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Just started my first Custom with Ultimate Writer in it. Decided to begin a Journal as well, cause “hey, another avenue for writing practice!” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

As of now, I’m calling it a Wealth Skills Custom. It has 4 Cores, 15 Skill Modules, and Mosaic.
No additional Healing or Manifestation scripting outside of whatever is built into the Cores.

01 Ecstasy of Gold ST4 Core
02 Ascended Mogul Core
03 Wanted Core
04 RICH Ultima Core
20 Mosaic

Copywriting & Social Media
05 Ultimate Writer
06 Sacred Words
07 The Spotlight

Sales & Meetings
08 True Sell
09 Instant Business Tactician
10 Dragon Tongue
11 Voice Master

Strategic Thinking & Planning
12 Wisdom Personified
13 The Way of ROI
14 The Lines
15 Mastermind

16 Organization Perfected
17 Furious Ascent
18 Carpe Diem Ascended
19 Machine: Action

Goals and more coming later. :+1:t2:


I have been waiting to read a journal of Simon’s.

More excited for this journal than my own :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What reason did you add those particular cores?
Do you have experience with them in regular programs?


F I N A L L Y…

…we get a Journal from Simon. Looking forward to reading how you go about it.

Really interesting adding WANTED Core to this mix.


Am expecting a Simon’s version of “50 Shades of Grey” . :sweat_smile:

All the best for your journey :+1:

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Thank you for the warm welcome y’all.
Forum software tells me it’s already a “Nice Topic.” :smiley:

Here’s to having money chase me as much as women chase you in your journals. :clinking_glasses: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have no idea what I’ll be posting about on here. Just took the leap. :blush:

#Not_a_Khan_Journal :sweat_smile:


Standard Simon Practices applied.

  1. Planned my goals and upcoming actions.
  2. Tested stacks for ease of reconciling.
  3. Chose desired enhancements.
  4. Let go of Modules over 20 with heavy heart & smart logic. :hugs:
  5. Custom components are now ready to order.


Wanted & Voice Master are added as X-Factors … to prevent the Custom from becoming an All-Work-No-Play-Dull-Boy.

The fact that both will be useful for Sales Meetings and On Camera Presence is a bonus. :slight_smile:

I intend to have 1-2 such “almost off-topic modules” in all my Customs … to express color and personal authenticity.


Very interesting Simon ! This is your first custom, right?

What is the difference between mastermind and the lines?

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All the best to your Journey

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Yes. My name wasn’t secretly embedded into an audio ever before. :grin:

Mastermind = Planning FROM End TO Beginning/Now
Googleable Jargon: Strategy, Project Planning, Managerial Thinking, Work Breakdown Structure, Flow Charts / Process Mapping, etc.

Lines = Imagining FROM a Specific Point/Now TO Possibilities & Consequences
Googleable Jargon: Effectual Thinking, Compound Effect, What-if-Scenarios, Second Order Effects, Exponential Thinking, etc.

Edit 1:

Simplifying a bit…

The job of Mastermind is to help you elicit the details for your plans so you have complete clarity & confidence in your actions.

The job of The Lines is to help you see which actions/directions/plans are better than others, which ones are likely to lead you into dead-ends, and which ones have secret bonanza possibilities that may completely transform your life for the better.


Edit 2:

The above are my interpretations of the modules. Reading the descriptions, I see that both imply planning & efficiency, but the difference is not as clear as my points make it seem. :sweat_smile:


First subs are special :heart:

Sounds like a good explanation to me though


Modules I have already begun experiencing in the first 12 hours:

Organization Perfected + Carpe Diem Ascended
I randomly did several little home organization tasks of 2-10 minutes each, ignoring the procrastination-rationalizations that my mind automatically generates. Smiled after completion of each, nothing overly ecstatic, but more satisfaction than I would have for checking off a To Do Task. Possibly, because I was surprised as well. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Machine: Action
Didn’t do a single distraction activity today. At All. Whatever I started, I just went on and on, until I absolutely HAD to stop for something else – like a meeting, lunch, etc. :innocent:
Also, did not get emotionally affected when I had any interruptions. Simply handled them, and back to the task at hand.

May have contributed to me receiving a pending payment today. :+1:t2:

Furious Ascent / Way of ROI / Lines
May have gotten me to start this journal.




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I wanted to ask……i learnedCopywriting an also in medical school…which Stack do you recommend I run…

  1. To take action for my Copywriting write my first Medical examination

In the future please open a support ticket or open an individual post asking for advice. Some users dislike when their journal is derailed.

As far as your question i would recommend Executive. Several users have reported extreme productivity running it. Good luck! :blush:

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Either one from the Limitless family, whichever works best for you
– Limitless, Beyond Limitless, Limitless Executive, Quantum Limitless. :+1:t2:

Some users will dislike if my journal is derailed. :sweat_smile: :innocent:


That’s precisely why i posted, last thing i wanted was for the whole forum to start attacking him :sweat_smile:




Day 2, the rest day, was pretty ordinary action-wise.

The thinking session was short. I saw effects of each of the 4 thinking modules, yet it could easily be me semi-consciously using those frameworks. (Ti)

A major undesirable effect for now is an inability to fully rest. On both days, I have been unable to nap in the noon, while the night sleep was less than 6 hours.

I expect this to improve as days progress. :+1:t2:

The weekend is scheduled for some intensive milestones + actions planning.
… Maybe … also to rewrite the salespage descriptions into personal goals. It’s optional.

Basically, the Instructions and the Conscious Reconciliation processes.

I anticipate the plans to be quite fluid for the first 2 weeks, as it seems to take that long for the larger Qv2 subs to be fully received by our brains. :sweat_smile:


great journal so far, both for the personal process and the relation to the modules in use

Unless I missed it, you didn’t add machine rest :upside_down_face: you need an off button
Guilt free quality downtime makes for ready to rev up time

I’m sure it will level out just fine on it’s own though :slight_smile: