SC World Cup 2022: Semi-finals

The wait is over, the results are in.

The first matchup’s overwhelming favorite emerged victorious, WANTED smoked The Commander with a whopping 80% of the votes.

In another landslide victory, Emperor defeats Dragon Reborn with 71% of the votes.

The fight between LBFH and GLM was closer the expected, with Love Bomb for Humanity winning with 59% of the votes.

And finally, the most anticipated matchup of the quarter-finals: Emperor Black vs Khan. Two subs often compared because of their socially dominant nature, this was the ultimate battle between the prodigy versus the legend.

The battle was as close as expected, and by a single deciding vote, Khan defeats Ragnarok. There will be no underdog Morocco run here, unfortunately.

Every sub that has made it this far has shown that they are clearly in a league separate from the rest. From this point on everyone is a winner, but only one can be crowned champion of the Subliminal Club World Cup.

This stage was what I’ve looked forward to the most, and I’m sure many of you will say the same. So let’s not beat around the bush any longer, here are your semi-final matchups.

Semi-finals 1
  • Khan

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Semi-finals 2
  • Emperor
  • Love Bomb for Humanity

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Bump for the final day of voting, I’d like to see these polls get to the 30-voter mark before closing.

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