SargeMaximus Making a Switch?

Ok thanks. I’ll buy them in a week then.

Perfect thanks. And will diamond help if the problem with my dick is physical as well? It wouldn’t hurt to have the ED covered from all angles imo.

Shit well which one is better? Primal or Wanted?

It has some of the physical scripting, but I suggested Paragon with DIamond because Paragon is all about physical healing.


Jury is still out on that for me. If you search “Wanted Testimonial” I left a lengthy testimonial for Wanted a few days ago.

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Ok thanks, I’ll do my research then.

If it were me and I wanted to go all out, I’d use both Primal Seduction and Wanted together.


I want to start small and if they work for me, I’ll buy more. Btw I can’t find your testimonial

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It’ll help you since your “problem” is not of physiological nature but psychological. I’ve experienced the same thing with 8-10s, nothing to worry about, just reframe your mindset and WANTED and Diamond should be perfect for the job.

Paragon is about physical healing.


@SargeMaximus - @Voytek and @Palpatine have given you excellent advice. My recommendations are:

  • Ascended Mogul for your career.
  • WANTED to increase your sexual market value.
  • Primal Seduction for seduction skills.
  • Diamond Ultima for your ED and sexual prowess.

The first 3 you can start playing 1 loop each 5 days a week (2 days rest)

Diamond you can run an hour before showtime!

All the best, man!


Welcome to SC i remember you from years ago as you use to haunt another subliminal community. Nice to see you again :wink:


Lol @SargeMaximus I thought you were here already with another name :slight_smile:

So you made progresses from where you were before :slight_smile:

Diamond or Sexual Mastery is a given for your issue.
Primal Seduction or maybe Wanted depending on what you want but from what you say, Primal Seduction looks better for you.

I dont think people can do more than 1-2 loops times 2 subs a day.

Good luck :slight_smile:


For that, I would recommend you to stack Ascension, Primal, Sex Mastery. This will built you a great foundation.

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Oh shit I remember you, welcome aboard. I came from there and Never looked back.


Well this is weird lol. I was thinking about that other forum and if you ever migrated over here because you seemed to struggle getting consistent results. Hope these work out for you.


The other forum was run by a talented subliminal maker but i just got the impression he was to full of himself so i left.


Then you will need to upgrade your SMV by becoming more masculine and sexual. Your ED problem is a self worth issue, which links back to how deserving you are of those higher quality women.

Simple solution:
Ascended Mogul + Primal Seduction.

AM will raise your alpha levels quickly whilst giving you that business mindset to invest in your own projects. PS will bring hotter women of your type into your reality whilst giving you the tools to actively pursue them.

You’ll radiate a stone cold vibe of respect, fear and self pride, with a sexual energy that’s addictive to women.

One loop daily, take weekends off. Increase to two loops daily after 1 month.

Watch out for reconciliation (getting sad, angry etc) as it is integrating in your mind, not like the other dude where you were told you’re “resisting” the script.

SubClub is the one you’ve heard about. [_____] did you a favour.


Thanks guys. I appreciate all the kind words of welcome. Unfortunately the forum wouldn’t let me post anymore since it was my first day apparently. Anyhow, I have a few things I need to address:

@Palpatine my experience is much different than yours. One of the reasons my ex-gf broke up with me (according to her) was that I never initiated sex. It was always her. So your testimonial where you talk about always being the one initiating is complete opposite of me. I don’t think I have a problem with being the aloof guy.

Thanks man, I think I remember you too. How are things?

Yes I was but I forgot the login and I figured I should make a new profile with the username everyone knows me by.

I’m also starting to think seduction instead of wanted. All my life I have had women’s interest but before subs and pick up, never could capitalize. I.E. No seducton skills.

Thanks bro.

I didn’t struggle too badly. I got into player territory with more lays than I can count atm. Definitely need the next level tho.

Thanks. The only issue I have is what if the Sub Changes me to something I don’t want. What I mean is, I read in some of them that the sub will help you find your life’s purpose. I already found mine years ago and live it everyday. I don’t want (or need) a sub that will fuck with that. I’m all for improving my self worth and alphaness but don’t fuck with my mission.

Lastly: I don’t want my alphaness to make me burn bridges that I like having. I’m thinking of my living situation with my brother. I don’t need the sub making me chase him away because he’s a good ally.

SubClub subs aren’t built like the other dude. Their idea of “alpha male” is forced onto you with no kind of flexibility.

Our subs ask your subconscious mind questions on how best to integrate the goals into your existing life. If your mission is already on point, then Ascended Mogul will enhance it and even put a solid rocket up your ass.


Awesome! I do think the reason I’m hitting such resistance with the other subs is because it’s trying to get my to veer off my chosen course.

I’ll try these subs. I also want to try Paragon. I had my appendix removed in february and healing that scar would be nice.

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If you just say something like “that one other company” we know what you’re talking about. Welcome aboard.

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