Should I buy quantum limitless?

I’m a student, and what’s bothering me lately is the pressure on me of all the subjects including an infamous exam that’s held every year inside of my country so in basic terms
what should I get that’s affordable for me that could help me organize my thought pattern and help me a lot?

Pair QL with Beyond Limitless Ultima.

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How far away is the exam? QL takes a while to really build up the intelligence effects, especially since stage 1 is focused more on healing (preparing your brain to become very powerful). Limitless is a shorter and more direct path, however, it is not as potent.

Beyond Limitless Ultima is a special state-shifter type sub (you may think of it as a special “booster” of sorts, though it is possible to run by itself) that will power up your brain for a bit.

Quantum Limitless Lite:
Long story short — we took the core scripting of Quantum Limitless (the world’s most powerful learning and productivity subliminal audio) and incorporated it into Emperor

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27 days and it takes a long period of studying do I jump straight to ST4 or ST3 if I buy

or save my money and buy beyond limitless or both?

If you are looking for quicker results, I’d go with Limitless Q and Ascended Mogul Q as a stack.
That stack has given my best results thus far for quicker productivity and learning.

It took me from knowing nothing at all about app development to having a working prototype on my iPhone in 6 days. A lot of that was having to learn a lot and “taking action” in the form of trying out code and finding out what had it working vs when it wasn’t working. It’s a great combination in my opinion.

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I’m interested into memory enhancement, productivity, speed learning and mainly stuff related to higher cognitive thinking (edit): how many loops for each

If your exam is in 20+ days, go with Limitless, AM and BLU. 1-2 loops of BLU per day is fine preferably an hour or 2 before studying. 2-3 loops each of Limitless and AM per day for 5 days. During your “rest days” you can still use BLU only if you have a study session.

I would recommend Limitless + BLU given that time horizon.