[SOLO] Emperor Goes A Capella


All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

I was considering calling this journal YAEQJ (I’ll give you three guesses) but opted for this one as I have a theory there may be multiple voice tracks in this title.

For those familiar with my other journal, I was running a beast of a stack (Khan ST4/EoG ST4/Alchemist ST3/PCC) but I felt I was ready for a temporary change. In sports they talk of muscle fatigue, where your muscular development reaches a plateau until you do something completely different to surprise them. Maybe the complete shift to EmperorQ for a while is exactly what my mind needs right now.

The main reason why I have stayed away from Emperor so far is because it has been reported to cause a temporary shift to less social behavior. I also didn’t feel quite ready to become a solopreneur.

So in running this sub, I will remind myself to remain social and to grow within my career path. Other than that, I am open to all the growth that EmperorQ can offer and intend to remain objective and observant.

I’m loading it on my MP3 player and computer and will start playing tonight. Playing at work may be a bit of an issue since every time I put the headphones on, somebody starts talking to me. But it will play as I sleep and when I’m at home. I will also stick to the masked version.

I may use a supercharger here and there, but the rest is EQ.

With that, until tomorrow!


Step through new doors. The majority of the time there’s something fantastic on the other side.
– Oprah Winfrey

Well, listened to it overnight as I slept. I am completely worn out. I would feel even better if I didn’t sleep at all, this is like I’ve been doing heavy labor all night long. I can’t remember if I ever felt like this before. Wow.

I also seem to be displaying angry body language since I started listening. Or at least determined. If you’ve ever heard about power-poses, it’s a bit like that. My jaw is tensed up, my eyes are shooting daggers and my body is broadcasting “don’t mess with me.”

But since that’s not really a natural state for me, my mood isn’t completely following suit. I ended up feeling like I just want to be left alone.

Every time I relax my body language, I catch myself back in that state half hour later.


You never know what you can do until you try, and very few try unless they have to.
– C. S. Lewis

Feeling a lot better today. Bit tired, but doing well. I’ll start running it more at work. Feeling… determined?

Nothing significant to report otherwise.


This is actually so SO true.

Even in change-work, people only get enough leverage to truly change and do what is necessary to succeed when the pain gets strong enough that they can’t take it anymore. When they “have to”.

People don’t improve much when things are going well and feeling happy. Sadly.


I’m always doing things I can’t do. That’s how I get to do them.
– Pablo Picasso

I can count the number of hours I slept last night on one hand. And yet I worked for almost 10 hours straight (with a high degree of focus), during which I climbed the stairs for 42 floors and did almost 14000 steps. I only had one cup of coffee.

Of course the risk is that I’m too alert to go to bed on time and the cycle will repeat until I sleep through most of the weekend. Either way, don’t have much time for other stuff tonight. It’s midnight already, I have to be up soon enough.

I managed to listen for about 8 loops during work, a few while I slept and 2-3 more over the next few hours before posting this.


“Go and get your things,” he said. “Dreams mean work”
– Paulo Coelho, By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept

I had some days on Emperor v4 where I couldn’t sleep well.
It turned out to be a temporary condition that went away after 4-5 days.
But to help it along, I stopped all subs during that time around 2h before bedtime.
Could this be a practical workaround for you?


There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.
– Paulo Coelho

Thanks for the tip. My problem with sleeping is wanting to cram 36 hours of stuff into a 24 hour day. And after losing 10 hours to the new job I can’t seem to find the time to sleep properly. Must have slept 3-5 hours for the past 3 days. Tonight is no different.

Today was weird. I got a bit frustrated when writing a mail and my boss told me exactly how I could have handled that better. Never had that before. Didn’t feel very good, being confronted with my own flaws. Obviously it’s a valuable lesson.

Other than that, I continue to feel energized, taller somehow. Not actually taller, it’s more my posture that’s improved, giving the feeling of being taller. I know this sounds weird, but I sometimes feel like I want to keep moving. Not just that, but actually moving forward. Like I want to push through whatever (or whomever) is in the way, as long as I can keep going in a forward direction.

