Self Help Mania (Reprogramming AID)


I will regularly upload videos from this program (Dominance Certification Program) to help my SubClub family, especially new users of khan, against rushing through the stages of Khan.

There is no advertising of any other company or any product.
It is being done with the sole intent of helping my subclub family, especially people who are startng out Khan.


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What is coming up (from program descrption)

Advanced Status
You didn’t really think I taught you everything about Status in my book and videos did you? There’s a comprehensive higher level to Status that even celebrities don’t know about. You’re going to have more power than you know what to do with.

Guys spend a fortune and hundreds of hours chasing after girls and deals. So how do I and my clients have these ridiculously easy lifestyles where the hottest girls and deals come to us every week on auto-pilot? You’re going to discover my secret methodology here in painstaking detail and how to get on our level in 1 week.

This is the ONLY program in the world where you will find these persuasion formulas and strategies. Typically Fortune 500 companies investment up to $50,000 for one afternoon of this type of training. You’re getting it all for a lifetime at a fraction of the investment.

Own the room. Exude animal magnetism. Win awards. A favorite of my Hollywood clientele. I created a $697 training on just Charisma in 2015. This is head-and-shoulers above that, you’ll love this

The single greatest personal development discovery I’ve ever made. You will never find this taught, explained or trained the way we’ll do it here. With this, you will be bulletproof. From worry. From anxiety. From nervousness. We’re talking true bliss, nirvana, ecstasy, whatever you want to call it. People spend their whole lives looking for this but most never find it. It’s yours here.

Communication Mastery
The one skill billionaire Warren Buffett calls “the most valuable on the planet”. You’re going to learn all my secrets for having amazing relationships, getting investors to fund your dreams and reading other people’s minds so you know what they’re thinking before they do.


thanks a lot …bro…


What are your major Domains in Life?


gayson crapital is my favorite online telemarketer


I hope that’s not the answer to your major domain :see_no_evil:


Thanks alot.
Stay safe and keep using your time wisely


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: no it aint :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

What do you mean by major domain?


Which course is this from?


" Dominance "


Go through the video, you’ll find the concept! it’s actually helpful. So far, It’s been better than his other bullshit.


He has multiple courses named “Dominance”, can you name which one it is?


This is “Dominance Certification Program”


@mecharc - Cool idea.

For those who don’t know, his book Higher Status is also pretty neat.


That is what got me introduced to him!
but then he started rehashing his book into different video programs!

however, this one feels different from them. He has so far seemingly moved away form he former pick up persona.


Day 2


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Those without a pro pic, sorry, your name does not appear in the list (please leave a comment if interested to go along this journey, and I’ll tag you for the daily reminder too))


Great stuff, I’ve been looking for content while I go through Khan ST2!


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