2022 Subliminal Club World Cup Champion

Coinciding with the end of the greatest world cup ever, our own world cup is coming to a close.

64 subs, and only 1 sub remains.

Congratulations to our SC world cup champion, WANTED!

LBfH really pushed WANTED more than any other opponent they faced, by capturing 43% of the votes in the final. In the end, WANTED’s dominant run culminates with a championship and title of Subliminal Club’s world champion!

In our much-anticipated battle for 3rd place, Khan defeats Emperor with the same 4 vote margin, securing its place on the podium.

:1st_place_medal:1. WANTED
:2nd_place_medal:2. Love Bomb for Humanity
:3rd_place_medal:3. Khan

And now for the closing ceremony…

^Best I can do for y’all. I’ll throw in some confetti, I guess.

For those who want to relive our journey…

The Group Stage
The Quarter-finals
The Semi-finals
The Finals


Good job doing this bro :clap::clap::clap:. Must admit I found it very entertaining.


Thanks a lot Lion, your encouraging posts on the threads helped motivate me to see this through to the end.


Regarding the results, I was expecting WANTED to be number 1 and Khan to be 2 but damn LBH was the new kid on the block giving Khan some good competition.

Anytime bro :pray:


@Invictus’ 18-month-long propaganda campaign was crucial to ensuring that WANTED would finish 1st.

But in all seriousness, I was quite happy to see LBfH’s success in this tournament because it genuinely deserves its place as one of the top subs. For SC to release it for free makes it much more accessible as well, and that was probably the biggest drive behind its surprise finish.


WANTED has an interesting history.

As soon as Seductress was released, I was the one who asked for the male equivalent of it. Many of our friends here then told me that we already had Khan, PS, etc. They made good points but I still felt that we didn’t have any title for men that was exactly like Seductress. I then occasionally pushed for it every month or so and after maybe half a year we got WANTED (will admit I don’t remember the exact time frame from when I first asked until when the sales page appeared).

It became an immediate hit with the boys of course. And the rest as they say is history.

Other titles I had the original idea for (and also practically harassed Saint and Fire for) were:

  • Renaissance Man
  • Paragon Complete
  • And now Revelation of Body

I didn’t have to push very hard for RoB though.


Lion created WANTED.

This is now canon.


Haha. I only asked for it. Full credit to Saint and Fire for getting us what we want. But I admit I like your version of how WANTED was made lol.

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Lion is low-key the secret 3rd owner-member of subclub. :eyes:

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I deserve some props too. I was the one who entered a family oriented sub in the roadmap and campaigned for it. A few months later, Lineage Mandate Eternal was born. To be honest, I believe @SaintSovereign could have been thinking about it, but I like to think I made a difference. :joy:


Of course you do. I think LME is a very original title for SC to make and it was an excellent idea by you.

Lol I wish. But I do love this place a lot. Changed my life in ways I didn’t expect.

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This is now my head canon also, rofl


LOL! You guys made my day :joy:


This is a sign for you to hop on WANTED for a year :wink:

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2023 might just be that year.

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