[SOLO] First journal entry with Emperor Q


Just recently got my hands on Emperor Q. Reporting here. This is gonna be a blast!


The version I was provided with, was 1:00:00 long (masked). Exactly one hour. Completed one run, with high productivity
• Noticed effects:

  1. Wrote about 10 pages (handwritten) in a little more than 30 minutes.

  2. Mood uplifted. Feeling all the way light.

A few questions, how many loops are recommended. Is it recommended to use affirmations with it?


Day 1:
Emperor Q is definitely much more powerful than the last versions of Emperor. It is also super smooth. One thing I noticed is that the volume of the masked version is a bit lower than the older tracks, which is very convenient. I completed 10 loops (or more). Here are the effects I noticed:

  1. My mood was very difficult to be articulated. Seems like my mind wasn’t sure how to respond to the new script. But overall, it would fall in the positive spectrum.

  2. Was much more productive than usual, haven’t got so much done in a long time.

  3. I slept in the afternoon for a few hours, which isn’t normal. This is the only thing I don’t like with EQ yet. I tend to sleep much more than I usually do. Might be due to mental exhaustion.

  4. Had fewer depleting/useless thoughts all throughout the day.

  5. I can definitely vouch for the new manifestation technology used in it. Fire has put in some real genius of his in the sub. I came across 2 business opportunities. I’m planning to take action on both until @Simon or @DarkPhilosopher says otherwise. Well actually, no, I’ll take action no matter what (haha, sorry to tag you guys unnecessarily, I kid around a lot like this since empQ).

  6. I dreamt about having interactions with people I’m not on good terms with. Also I dreamt about my hometown, they built up some kind of hemispherical glass dome around the city. I precisely remember, it was very uncomfortable to breathe there, and the sun was shining bright and very hot. Saw a few roads there which aren’t really present. Overall dreams were uncomfortable. I woke up finding myself in a very discomforting sleeping position. I was also very hungry.

Day 2:

  1. Strangely, I woke up after exactly 6 hours of sleep. I paused EmpQ and slept again, woke up after 2 hours.

  2. Morning was highly productive. Completed most of my backlog of work before going out to work.

  3. At work, most of the people were friendly. Got some tests my way, easily passed them all without even the slightest of change in my internal levels.

  4. While teamwork-ing, I was taking the leader role although, I wasn’t assigned the role. I asked a few questions, and a female co worker had her eyes stuck on me. I almost had to verbally tell her to look away at least. I find it really cringy to take note of people’s behavior around me, but I remembered it for the sake of honest feedback of empQ.

  5. My decision making and thinking is around it’s top, I can almost without much thought make the optimal decision in any situation.

Will keep updating this journal.


Day 2 (contd.)

  1. I slept 3 hours in the afternoon. Had another dream of dealing with people whom I generally avoid. I was buying alcohol illegally and just at my side there was this dude with whom I’m not on good terms with.

  2. Woke up in a very gloomy mood, didn’t had the least amount of desire to do any work. My stomach felt very tight. It took me an hour or so to get back in state of awakening. My mood got back to normal.

  3. Had a full swing of moods from normal to excited to normal and so on.


Are you one of the people who got the Hotfix for the longer EmperorQ, or are you using the shorter version?


I’ve been given the 1 hour long version. Haven’t been informed about the hotfix.




Noticed something? It’s some randomly generated link. Coincidence?


I started using emperorQa, here’s what I observed:

  1. Didn’t remember what my dreams were. I kept changing my position while in sleep. Wasn’t very comfortable sleeping with emperorQa on.

  2. I felt extremely relaxed and happy in the morning. Optimistic and positive. My productivity is increasing day by day.

  3. Most of my arrogance has been dissolved. On the previous versions of Emperor, I was extremely arrogant and rude. Now it feels like I was trying to prove a point then.

  4. Banked a $100 which were unexpected.

  5. Met a few old friends and they mentioned it explicitly about how much I’ve changed. But what really surprised me was how one of them used the exact term “emperor”. I had to take a note of it.

  6. I did a small change earlier today, which proved to be beneficial now.


That is great :smile: You are at a level beyond Magic Angel Numbers!

I understand from this that you are not following the recommended listening pattern of listening during the day, taking the nights off, and taking a day off subs every couple of days? If that is correct, how are you feeling?

Yes, I totally agree with this. On EV4, I had a grandiosity that EmperorQ does not trigger in me.


You are an Emperor :wink:


Taking nights off I’d get only 3-4 hours of listening at max. Don’t know if that’s enough for getting results.
But after waking up, I have my mood back to normal and relaxed. Although until the time I hit the bed, I get these mild headaches.


No worries @Victor. When I ran Khan for more than 4 month, it was most of the day including during the night time.

I prefer now to not run subs during the night so that I can sleep better.

But if it works for you, then listen more and benefit! :slight_smile:


I’m taking the day off as @AMASH advised.
Posting the results from yesterday:

  1. I got an important deal, which I was almost lost (or at least what thought it to be as) pinned down. Feeling really excited about this one.

  2. My drive to do things is getting more and more everyday. It’s almost insatiable.

  3. I feel like I remember my dreams, but I don’t really.

All over, great results. Thankful to @SaintSovereign and @Fire for this beast you people are crossing the limits of what’s humanly possible!


Day 4:
Straight to the point, here are the results:

  1. Started a new meditation program. This is is solely focused on getting more masculine. They taught all of these masculine archetypes. There were shadow form and then there were the fully developed and mature form. Even yet, I can easily see myself in the immature forms. It drove me a bit off the path, but I plunged right back. Looking forward to completing this meditation course. Excited for this one.

  2. People seem to agree more to whatever I have to say. My voice also sounds a bit better. Most of the time people don’t readily follow what I say, there’s always some resistance from their part.

  3. I went out for the weekend, one thing I noticed was that I don’t seem to pick “targets” anymore. I easily move to any woman I find interesting. With more presence. That’s the best part about it, I’m more present in any moment than I was before. I’m still not at any astonishing level of “living in the moment” but I can definitely feel it has improved. Although I would appreciate being at the level of “existing only in the present moment” presence.

  4. I can almost always see the games people play. The constant subtle battle for power underlying any and all interactions between people. I doubt, is there PCC present in it? I can sense it.

  5. Nothing significant to post in the financial area yet. But I always sense something’s coming or better, I’m getting somewhere (just to remove that spectator mentality).

Gonna update as soon as something interesting pops up.


Day 5:

  1. I’m losing a bit of control over myself. I ate the food which isn’t on my list of what I’m allowed to eat. Also smoked a pipe. As now I’m aware of the fact, I’ll willfully avoid these types of behaviors.

  2. I feel extremely sexual, all the time. I mostly use that energy to get my things done. But I can feel that the energy is not properly utilized or optimized in me. I look for instant gratifications like one night stands, which are obviously not very helpful for my current lifestyle.

  3. I can remember 3 times where I lost my sense of calm over some irrelevant argument. Will look into what I could do to minimize the effects. As I paused my subliminal usage for a few months before empQa. I can feel the smoothness of empQa, but it’s still Emperor, so I think it’ll take a bit of time to get back on track.

  4. Completed a whole book today, which is impressive as far as I’m concerned. Does emperorQa contain QL’s “study love” module in it? And let me know if anyone else had an urge to study while on empQ.

  5. I today cooked myself a meal which I always mess up with. I see QL at work. I was surprised how could I mess up a simple thing for so long. The problem-solver feeling is amazing though.

  6. I take far less time in writing my journal entries on here. As I type slowly on phone keyboards, or keyboards in general.

There’s something what I had in my mind to put here, damn, I forgot what it was.

  1. I finally remembered, the things I did for passing time when I’m home, or, the things which were unhelpful to me but I enjoyed doing them, are now, unhelpful and boring.