Don’t remember any dreams, but I probably haven’t slept enough to dream well, so my body instead uses what little time I have to go too deep for proper dreams. Not to mention with 2-3 sleep cycles I’d have no more than 30 minutes of dream-time.


Is it necessary to start with a quote here?
- Victor

Anyways, I’m breaking the fashion here :slight_smile:

Just physically moving forward or you’re getting the drive to move forward. If you’re getting what I’m saying.


Emperor is the ruler of his own reality. The man who would stop at nothing but becoming the pure excellence, which is his birthright. He won’t be phased out by anything out of himself. And he WILL create the reality he wants.

All hail the Emperor inside of yourselves!
– Victor

I like the idea of doing something different with my journals. The first one had off-topic stuff, but I don’t have enough fun facts for daily posts. So with this one I do thematic quotes. Since this is a test of a revolutionary new product, the theme is “new things.” Unless someone throws in a quote by somebody, then I will try to find something else of theirs to quote. I guess I got lucky this time, found a good one.

I have a bunch of self-imposed rules for the Music Thread as well.

And yes, actually physically moving forward. I can be standing behind two people and I get the urge to gently move them aside and pass through. But sure, the drive to keep doing things is also there. Don’t have to be new things, anything will do.

Today was a good day. Things went my way for most of the day at work, so it’s a good start of the weekend.

EQ continues to make me feel energized. It makes it easy to stay up late and to stay awake during the day. But something has got to give. I started the week with no coffee and ended with two. For me, that’s two more than I usually need.

The new Phoenix Point expansion just came out and I really wish I had time to play. :slight_smile:

I did about 6 loops during work and maybe the same before day’s end (I write this during the day and post before going to bed). I would have thought it was more, only had a few breaks.


Since starting EQ @DarkPhilosopher, your focus and intention while writing is much more focused and said with true meaning.

I’d like to let you know it comes across. It’s refreshing to read :slight_smile:


At first people refuse to believe that a strange new thing can be done, then they begin to hope it can be done, then they see it can be done – then it is done and all the world wonders why it was not done centuries ago.
– Frances Hodgson Burnett

Thanks, subguy! Even though I can interpret it as how annoying my older posts are. :wink:

Maybe it is EQ. I’ve been getting more short and to the point in other areas of my life as well.

Even though I slept for an average of 3.5 hours pretty much the entire week, when I gave my subconscious permission to sleep in today, he took about 8 hours before waking me up. I continue to be impressed by what us human beings are capable of.

Still no dreams. I’m used to it, I usually only get them (or remember them) when I sleep longer than needed. I thought EQ would trigger some though.

In place of dreams, I created a “little” guided visualization in the Music Thread. Wasn’t planning on going on for hours, but I’m a natural storyteller so it took on a life of its own from the moment I closed my eyes and started visualizing.

I notice I no longer move aside for people. You know how you can be walking on the sidewalk and somebody comes at you and the two of you play chicken to find out who moves to the other part of the sidewalk? Well, it ain’t me no more.

I had a great interaction with a girl at the store. She had her nose pierced and I didn’t even hesitate before asking her if that hurt. It’s like “I’m curious, let’s go and ask.”

Who needs approach anxiety, right?

Didn’t get a whole lot done, but that’s fine. For now.


Everyone has a ‘risk muscle.’ You keep it in shape by trying new things. If you don’t, it atrophies. Make a point of using it at least once a day.
– Roger von Oech

Slept for around 5 hours, but I slept deep. My body is here typing this, but my mind is not quite there yet.

Had a dream. I remember very little. I was an FBI agent investigating a bunch of Voodoo murders in New Orleans. I had just gone undercover to speak to a man called “Mother” and get my hands on the especially potent drug that was used in the murders when I woke up.

How do you know you’ve been binge-watching Criminal Minds? :slight_smile:

Something I noticed over the past week. I’ve been eating a bit more and my body temperature is higher than usual (I’m running hot, especially at night). Probably because of the stress caused by the new job, but I’m mentioning it for future reference.

I do keep feeling like eating healthier. I think within the next few weeks I’ll be eating only healthy things.

