fat.


Day 4:

  • I need less and less time to wake up in the morning.

  • I do not remember my dreams when I sleep through the night. However, I took a nap today where I could remember fractures of a dream. I found myself in a big pool or in the sea where I was slowly sinking to the ground. Under my foot, I saw two sharks approaching, ready for their bloody meal. I tried to swim up, but I could not. They were swimming closer and I knew they biting and eating me was only seconds away. I thought about what to do in this situation, and felt a surge of confidence. “You are NOT gonna eat me!”, I thought. I got “lucid” and morphed myself into a big orca, scaring both of them away. This dream represents my mindset right now: Even when in situations that frighten me, I do know there is a solution and I do know that I can handle it. This gives confidence all the time in every situation, similar to what @hndkmv reported.

  • EmperorQ is breaking down my social anxiety, reducing it every day! That’s why people seem to report that they get more social: EmperorQ is working on the anxiety while Khan improves your social skills in general. As a result, I am more inclined to have “those hard conversations” and give compliments.

  • People told my dad that my eyes have been shining while watching the surgery. They “could see my fascination for medicine just by looking into my eyes and watching me from the far”.

  • When I talk, people listen. When I interrupt, nobody complains.

  • I am more inclined to stand my ground.

  • Increased desire to bend down a woman and fuck her, but less sexual thoughts than on Khan, where I thought 90% of the time about how to seduce women.

  • Still was not productive today. But Emperor is slowly kicking my ass for that. I might change my work shift at the hospital to use the morning hours for learning where I still have plenty of energy.

  • EQ has similar effects like a drug in some sense. A small dose (1-3 loops) gives you a dopamine and confidence boost. But the higher the dose, the worse you feel. I get the feeling that the longer I listen, the stronger EQ works on my past making me a little bit emotionally unstable.


Day 5:

With every new day, the effects are getting more ingrained and more pronounced.

  • Today, I got up after waking up in lightning-speed. I just jumped out of bed immediately after I heard the alarm. Still wasted some time in the shower, where I will do better tomorrow.

  • My natural state of mind, is finally this social, dominant, somewhat commanding fun character. Even in unexpected situations, I find a witty answer in seconds! Whereas before I often felt like I have to put on a mask. I never really talked about that here on the forum but I sometimes had the feeling that the ONE who is picking up the girls, is a different me, but not myself. This seems to change with Emperor. Now my responses are more automatic coming without much thought attached. I am very loose. It is like I am running on autopilot, being social doesn’t cost any energy. Everything just flows like I am dreaming and watching it without questioning it (living in the moment), whereas before I had to put effort into being social.

  • I do feel like a new me - and this is somehow scary. Before, I only noticed that my thoughts changed after a long time passed, and reading some of my old posts/journals. Today is only the fifth day and I am already experiencing completely different thoughts than on Khan. There is not any negative self-talk anymore. This is by far the biggest result from all. I am noticing this peace of mind, which translates to confidence and happiness. People notice it and it is charismatic making them want to be around them, following my lead. While on Khan, 98% of the time my thoughts were about women and how I can seduce them, on Emperor 100% of my thoughts are positive reinforcing ones: “Yes, you can do it. Just push yourself!” (to just give one example)

  • In general, people are much nicer to me, often doing small gestures for me. I also receive a lot of compliments each day!

  • After around 10 loops, I do get emotionally irritated. I often find the strength to control my emotions but the initial response is emotional to an extent which I am not used to.

  • I am more likely to go out of my comfort zone. I first have a feeling for what I should do, and then positive self-talk follows making me actually do it. I am seeking every opportunity to experience something new which will help me grow.

  • I am increasingly aware of my body language subconsciously, making me stand straighter and more upright. Also, taking up more space.

  • First day of dreams tonight, but they were WEIRD. Doesn’t make sense to write those down for now as they seem very random.

  • Time passing by much faster, experiencing the flow state more often.

  • Maria gave me her number today, and texted me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I am just including this here because I loved your comments about Maria but to did lose interest, to be honest, by the way she acted in certain situations. Also, she partly became my boss which makes everything more complex haha.


Even when this happens, please do so.


I can relate. Even lack of sleep seems more manageable.

Yes! That’s exactly what I’m after! At the moment, I’m not there yet, the way you described. Maybe I was full of shitty beliefs and EmperorQ is making his way through it. I wonder if I could accelerate the process with stacking Khan ST1, but I intend to keep it going solo, to document the transformation in its pure form.


I’m experiencing this as well.

Hell yeah, man! I knew it! Keep going! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: