[SOLO] EmperorQ Test&Feels


Started emperorQ a little after it came out, was really curious to know about how a “dense” subliminal would feel like.

At the beginning I was running it in a stack, Emperor V4 isn’t great for my sales skills, it gets me way to formal and direct. Sales needs more polishing, mixing emotions with logic. So the first day I ran it in conjunction with S&S with Social King (only during the day). And EmperorQ during the night.

First day I noticed an uplifted mood, better than E4, and the next day I completely forgot to start my daytime stack, my sales skills didn’t decreased, they stayed pretty much the same because of the energy and enthousiasm I had when talking about investments!

Yesterday I realised a lot of things in my life… it hit me so hard. I had had a buildup of emotions and thoughts leading up to this discoveries, accepting that I am a vulnerable human being with emotions… for years I never celebrated my BDay because I didn’t cared, but truth is, I didn’t gave me enough importance… didn’t gave enough importance to what I want in life! (this is only one of many things that hit me yesterday… I am the one who decide what is important)

I think I’ve had a huge buildup of thoughts and events in the past two months that led to this hitting me this hard yesterday, but I am sure EmperorQ really did gave me the courage to face this truth.

So far, this is what I noticed :

  • Courage to face the truth.
  • More energy
  • Positive outlook on the future.
  • I give myself more importance.

It’s still early to see everything, but I definitly see a difference from E4 in terms of mood and emotionnal contact. I plan on running emperorQ alone for more days to notice the difference in how I feel and allow myself to really feel the sub!


Excellent results, @WhiteTiger


@WhiteTiger, how to get EmperorQ, i m so confused, while everyone is posting about it.

BTW, great results.

@raphael, enlighten if you have any idea.


@MavericKobra - am on the waitlist too. Applying for it is not a guarantee that we will get it. Fingers crossed here.


Where to apply it?


@MavericKobra - just DM SaintSovereign with your email address asking that you want to apply to test-run EmperorQ. You will get a reply whether you got it or not. Got to be patient though since I have been waiting for 2 days.


Thanks a ton, @raphael


Haven’t red anything at all regarding these test, I just saw the open group testing that a prototype was open hahaha, I wasn’t planning on doing this or anything since I am not usually consistent with my journaling, just wanted to try it out, but I like the vibe I get on EmperorQ so…

BUT! I was really surprised of the results I got!

Quick update: I just did all the cleaning in my appartment! Feel refreshed! Still have one or two things to do today, but I feel enough energy to do everything! :sunglasses:



Last night I decided to run EmperorQ for the full night, woke up refreshed as hell! Was positive all day long, had a smaller day at work, very efficient to do some task. My attitude changed toward my job, I feel more like I am working toward my end goal, focusing on the positive rather than the negative.

As far as my gym goes, I am still getting stronger, but not losing fat anymore… my main objective is to lean out, so I was honest enough with myself to realise that I am walking a lot less than in january and am probably eating a little bit too much to lose fat…

Still feel confident to rise up to the challenge, my down thoughts completely disapeared! I really feel liberated from these thoughts which is amazing! EmerorQ really gives me a strong optimism toward my life which is really cool.

EDIT: One of the big thing that changed is the way I compare myself to others, I just don’t. I have a way better control on according value to what I am doing. Last week I was comparing myself to other people constantly… valuing what they were doing and feeling like a loser for not having a super “cool” and “active” life… so what, I am building something, I don’t need to be traveling for months at a time! I like spending time outside to walk and talk with some friends, which is pretty cool :sunglasses:


Awsome, @WhiteTiger! Great to see you’re having such amazing results so fast. :slight_smile:

Did you notice any alterations in your hunger when using EmperorQ?


I would say I have less hunger? Honestly it’s hard to say since I only have been on it for 4 days, but I know that saturday and yesterday I only ate 1600 kcal… And wasn’t hungry afterward. Which is not a lot hahaha


I’m so freakin hungry, lol! Do you notice this as well, @Tarmicle?


Curious. I happen to have the opposite feeling!

I did! I feel hungrier than usual.

Interestingly enough, I’m not attracted to unhealthy food, but to meat. Yeah, I’d have a steak anytime! :rofl:


Can’t be coincidence. Emperor Fitness wants us to increase body fat? Who knows, lol. :smiley:


I feel same
Lot less hungry


But I feel and accept my empty stomach :wink:

I want to cut even more my calories.

Interesting thing, I seem to have less sellijg skills this week maybe it is because I stopped S&S+Social King… I will see how it goes this week.


I haven’t read the journals regarding emperorQ, I want to make myself as unbiased as possible. I only peaked a little bit on the first day, but now I am 100% disciplined on not looking!

  • Seems my ability be conscious about my emotions is becoming stronger, I see my negative thoughts and try to correct them as much as I can.

  • I am getting more frustrated toward my job, wanting more NOW.

  • My gym is on fire, I train hard every workout.

  • There is a guy who tryed to sell me some of his CD’s, I just waved him.

  • People seem to respect me more, they don’t talk to me much, or I would say a lot less… except some of my female coworker :wink:

  • I was super tired today, but I was really bang on at work, I went to walk at dinner time to lose more calories.

-Ate at a restaurent with my family yesterday, I felt SO grateful, I really enjoyed it, even more than before.

For now I am feeling more important, feeling like I can trust myself, feeling like I know myself more and acknowledge my weaknesses and my strength, I feel positive and grateful for being alive.


Had a dream last night about a client I like being so mad at me and so disapointed, I did something he didn’t wanted me to do…!

Makes me feel like when I was younger and my mom was SOO mad and SOO pissed off at me when I did something minor that didn’t really do anything bad… but because of all this overreaction, I became passive. Scared to displease other people and have explosive reaction from everybody…

Truth is, only a couple of people are explosive like that… they get super mad in a second for almost nothing… and then they calm down. I don’t want people like that in my life.

EmperorQ makes me much more direct in my approach to people.


I do feel it myself. I can even consciously feel the negative emotions no matter how hard they hit me. I was so ignorant about them before.

I do feel you there, the thought of more is overpowering all of my other thoughts, but I don’t get frustrated over it. It’s like it’s all getting stored in somewhere like a fuel which I’ll use to actually make it happen.


I really like the fact you want to avoid any influence and give EmperorQ your most unbiased evaluation! Good thinking.

I’m also experiencing this. I’m curious @WhiteTiger , what do you mean by more? More in a sense of a promotion (more income and responsabilities) or more in a sense of doing your own entrepreneurial projects?

Looking forward to your progress :slight_smile: