Sinusoid's Spiritual Journey - Alchemist + Primal (Qv2)

I have been on the Dragon Reborn journey now for 4 months. I’ve done 2 months of Stage 1 and 2 months of Stage 2. I start Dragon Stage 3 today.

I believe Dragon led me here: I want to work on my spiritual and energetic development. Specifically, I believe my issues are centered in my Root Chakra. So I created a new custom that I call Spiritual Journey, which will cover spirituality broadly, yet have a sub-focus on the Root Chakra. This will be my 7th custom, which is interesting because there are 7 Chakras and 7 Hermetic Laws.

With the help of @Fire, @Azriel, @Voytek, @emperor_obewan, @Dragonrider, @Malkuth, @Myster, @Grasping_infinity, @Yazooneh, and @AlexSQ, and others, I have put together a custom which will launch my Spiritual Journey. Here are my goals:

  • Discover a spiritual path that is congruent to me (my place in the world, what I really want, etc.)
  • Provide broad Chakra healing, balance, and energy
  • Sub-Focus on the Root Chakra (grounding, belonging, safety, emotional and financial stability)
  • Learn and discover new places, people, and things in the spiritual realm
  • Open pathways to manifestation (wealth, love interest, best place to live, etc.)
  • Experience Sub Club auras in a more profound way
  • Read the Kybalion (I already ordered and received it)
  • Practice yoga

Here is the custom which I call Spiritual Journey:

Spiritual Journey

1) Alchemist Stage 1 Core: ** Will help with everything; the backbone of the custom
2) Alchemist Stage 2 Core: Will help with everything; the backbone of the custom
3) Survival Instinct Core: Safety/Security
4) Primal Core: Primal Safety; Grounding
5) Harmonic Singularity: Safety; Enhance Spiritual Practice
6) Blue Skies: Security; Unblocking/Healing
7) Energetic Development XI: Energetic Development
8) Transcendental Connection: Connectedness
9) Arcane Mystery: Enhance Spiritual Practice
10) Foundation: Grounding
11) Mind’s Eye: Enhance Spiritual Practice
12) Metamorphosis: Energetic Development; Enhance Spiritual Practice
13) Chosen of Venus: Connectedness
14) Inner Gasoline Energetic Development
15) The Flow Connectedness
16) Negative Energy Transmutation Safety; Energy; Spiritual Practice
17) Limit Destroyer: Security; Spiritual Practice
18) Pride Unbroken Inner Security; Connectedness
19) ARES: Inner Security; Spiritual Practice
20) Virtue Series: Temperance: Inner Security; Spiritual Practice

This will be my daily listening routine:

Morning Playlist: Love Bomb Ultima and Beyond Limitless Ultima
Afternoon Playlist: Emperor Qv2 (2 loops)
Nighttime Playlist: Spiritual Journey custom and Dragon Reborn: Stage 3 (Dragon Flight)


Hipe this sub helps you out with your goals.
You plan on changing the alchemist to st 3 or 4 later down?

Thank you. We’ll see. I am open to see where the journey takes me.


Hi Sinusoid

Looks like a heavy stack you are running.

Why not test your custom for 1 - 2 weeks solo and then integrate the rest piece by piece.

Its a great custom you build there.

AL the Best to you


I understand the thought @Dragonrider. I have build solid momentum with Dragon, so I will keep that going. I love Emperor too much to give it up. And the Ultimas are fantastic for setting the tone for my work day. I also think that with conscious direction, I can make the subs work synergistically towards my goals.

And thank you for the compliment on the custom.


That is such a lovely custom I might just copy it 1:1 at some point haha

I was thinking of running Alchemist soon(ish after Khan) and then at some point a truly spiritual custom.
This looks fantastic. Looking forward to this custom.

I am currently reading the Kybalion. “Fantastically crazy” only scratches the surface of a wonderful book.

(Now I am gonna check out your other journals!)


By the way, I also think this is why the number 7 is so soothing to many people.

It’s even in marketing, people are more likely to buy a product for $47 than $49.99 or $50.
$147, $7 over $10 etc.

“On a scale from 1 to 10” most people choose 7. It is a high number, but not on the “perfect” side towards 10.

Or maybe it’s just me but there was always something about that number that pulled me.


Thanks @AlexSQ. I worked really hard to put this together and for the most part went with my intuition.

Funny thing, growing up 6 was and still is my favorite number. I never liked the number 7.

But…now I do. LOL


Awesome custom

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Thank you @friday.

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Don’t worry. We caught that.


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Cheers to you :wink:

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I can feel my energy growing already. My subs seems to be very complementary. I can feel power from inside. I am feeling more independent in my thinking, not tethered to any political party or conventional viewpoint. I started the Kybalion.


Hey @Sinusoid

How’s it going?
Really curious about this custom! What can you report?

I was thinking of designing a list of subs that work the chakras from bottom upwards, but apparently it’s better to have them all balanced as opposed to starting with the root and ending a year later with the crown?

Hi @AlexSQ. Sorry for the delayed response. I solicited a lot of help building this. I used this thread to solicit advice. You can go through it and maybe it will answer your questions. So far so good. The custom is rooted in Alchemist, so I get broad coverage. It has Primal and Survival Instinct for the Root Chakra.

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