[SOLO] First journal entry with Emperor Q


What’s up fellow EmpQ testers? Hope you’re all killing it. Been out for a few days, but here’s the report:

Day 10:

  1. Closed a few high ticket clients. So I’m off work for a month or so. Coronavirus is here

  2. The woman from last days is staying with me. She cooks really well and gets the work done fantastically :wink: now I know how you married guys feel.

  3. My confusions are still there, and not going out is making it much worse. I took 3 days off my listening time, gonna continue from now.

P.S. Is Sanguine getting an update after Q? It should get one, it deserves one. Godlike Masculinity 100x, I bet there are more people who want these two. Bet @SaintSovereign is listening, don’t lose hope guys.


Pretty much EVERYTHING is getting an update. :stuck_out_tongue:


What will the update do for the stack modules?


Day 11:

  1. Listening a lot less lately. Is that some kind of reconciliation?

  2. Mood: sometimes good, sometimes bad. Completed my masculinity program. I feel more grounded. The personal development scripting in EmpQ is superb.

  3. I see the effects of sexual scripting in EmpQ. If you’ve been reading my journal you’d know about the woman living in my house from a few days. I don’t feel any connection with her yet but she seems to be very into me. She lives close, so it isn’t a very big deal for me to have her in my house. She’s a nice buddy to have in this pandemic.

  4. I don’t go out much often, but today when I was out, people were giving me way and we’re also very friendly to me. Something I’m not very familiar with.

  5. More money rolling in, I put up a few sales pages of affiliate products, they are generating cash for me on autopilot. I’m also considering to start copywriting, it seems like a profitable lucrative business. I found a copy of scientific advertising book luckily. For those who don’t know, it’s considered a must for copywriting and is very rare to find, I’ve seen copies going as high as $1000 on eBay.


Day 12-16:

  1. Lot of transformations, I have felt. I can relax under any situation, high pressure, low pressure you name it. My confusions have been decreasing lately.

    • I don’t meditate for a few minutes a day, I live it all the
    • I have written 3 books as of today. I feel like I can work
    • My sleep time has reduced drastically. From 7-9 hours
    to just 4.

  2. Up to this day, I have made half the money that I made in the whole of the last year. If I keep going at this pace, which I’m sure I will, I won’t ever have to go back to my job. This is huge, I’m reaching the goal I set before I started using EmpQ. I have cut out all the distractions from my reality.

  3. All anger has been dissolved. I’m reaching to a much more quiet and calm place in my mind. I reach profound states of meditation when I sit down with an intent to do that.

  4. I’m quite interested to see how would it feel when I once get back between people. How would I do things differently when I get out there. I bet it’ll be an exciting experience also very pleasant.

  5. I still just vaguely remember my dreams. I think my mind doesn’t even get the time to set up a nice dream given the time it gets for making a sound sleep.

Those we’re all the major points I had, to report. Thanks again. And keep pushing through fellows. You all have my regards.


Day 17:

  1. Things are going rough lately. I feel more confused everyday. I’ve got so much time, but I don’t know where to spend it. My state is sometimes good sometimes extremely low, but not at all normal. One moment I feel proud of all I’ve achieved in the past months, the next moment I get the feeling of “it’s just some paper you’ve stacked”.

  2. I started an online class for movement release, as it’s said that releasing the bodily blocks elevates mood. That’s exactly what I am looking for right now. I haven’t been more confused in my life, or say, haven’t been more aware of my confusions. There’s a bit of anxiety, fear, and lack of motivation too. Reality feels really heavy sometimes and I’m looking into a million things to get rid of it, and that leads to even more confusion.

  3. I wish there was a supercharger to aid in removing mind fog, elevating mood, releasing fear and anxieties (both on surface and deep rooted) and being more present in the moment.

  4. EmpQ does have script to correct posture, right? Assuming that it has it, I don’t see any of it’s effect. When I think, I am standing straight and shoulders back and all of that “body-language-101” stuff, what I learned is that it’s another mechanism of storing tension inside the body. Proper movement is totally relaxed and effortless, it also promotes awareness, as all of the body moves as one intelligent muscle.


It’s really strange that how contrasting my last 2 reports are, it is like, I’m in a very good mood from morning to afternoon. After that, my mental state starts declining. It’s really annoying because it happens almost everyday and I don’t seem to understand why.


Day 18-20:

  1. I had been playing EmpQ all day long, I’m currently learning any new skill which I could use to provide more value to society. I recently read a book about wealth, which provided me with some useful insights on the way I perceive money.

  2. Been investing my money back into getting new skills and expansion of my business. I’m very positive about not going back to job ever again. Thanks Saint and Great Fire.

  3. My mood is getting back to normal, I’m less in low energy and hopeless state. I feel grateful most of the time. I still get fazed by external elements/events, but a lot less.

  4. Self control is increasing, I can feel it, I can get myself to feel good even if I’m not in so much of a great mood.

  5. I feel a lot less hungry and a lot more energetic than the last few days.

Hey! I just remembered, there’s a website called Udacity, it’s providing most of it’s courses free. You guys should definitely check it out if you’re looking to up or add a few new skills in your toolset.


Day 20-21:

  1. I thought I had a great amount of self control, discipline after running EmpQ for this long. After coming of starkQ, EmpQ suddenly feels less “sexy” but I decided to keep running EmpQ for providing feedback.

  2. I faced an extreme monetary loss, but I still don’t seem to care. It’s like, I already knew that it would happen. The first thing that came to my mind was, “okay, so that was the fees for learning this stuff”. All in all, the loss actually relieved me in many ways.

  3. I have been more esoteric in nature. My thoughts are more about the things which we don’t care for in everyday life. It’s hard for me to get angry or mad. Although my mood keeps swinging for low to moderate.

  4. Voice is getting deeper. I feel more vibrations in my neck when I speak. It’s like my voice is getting more and more powerful. Although I think it’s required to train the voice as deep voice isn’t always pleasing.

  5. I stopped my offline journal since a week. I also am not willing to start it again. No matter how much I try to sit down and write, something distracts me everytime. Strange.

If I add starkQ to my current stack, or say QL, wouldn’t it hinder or dissolve the effects of EmpQ? I wanted to add these subs mainly due to creativity and innovation. I’m also thinking about Ultimate Artist.

I’d be updated as soon as something new pops up. Keep going, keep getting better. Thanks.