[SOLO] EmperorQ Testing


I am stopping Khan ST1+ST4 and Emp fitness st1 to run EmperorQ.

Here i will post my thoughts and results


Started playing EmpQ last night on ultrasonic but the volume was way louder then usual. It could have been that my speaker was messed up as well because i accidentally dropped it a few days ago.
So i downloaded and played the masked for probably 6 1/2 hours while i slept.
I slept pretty amazing last night, usually i wake up a few times but not last night i slept straight through. Woke up this morning wide awake ready to start my day and get things done.


Yesterday i played emperorQ 3 loops during the day at work.

Felt pretty upbeat and confident all day, was really motivated to get things done and focused. Have noticed a lot of women looking at me with curiosity, winking at me, and being very shy with me. The only problem was that my girlfriend was like the total opposite she was being really short with me and had an attitude all day but that is nothing new lol. I felt the energy surging through me all day especially when i was listening to it.

I passed out last night and forgot to put it on to listen to it but managed to listen to it 4 loops this morning. I did wake up feeling like i was wide awake and not needing any caffeine or anything to jolt me up. So the sleep has definitely been improving and i stayed asleep till i usually wake up without waking up once like i usually do.

Today i was tired most of the day except for the morning but i just didn’t have the motivation to really want to get up with excitement. Didn’t want to do much of anything but stay in bed and sleep. But i ended up getting up and going to the beach and lunch with my mom for her bday. Was really confident and same thing with the gf but she was kind of sweet kinda bitchy.

Since i started listening to EmpQ i have been thinking more about my life and what i really want to do.

If things go well with Q, is there a possibility of Ultimate artist getting an upgrade?


I came home around 530 pm est and put it on since 6ish for the past 3 hours. I decided to take a bit of a nap. When i woke up i had a bit of a headache which i took some advil for but now i feel really upbeat again. I feel like im in the mood to not take anyone’s shit. I have the desire right now to get everything i wanted to do this weekend to get done before i pass out tonight.


The first night I ran EmpQ i had a very weird dream about this girl i used to date. She is an older lady in her mid 40s and in my dream i was 28 again. We went out to dinner at chili’s, had a very fun time, then went to a club which i haven’t done since i was like 20 lol. Then we ended up back at my place and had a very fun and interesting night till we passed out. Not sure what the dream was telling me but it was like i was living it. Sometimes when i dream i am like in view mode seeing things happen but this was so realistic. Usually i don’t remember my dreams at all but this i can see clear as day which is totally new to me.

Last night i had a profound dream that was very realistic about writing a book series again. In my dream i became a best selling author but the only thing i don’t remember is what i wrote about in my book or what it was called. I was writing months ago then got really lazy and lost my motivation to write. It could be my subconscious hinting towards me to pick it back up again and really go with it this time.

Does anywhere that is really good for learning about meditation? That is one thing i really need to pick up and learn how to do correctly.

Can i use beyond limitless or commander while testing EmpQ? Does this contain a scripted version of New Beginnings or a lite version of it by any chance?

Sorry about my journal not being so informative still getting used to writing out stuff like that and my feelings.

What can i do to improve my journal and make it more informative? What are things you would list or like to see in someones test journal?
If you don’t mind me asking


Yes. Everything will probably get an update.

PLEASE READ: emperorQ Testing Thread

Question. What would you like to see in peoples journals for the tests? And what can i do to improve mine?

If it isn’t too much trouble to ask


From reading your posts so far, I would say you are actually doing quite well on the amount of detail. You talk about dreams and the behavior of the people around you and towards you, including the girlfriend.

You are also indicating your energy level and how well you slept. And at what time and how many times you listened to the subliminal (there’s a difference between day/night listening).

So you are doing quite well. The one thing you might add is what you expect to get out of it. How and in what areas of your life do you expect to improve? You mentioned you’ve started thinking about your life. Well, use that to figure out what you want Emperor to do for you.

On journalling

In my opinion the main purpose of a journal is that of self-reflection, a very important life-skill. I mentioned on the other thread that I’ve seen people change the way they communicated on the forum, but they didn’t notice it themselves.

You see the same happen in many things. When starting a new exercise program, you’re often advised to take photos because the change will come so natural you won’t realize it is happening. In many self-development courses we’re told that we won’t realize we are changing until our friends and family start telling us. If you drive a car every day, can you clearly remember the moment it became natural to you and you stopped thinking about every action required to drive?

So take some time every day to observe yourself. Did you notice yourself doing something that is out of the ordinary for you, something you would never have done before? Could be anything, from behavior to your mood, your thoughts and your communication. Or maybe your tastes are changing, the things you used to like no longer appeal to you and vice versa. Did you do something to help the sub (and yourself) along?

Dreams are also a big thing. Did you have a dream that was exceptionally “real”? Or one that seems to be telling you something that can help you grow, if only you knew what that was.

All these things and more can be because of the subs. Sometimes it is difficult to predict how the language in the subliminal will be translated and acted upon by your subconscious.

You know yourself best, and by sharing even the things that seem to be unrelated but are still not something you would have done or experienced in the past, you are giving Fire the opportunity to figure out how your mind is translating his script.

I can tell you that some people have been really open in the past (and even I was rendered speechless) and Saint wants this to be a place where you can share without people judging you.

For the purpose of this test, share as much as you are comfortable with. Everything else, write it down in a private journal.

The important thing is to check in with yourself every day. See what’s different. And if nothing out of the ordinary happened, that’s fine too. Sometimes my private journal just states I woke up late again and it annoys me, followed by a statement to myself that I accept that I cannot change that fact now and an affirmation to do better tomorrow. I don’t share that here, others do.

Sometimes a long time of no change (or the feeling that you’re actually getting worse instead of better) is also telling you something.

Which is usually when @AMASH comes up with one of those questions I always fear because I’ll spend the rest of the day thinking about the answer, being forced to dig into the parts of myself that I’d rather not admit I have.

Just remember that if you wait too long between check-ins, the change will feel natural and you’ll have forgotten it.

So, did that answer your question? :wink:

As for the meditation, are you specifically looking for free resources, or are you okay with paid resources?


I just must compliment you on this post. Your statements deeply resonating with my thoughts but you were explaining it 100x better than I would. Especially the driving the car metaphor was excellent. @DarkPhilosopher

We should have a thread where such amazing post (including many more) are posted as this post is far too good to have it in a personal journal in the LABS category.

Tagging @SaintSovereign


Very wise words @DarkPhilosopher. Thank you, and I won’t send you spinning around with a well timed question :wink:


I didn’t really get to listen to EmpQ at all yesterday besides the 4 loops yesterday morning. It was weird i had a lot of energy during the day but was constantly yawing all day till around 7pm est. Went to brunch with my girlfriend and her dog at this cute little place for this apparent dog event, but it was crap didn’t really have any actual event for the dogs. It was kinda disappointing plus the food sucked which was a surprise because it was a high ritzy restaurant. Then a few hours later went to watch the Florida Panthers lose to some Canadian team which was really sad.

During the day I was definitely a lot more motivated and awake then usual. Felt really confident around my girlfriend and i noticed she was a lot sweeter to me then the day before even though things were still really rocky between us. I was thinking a lot more about life and what i wanted to do but didn’t really have much time to write my thoughts down. I was again getting more vibes from women then usual and i think my girlfriend could tell because she was a lot more up my ass constantly wanting to show me affection and show that things are getting better slowly with us. She also mentioned that she was getting a good positive vibe from me and that i seemed more confident and upbeat then usual which she missed about me.

I also noticed that the last few days i seem to be getting more fit even though i haven’t been working out since last monday, my eating was also all over the place this weekend.

I played EmpQ on masked last night while i slept for 4 1/2 hours but i got like 5 loops in. For 5 hours of sleep i woke up feeling amazing, i didn’t want to get out of bed because it was so comfy but when i did get out of bed i had an excessive amount of energy. This morning i feel more upbeat then yesterday and more focused.

Will update more as the day goes on.

Hope everyone has a great day.


I can do with both paid and free which ever will help out the best.

And thank you for the advice, it is very much appreciated. I wonder if i can use super chargers with these tests or not.


Yes you can.


Monday was a really good and busy day with work. I listened to EmpQ for 5 loops at work then listened to it monday night for 5 loops.