I listened throughout most of the day. Didn’t do much, but I feel good about it nonetheless. Off to take a shower and jump into a very cozy bed.


That is very interesting indeed. I am working in a hospital right now so I am measuring my vital parameters from time to time. It seems like my heart rate is higher when I listen to EQ. My normal pulse is around 50-70 whereas I am now measuring 100-110 bpm (my health otherwise is in perfect condition). I first thought that this might be because of the new work environment but more evidence suggests that EQ could be behind that too. More investigation is needed but yeah very unusual that you report something similar @DarkPhilosopher


Guys, let’s not veer into conspiracy territory.

@DarkPhilosopher, your body is “running hot” because of the energetic / aura scripting in emperorQ. You’re eating more to produce that energy.

The increased heart rate is most likely the result of stress and anxiety of the new workplace. Your heart rate may be increasing from the anticipation of actually checking it — mine does that regularly.

Now, of course it’s fine to speculate and report, but let’s take care not to attribute everything to emperorQ. The script actually prioritizes emotional health, stress reduction and relaxation (hence the euphoric, happy feelings). I didn’t want to reveal these things, but enough people are reporting it that I now know that scripting works.


You never know what’s around the corner unless you peek. Hold someone’s hand while you do it. You will feel less scared.
– Amy Poehler

@SaintSovereign Hey! Spoilers! :wink:

You’ll notice I didn’t actually mention anything about an increased heart rate (that was friday). I’m not actively checking mine (it’s slightly higher, but that’s probably my digestion at work and the recent change of pace).

I did theorize my new job had something to do with it and that I only mentioned it for future reference. I like looking back to see when I noticed it.

You know by now that I’m a skeptic, more inclined to claim I did it all by myself than say it was the subs. But I’m jotting down the changes anyway. Call it an exercise in self-observation.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming…

My subconscious woke me up nice and early. Then my conscious kicked in and figured the bed was way too cozy to get out. For over an hour…

Although I’m still distracted more than I’d like, I’m quite focused at work and can get back into what I was doing quickly. Been writing out a server installation in PowerShell from memory. That’s fun. The good old days, when a mouse was a luxury.

I’m becoming more active also, walking up 48 flights of stairs, taking the bike to (and from) work and doing my yoga. My calves despise me.

Unfortunately I didn’t listen all too much today.


I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.
– Oscar Wilde

Looks like yesterday’s post got lost in translation… to binary.

Not much happened. The feeling of confidence/determination persists. As does the feeling of general feelin’ good about life. The latter to the annoyance of people around me, the constant whistling is starting to bug them. :slight_smile:

Right now my biggest challenge is waking up early. I’m a natural night owl, meaning I get lots of resistance from within. I’m considering going to bed right after coming home after work, waking up naturally somewhere during the night and starting then. Over time I can slowly move it later. Problem then is my social life. On the plus side, today is the first day on EQ that I’m actually tired at night.


If you didn’t have the answer somewhere within you, you wouldn’t conceive of the question.
– Bashar

Well, the lack of sleep for the past weeks finally hit me today. I had a day off and spent most of it sleeping. So about today, there’s not much to report.

As for yesterday, work is becoming easier. I’ve been playing with some new stuff and I’m absorbing the new skills at a rapid pace. I was actually surprised at how easy it is to adapt. I’m tapping into stuff I learned about ages ago.

Conversations are also easy, I can talk with complete strangers as if we’ve known each other for the longest time. Still won’t approach them cold, but if I see an opening I’m in.

Of course, the Mexican beer craze has finally hit my region as well. No more shaking hands, work from home when possible and avoid social gatherings.

Part of me is jumping at the opportunity to beat this disease in record time, strengthening my immune system while doing so. I can see myself going into a fast, meditating for days straight, then getting up like I was never sick at all.

EQ continues to give me the feeling that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be right now. No regrets at missed opportunities. Whatever happened, happened. I’m looking forward.


The saddest summary of a life contains three descriptions: could have, might have, and should have.
– Louis E. Boone

Apologies about the hiatus, not much to report over the past few days. With the enforced quarantine going on everywhere I’ve experienced a bit of a regression. I’ve kept more in touch with my friends on the phone and Net, but no new people, obviously.

