Since you all won't show yourselves


How old is everyone? I will be 53 in July. Don’t let my luscious looks fool you

Show yourselves!

45.440793976728268 as of this post


Well, I’m 18 myself, ready to start properly my sub journey with the right stuff


40 this Saturday


Weren’t we talking about that the other day? I actually forgot what day it was.


I wrote about it in some other threads, because they were worried about slow results. Gave them an example that it’s not too late, especially for the under 30 guys.


60 on the 20th.



@realbillperry You look so excited


Im 45 since october!


I have a resting Eeyore face most times. This was a stretch for me.


27, here. Post must be ten characters, well fuck.


Yeah I get annoyed with that myself


“Same,” said @realbillperry


31, 32 in April.


32, 33 in March
33 is the ‘Jesus’ year. I hope to cause my own salvation then :rofl::sunglasses:


Yes My Son you may


You’ve passed the “Bruce Lee” (32) year - Alexander the Great also died at 32 - and the “Rock Star” (27) years.


I’m disappointed most didn’t show themselves :sweat_smile:

Anyway, I’m 28 but I refuse to believe that. I feel like I’m 18 :slight_smile:


And you look like you’re 19