Have been thinking a lot more about my finances and how best to manage them. I also have been thinking a lot more on different ways to make money. When i go to bed I have been sleeping 10x better then usual and don’t wake up in the middle of the night anymore. Have been noticing that my mind is pushing me to figure out my goals way more these last few days since i started running EmpQ. I seem to be getting a little more toned even though i haven’t been working out. Although i have noticed after i get off work i kinda go home and passout for a bit, my bed and the tv like call my name lol, so i definitely have to work on that the next few weeks.

So far EmpQ has been working really well.


Tuesday night i played 5 loops while i slept woke up wednesday feeling good and awake. I must say that since starting EmpQ my sleep has improved 10x then what is usually is. Went to work feeling confident with a smile on my face and feeling a lot better about my life. Work was good got a lot done and managed to listen to EmpQ 4 more loops while working. After work i was still pretty awake and had a lot of drive, was on a mission to get a lot done. Ended up working out after work around 6 for 50 mins. I have noticed that i’m am compelled to eat better and drink more water the last few days. After the workout i wasn’t sore at all surprisingly and that was my first time working out in awhile and i went pretty hard at it.

When i got home last night i had a protein shake and shrimp for dinner which i have been putting off. I actually have been putting lots of things off the past few months but since starting EmpQ i have felt my subconscious driving me towards taking more action towards my goals. Started writing the prologue for my book again last night and the words were just coming to me which was a nice feeling. Listened to EmpQ for 5 hours last night but only slept for like 4 but woke up feeling refreshed like i had gotten 8 hours of deep sleep which has never actually happened to me lol. The reason i couldn’t sleep is because my mind was racing with ideas for my book and things i wanted to accomplish this month. When i woke up i wasn’t sore at all and i noticed gains from working out already which is rare my biceps were a bit bigger and toned, my stomach also lost a little bit.

The past few days i have noticed that things have begun to get worse between me and my gf. We have been up and down the past few months but this week takes the cake. But it has begun to affect me less and less especially this week, my gf today threatened to dump me bc she is on her period and aparently i was being mean but she couldn’t explain how. Usually all this drama between us would drag me down to ultra low levels and make me depressed but this week i have been a lot more positive and upbeat. Could it be that EmpQ is helping me with my positivty?

Today i listened to EmpQ 4 loops at work. When i listened for a few minutes on and off i could feel energy radiating through my body, it was a wonderful feeling. While i was at work a few women at my office asked me if i was working out and told me i looked good. When i would walk by people they would take notice i was there and some even said hi or acknowledged i was there. After work i went and walked my dog then worked out again did upper and lower body today. While i worked out i listened to the supercharger beast unleashed, wow that really hypes me up and makes me want to push that much harder. I did a good hour long workout again and felt great after wards no soreness whatsoever but i might feel it in the morning.

I will continue tomorrow with more journaling.


Friday night i didn’t play EmpQ kinda passed out before i could turn it on again. But i did sleep good friday night, and had a few dreams but i don’t remember what happened in them. My dreams have been hit or miss lately with remembering them. When i woke up saturday morning i felt good and surprisingly not sore at all from the work out the previous night. After i got out of bed i put EmpQ on for like 4 loops, felt the energy surging through me while i listened and did things around my apartment. I feel powerful when the energy surges through me and makes me feel powerful. It was an ugly day weather wise, worked at my dad’s house doing yard work for some extra money so that was nice but the weather kinda killed it. After work me and my gf went to the beach around 5pm, the beach is like 40 mins from my place and had a good time while i ran her dog around the beach. Had to stop and get an energy drink on the way because i felt like a zombie after about 4pm est. Once we got back home around almost 8pm she went home and i hit the gym for 30 mins to get quick workout in. I went pretty hard at the gym for that 30 mins then went home made a protein shake and ate dinner. Played empQ while i slept that night for 5 hours.

