Seductress' Journey

Hey all subliminal club family! Seductress is my first subliminal. I got it 3 night’s back.
So today is day 4 of my subliminal journey. I listen to the masked version with head phones the whole night and whenever possible during the day. I actually do not see anything as of yet.

  1. My skin isnt getting any healthier on its own. I do take more care of it though. But i started with that a few days before i even bought seductress. Infact I was playing in the beach and i got rashes. and my skin started looking very burnt and dull.
  2. I am taking better care of my hair but again even that started before I even bought seductress.
  3. A guy came and spoke to me in the airport. That has not happened to me before. I am getting stared at alot… i guess more than i did before. But i am still not sure.
  4. I kinda spoke to a foreign national very nonchalantly today. I am never really able to speak with them cuz i get nervous that i woundnt be able to get my point across.
  5. There was an aggression in me. I was flipping out at my partner and whoever was trying to undermine me. I was feeling like a lioness not to be messed with. I have kind of become a little rude and not caring about people. I was earlier a goody bag not confident enough to speak for herself.
  6. I was taking action and being more confident about everything that I do. I am not easily swayed by people.

I will keep playing it continuously for this month and see where it leads me.


I stopped listening to it after 4 days because i was in vacation and i couldn’t always have my headphones in my ear or expose my fellow travellers to the subs.
But I am back now and I will try to listen to it as much as possible all throughout the day.

So today is my Day 1 again.
I am feeling nauseated partly because of the subs and partly because of lack of sleep.


Yes! More female journals!

What made you go for Seductress, @Wild? And since you displayed aggression what do you think about the aims of Ascension for Women?


Welcome and don’t worry too much about the flipping out part, you’ll calibrate and eventually adjust to express your new found assertiveness in a more graceful manner. Just keep in mind the actual message you want to get across as opposed to just expressing anger and you’ll be fine.


I am an Indian. I am 22 years old and a high school drop out. I ran away from home at the age of 19 because the toxic environment at home was making me suicidal and negative about life and i knew that there is more to life than that. I was shit scared running away. I didnt know if i am going to have a place to sleep or food to eat. But i wanted to give life a chance before ending it. I got caught and I struggled with family, law and society for 2 years. My family was even willing to declare me mentally unfit so that they could still keep me. But with the help of a loving friend and my sister I won it all and got my independence. Then i struggled with depression and frail health. Now i am finally free and ready to take life on with whatever i’ve got!
Now i want to have my own cosmetics business. I want to have a certain charm about me and also get a good Sugar dad to invest in my business. Not interested in boys or love cuz its all mostly hoax.
So my goal with Seductress is to make my SDs fall head over heals for me. I hope i am successful in that. My life kinda depends on it right now. I need to be the Ultimate Seductress!


Wow, you’re very determined to make it in life! Damn girl!

When enough time has passed, when you see obvious results, do pick up either Ascension for Women or (when it comes out) Monarch for the money and respect aspects.

I’ll leave you with someone who was also told she couldn’t make it at a young age. Her determination is brilliant:


No need to wait for money subs.
Depending on affordability, @Wild can use Mogul or EOG right away.

Inner Circle can be used to attract both Mentor-Daddies & Money-Daddies, while
Power Can Corrupt can add to Charisma & successful Manipulations (ahem: People Management).

If the anger or depression persists, there’s Regeneration.

At SubClub, women actually have a lot of choice.
The impression that most products are for men, is mostly an illusion now.


I am now confused. Then what am I doing with seductress? If power can corrupt is for “People Management” and charisma and inner circle for Mentors then what does seductress offer?

What results can I expect from Seductress that makes it stand out from other subliminals?


@Wild - my opinion is to stick with The Seductress. It is more general purpose and has all the charisma and people skills that a woman might need. And more affirmations that are very woman centric especially with regard to her physical looks.

Inner Circle and Power Can Corrupt are great products but they are very specialized as you noted.

Better to program the subconscious with The Seductress relentlessly. Later, after playing Seductress for a couple of months, if you still want to add even more power to your self, then you can add PCC and IC one by one to your Seductress playlist.


@Lion is right.

Seductress is the best main sub for your goal, and the best all purpose product for women.
My post was more of a comment/response to @Michel’s suggestion of picking up Monarch when it’s released.

The desire to add more products to the playlist is normal for people who newly discover the site, and find their first purchase working. But its best not to stray when starting.

Note: PCC & IC are great, but they’re actually designed to work with a main program.
You may add them to Seductress one day, but they do not replace it.


Thank you everyone for replying. Yesterday was my 3rd day of listening to it. I played the ultrasonic version in the background almost the whole day as i went about my day playing games and resting.

  1. I cannot find any difference in my looks or body yet.
  2. I am having bad dreams. Today was the 2nd consecutive day I had dreams about killing. I have to admit that today’s one was more intense than yesterday’s. Today my dream made me pant in real life. And i woke up very sad and scared.
    ( I have had intense bad dreams before about running and getting caught that make me weep when i wake up but that was before i was struggling with my family and law for my freedom.) These dreams are very different. I am shocked at how my brain is weaving these stories up! These are nothing related to anything i have faced in real life.
  3. No special difference in my life yet.
  4. Yesterday my waist and abdomen were hurting. (IDK if it is from the subs yet but I haven’t ruled out the possibility yet.)

@wild - dreams are a good thing when running subliminals. It means your subconscious is sorting things out and also healing.

And am pretty sure that if your waist and abdomen is paining, it means that the physical part of The Seductress is kicking in.

But don’t rule out a medical reason for the pain though. Do consult a doctor if the pain is high.


Back to Day1: Its impossible to keep my headphones on for a long time. Today my partner is going to office after his long holidays. So i can just keep on playing it on ultrasonic and just forget about it. I wish SC could make a subliminal that would not affect men even if they heard it. That way i will be able to listen to it all night long without thinking that it will sabotage my bfs brain and make him a feminine gay.
When i say day 1, it doesn’t mean that i did not play the subs at all on the other days. But i know that i did not play it enough.
I have been getting feelings like this will not work and then i come back to read some journals to reaffirm that it will work. However i am also gonna make my own subliminals and listen to them as well or maybe some subliminals from Hypnodaddy alongside with this for topics that have not been covered in this sub.

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Day 2: listened to it on loop almost the whole day. I am switching it off before sleeping.

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@Wild - it isn’t recommended by SubClub to mix subliminals from here with others due to the fact that they might not stack well. Of course, you can choose to do what you wish but do take into consideration that mixing SubClub subs with say Hypnodaddy’s might end up in not getting desired results.

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Feelings that “it won’t work” is the number one sign of reconciliation. When this occurs, logically break down the thoughts. You’re saying you’re having nightmares – which are clearly the result of the subliminal working on your fears. That means it’s ALREADY working. You just haven’t had enough exposure for the results to start spilling to the surface, especially if you have some deep seated issues.

You don’t necessarily need to listen for a ton of time – four hours a day may be enough for you to get started. A lot of people go overboard with their listening while never giving their brains time to process. Start small, then build upon it.

Don’t mix any other subliminals with our products until you’ve started to get results from ours. We don’t know what’s in their products and vice versa.

The results will come. Be patient and take action. Make sure you’re hitting the gym or exercising regularly. Eat clean. Continue to take care of your skin, or do research on a skin regimen. That’s where you’ll see the extra results kick in.


I am feeling pretty frustrated right now dye to my weight issues. I haven’t been able to keep it down due to my thyroid that started with the depression era. But i have refused to take medicines for two years now because I do not want medicines to become a part of my life. I have reduced my weight drastically in the last two years but now its just soo difficult. Secretly i aas hoping for Seductress to make my thyroid go away and to make me thin again. I am frustrated cuz its not happening. I am not giving up on this though. It feels like these feelings are here as obstacles. I must push through them.
About the social part of Seductress: i see no changes in the behaviour of my partner towards me yet.
But i have not been helping my subs either. I did not do visualization and the constant doubting is only making it worse. I will soon start meditating from Monday onwards.
EDIT: For people reading this who have just started out on their journey of self improvement. Please do not get disheartened by my journal. Its just an honest journal but please know that Law Of Attraction works! It worked for me. It is no coincidence that where I am today is the exact visualization of all those years in my childhood. And it hasnt been a month even since I started this and my sincerity is questionable right now because of all the guests and traveling. It takes time and dedication.


@Wild how are things going for you now? Im currently listening to seductress, spartan and sex mastery ultrasonics. Seductress i have done over 30 days - i find some of my male friends (married ones who are older than me) are becoming protective of me - i am beginning to wonder if they are treating me as the daughter they never had lol. They seem to be vetting guys i talk to :rofl::joy::rofl:
As to spartan and sex mastery i will wait and see .

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Any further updates with Seductress? :slight_smile:

To be honest I stopped listening but then I put it on a cd and listen to it in the car when out about. Towards the end of Oct/beg of Nov I am meeting with a guy I really like so have started listening to seductress properly (ie earphones) today along with executive and aura - play them twice in that order. on another playlist on my MP3 is i have the new Libertine and SMX2 but cant remember if they are in that order - thought I would do a couple of hours before bed. Dont know if its the right way. If i play all 5 (one after another) for 5 hrs would it have the same effect - no idea but isnt that the beauty of finding out what works for you?