2 and 4 points. Can relate. “Study love” and sexual enhancements - yes.


Day 6:

  1. A dude I know is emotionally unstable, if you know the type. Inflated ego, loose temper, superiority complex, judgemental. I was unfortunate enough to be around him when his mind wasn’t able to control emotions consciously, so he attacked me. The fight was small, although long enough for heavy scratches on my neck. After the fight to since now, I’m quiet most of the time but not afraid or anything.

  2. I felt a bit off the whole day, seems like it’ll take time to completely integrate the script with my identity.

  3. I was mostly quiet the whole day having the rollercoaster of emotions, sometimes low to sometimes high.

  4. I questioned myself today because of the verbal abuse the dude put up for me, but I got back my state of not giving a fuck. I just totally cut the dude off my attention span, like I’m deliberately not paying any attention to him.

  5. I don’t know why, but I was missing my ex today, sucks to admit, but I craved her affection and touch. I was about to talk to her out of neediness, but I finally came back to my senses and deleted her number from my phone (I mean why were they still in there).

  6. EmpQ has bought my neediness which was hidden in there to the surface. I’m now very much aware of the fact that I look for validation from people. The other day, I dreamt about getting higher amounts of likes on Instagram, surprisingly enough, I don’t even use it.

Now starts the good part

  1. I did some movement releasing exercises, I let out tension I didn’t even knew I was carrying felt so relaxed that I was almost doing every physical activity effortlessly. I was back to my playful mode back. Although remembering those past events made my mood dip.

  2. After doing my tension releasing exercises, I felt very much at ease. A few people gave me those negative looks, but my indifference blew them out completely.

Good part ends

  1. I can’t see any increase in productivity as on a first few days. I’m at the best almost as much productive as before.



  1. Sex drive is off the limits. I can still control it.

  2. 6 hours of constant working, productivity is off the charts. Completed almost 90% of all my week’s work. Extremely tired gonna hit the bed, without EmpQ.


Day 7:

  1. As I’m mostly free this week, I go out to have a good time. I saw a very hot woman who looked colder than liquid nitrogen but nothing can stop Emperor from getting what he wants, so I moved to her and stopped her. She didn’t look she had even a drop of love for me in her eyes.

1.1. I have a decent amount of game, so I kept the conversation going. But the real magic was when I acknowledged my building sexual energy towards her.

1.2. I saw her pupils getting dilated, licking her lips, she couldn’t resist sexually charged conversation with Emperor.

1.3. Then I thought about testing my limits by not “closing” her and letting myself go away. She instantly did what I left and took my number. Up until now, she has sent me 3 texts for just a bit of my sexually charged words.

1.4. I’m still not sure if I should “give in” to her feminine charms, although I’m very tempted to. I read it somewhere, giving in to the charms of women isn’t a very masculine thing to do, which I personally agree with.

Any advice on how to have sex without losing or preferably increasing, my sexual energy?


Day 8:

  1. I manifested an opportunity to face a fear of mine, I collected myself, and showed up. As I reached there, I lost my cool and freaked out. On the brighter side, now I believe that I can bring my fears down to a manageable level. I’ll get back to it.

  2. I’m losing my productivity, although I’m much more creative.

  3. My mind brings me to some very genius ideas.

  4. Sex drive is ever increasing. The girl from yesterday texted me for meeting up. But I’m not very interested in getting with her.

Day 9:

  1. I finally decided to meet her. She was looking even better when I met her. I complimented her on how much I like it when women put efforts on their looks especially when they do it to impress me.

  2. I loved it when I had huge amounts of work to do, of course those which I love to do. I had this whole week free. And even the coming week doesn’t have much to do.

  3. It seems like now I’m resisting the Emperor’s script. I’m also feeling the temptation of doing another subliminal, also my listening time is cut down drastically. Although I’m gonna keep pushing through.