Had a dream that night about starting a business with some co workers and my dad, that’s all i really remember from the dream sadly. The whole daylight savings crap really messed with my sleep and waking up. I woke up thinking it was 5am lol it was 6 damn clock.
Sunday was definitely not my day lol. Woke up feeling unmotivated to do much of anything. Wasn’t sore at all which was a relief. I have noticed i’ve become more fit since i started hitting the gym wednesday and maybe that has something to do with empQ.As the morning progressed i got off my ass and did some stuff around my apartment and with my dog. Took sunday off from the gym, was going to go but decided to let my body rest and i was exhausted all day.
Went to sleep with EmpQ on probably listened to 6 loops. Woke up monday morning and again felt unmotivated didn’t want to get out of bed and still think it was the daylight savings that made my sleep go to crap. I don’t remember having any dreams that night, and i decided it was best to take the day off from EmpQ to see if any reconciliation or anything manifested. I was surprisingly motivated all day at work, felt confident, was driven to complete things in a timely manner. It was a good day but once it hit afternoon my energy like died out towards 3pm i started to feel very tired. Took a nap when I got home, wanted to workout but had no energy for it but it’s probably good to rest up a bit more before working out another 4-5 days straight. After my nap i had a productive night of being full of energy, focused, driven, i felt like a new man. Ended up working till about 1 am after making dinner and walking my dog. I tried to put EmpQ masked on last night while i slept but when i woke up this morning my speaker was shut off, it was very strange. I couldn’t get to sleep had lots of trouble, mind was racing like crazy. But when i woke up i felt totally refreshed and ready for the day. Today i feel pretty good, driven, i feel the energy surging through me. Probably going to listen to EmpQ at work for 4-5 loops then hopefully again when i go to sleep.


During the past week and a half of using EmpQ i have been feeling much more relaxed. In the past i have been very stressed a lot but lately i have had this attitude of if i want it I will do what it takes to get it but with acceptance not stressing over it. So that is certainly a nice positive change.
I would say since i started EmpQ that these are the quickest results I’ve felt from any subs I have listened to. I am guessing the new tech and and upgraded script has something to do with that. I have also felt more of a push or guidance to take action than other subs even Khan total action.
Did you guys make that stronger in this script? @SaintSovereign
I have noticed that i want to socialize more then the previous emperor script but truthfully i have always been an outgoing social butterfly which this script probably just enhances even more.


So lost track of the past few days. But a few things i have noticed

  • I seem to take less bs from people or want to atleast
  • People seem to be looking my way a lot more than usual
  • My taste in clothing isn’t any better but maybe it is fine to me lol
  • Things between my gf are crazy up and down swings, it’s like the volatility of the markets at the moment
  • I start to get agitated when people constantly bring up the past and things that i have done wrong, like my gf has done this week to an annoying level
  • I have felt more motivated this week and way more confident then i was before
  • I haven’t been sleeping long but my sleep has been rich and deep, i think i have been getting 4-6 hours a night
  • This week for the most part i have woken up feeling refreshed like a new person even with only 4 hours of sleep, i started telling myself that 4 hours of sleep to me is 8 hours of sleep, kind of like an affirmation thing so maybe my body will accept it lol
  • I have been a lot more social since i have started EmpQ then on other subs, i know i said i can be a social butterfly but the past few years haven’t been that case
  • I have started to think a lot more about the future with money and businesses, have started thinking more about how i can make more money
  • I have gotten a lot more fit in the past few weeks then i have been in a long time in such a short time, also still no soreness no matter how hard i push it, i mean like i would be crazy sore the next day or even after the workout if i worked out then like i do now.
  • My eating habits have gotten better but i still crave sugar but that could be stress from my relationship
  • I have also thought of starting intermittent fasting up or keto or one of the good diets they have out there

More to come

Oh and the dreams have been crazy but i can’t seem to remember them but if i do ill add them later


I have listened to EmpQ everyday and night for about 10 hours. It is usually 3-4 hours at work and the rest at home before bed or during sleep.


So the last time i updated this was last saturday, and oh boy has a lot happened since then. Me and my gf took a break then spend our break fighting and arguing then broke up totally bc she wanted to casually date then back to being together todayish.

I have been listening to EmpQ less this week maybe 5 hours each night not during the day this week. I have noticed my attitude this week has been really upbeat and positive even with the drama and stress with my gf. I have had some dreams this week and i have noticed life has become a little easier for me since starting EmpQ. I seem to be getting more fit this week and have the energy almost everyday to work out and actually enjoy it a lot more now then i used too. I have noticed that my subconscious has been pushing me to learn more exercises and diversify them so i don’t get used to just a few. My eating has also changed a bit to become better and make better decisions.
This week i have noticed for the most part i have been able to shake stress off like it was nothing and also have had more energy then usual even after only sleeping 5-6 hours a night. I have been more focused at work and still thinking about life way more.