I continue to do great at work, but I can now also use the extra time to work on my mental and spiritual side. There’s so many free initiatives going on everywhere right now, focused on mindfulness, yoga and meditation. I might as well join in.

Practiced some Quantum Light breathing today. Essentially Wim Hof breathing, but for 40 minutes. I don’t care how they want to phrase it, in the end it is still hyperventilating. But I can imagine it does boost both oxygen and energy. Even if it can make the average person lose consciousness…

Now if only I can overcome my cravings and go into a nice fast. Having to stay at home without groceries, there’s no time like the present. I doubt the quarantine will be lifted for at least another two weeks. Could even do a strict dry fast, although that might be tricky if I do need to go outside for whatever reason.

Anyways, I feel like I can take on whatever comes my way. Perhaps it’s a bit overconfident, but it beats the alternative.


Life is worthwhile if you try. It doesn’t mean you can do everything but there are a lot of things you can do, if you just try.
– Jim Rohn

I’ve been at odds with my upstairs neighbor pretty much since he moved in. Either I make too much noise or he’s doing yet another renovation at the strangest hours of the day. And now he’s just sold his house. Since I’m chairman of the Home Owner’s Association, we’ve been communicating a lot. My guess is the way in which I’ve been communicating has improved, since today he offered to get me groceries since he was going to the store.

With the quarantine I’ve been sleeping in a little. Meaning I get more sleep again. And waking up later. But once I get started, I feel like one of those trains bashing through the snow, stopping for nothing. Possibly that’s normal for me whenever there are no distractions. Either way, I wish working from home was always an option.

I don’t know if Limitless is still in this one, but I’ve been happily scripting everything lately. Even things that used to be too hard now seem obvious, like I knew how to all along. I mean obviously I knew, I just didn’t connect the right dots before.

You know what I just considered? For the socially challenged people of the world, Corona is leveling the playing field. Now everybody is staying in going stir crazy. :slight_smile:


Epictetus said there are things in your life that you’re in control of, and then there are things in your life that you’re not in control of. If you stop trying to control or change things that are not under your control anyway, you will remove a whole load of pointless frustration and anxiety from your life.

He added to that, there are only two things that you are in control of. Your thoughts and your actions. Everything else - what other people do, what they think, what they think of you, how they behave - you can’t control any of that, anyway.

If you stop trying to fix it or change it in some way, if you just decide anything on that side is fine and let it go, nothing bad happens. You feel better. You feel happier. You feel relief.
– Derren Brown, "Miracle"

Bit of a large and odd quote today. Thing is, few people can teach you as well how your mind works and how to use it for self-development as mentalists can. And Derren Brown is one of the ones that often tells people exactly how he did it so they know how their mind allowed itself to be manipulated.

In this show, Miracle, which you can find on Netflix, he states the above. He also teaches a woman to eat glass from a broken lightbulb, then gives the other shards to her so the next time she feels she can’t do something, all she has to do is look at those shards and remember she ate glass.

He then goes on to do some faith healing to prove how powerful our mind is if we just change the story from negative to positive.

If you’ve got the time, watch it. Learn something.

Anyways, back to the journal.

I’ve added Aegis NOVID on top of EQ. It’s a bit louder than EQ, so every time it comes up I go from heavy rainfall outside to sitting in a canoe rushing down a wild river.

I feel like it has an effect, like something changed, but I have no clue what.

For the past few days, I got really motivated to do a bit of spring cleaning, my home office now is a lot more spacious. A decluttered office is a decluttered mind. We’ll see if it helps when I get back to work.

I’ve also contacted some people I haven’t spoken to in a while. My old neighbor, to ask about his health and that of his family. My ex-stepmom, she’s definitely in the risk-group. And I’ve been joking around with people at stores everywhere. They are all behind glass plates now, so why not make fun of it, using sign language, asking about life in the aquarium, trying to pay from a distance.

All in all, I feel good. I’m having fun. Chin up, chest forward, a smile on my face. Seeing children play outside on the playground makes me feel like things are slowly returning back to normal. Not too fast though, I really, really like working from home.