SargeMaximus Making a Switch?

Hey guys, hope it’;s going well for you. I think some of you may know me from days past in Subliminal Talk. Anyhow I don’t know how much I can talk about competitors here so I’ll just say I’m looking for something new.

I need a subliminal program that delivers on it’s bullet points and is aligned with MY (not the creator’s) goals.


“Not at all” as far as talking about competitors :). Welcome aboard!

What be thy goals?


Hard to talk about my goals without mentioning the program I was using from a competitor unfortunately.

Goals are just “What do I want?” you can tell us what you want without talking about the other stuff I think. If not, we’re here to help in any way we can

Just mention the goals you have in a list. For example:

  • Have one night stands

  • Earn more money in my current career

  • Grow a long schlong


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Well I want to be able to have sex with hotter girls. I currently can fairly easily get 5-6.5’s. It would be nice to reliably get 7’s and 8’s.

I want to have them be reliable FWBs. Like girlfriends but not clingy or possessive like girlfriends can be.

I also need something to help with some ED issues I have. Seems I can get hard no problem with chubby or ugly girls but the hotter girls I have no erection at all sometimes. Other times I just get premature ejaculation. And other times there seems to be nothing wrong and sex is fantastic. But lately I had a very cute 7.5/10 girl I got into bed with on 4 separate occasions and couldn’t get it up each and every time. Meanwhile, I was fucking other girls less attractive than she was the same week.

Lastly, I want the edge and motivation to keep doing my lead generation business while I invest my money.


Business goals = Ascended Mogul

ED stuff, I’d suggest Paragon to help with the physical aspects. For any possible psychological causes, I’d suggest Dragon Reborn (that seems to be a favorite lately for what it is)

The thing of being able to fuck the less attractive girls but having issues with the hotter ones could be a mindset thing. That’s why I suggested Dragon Reborn, though now that I think about it, Paragon and Diamond Ultima together could work on that very well.

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Are you aware of the risk of getting banned on the forum you mentioned? I did for being an active user on here. You’ve been warned. :rofl:

I was banned from that forum long ago.

Oh well, it seems to be their policy to get rid of their former customers in that childish way.

I guess WANTED and Diamond would be the best bet for you.

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Yes I think my ED is psychological. Just saturday night I fucked a new girl 5 times. My junk is working. But with this cute girl, every damn time I been with her she’s grinding on me trying her hardest to get me aroused but nothing. Of course, she’s also not very feminine and won’t do blow jobs but that’s not the point. The point is I want to fuck her but my body won’t let me. It’s a nightmare.

Ok thanks Voytek I’ll look into those. And I wish this forum would quote who I’m responding to. Very confusing.

If you highlight the section you’d like to quote and then hit “Quote”, it auto-opens a reply.

Oh wow, thanks!

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WANTED will change you physically too, working on your cock and Diamond is just a jewel in that domain.


Sounds great, but will it help me get hotter girls more consistently?

And how long do I have to wait before using SubClub subs after I used another company subs?

I’d suggest a week or so. These subs SubClub has now are no joke. They are “V2” of the Q platform. Some are saying that they can listen to only loop per day while others are one per WEEK and if they go beyond that, get over loaded. I’d definitely give it a week. BUT you can go sooner if you want, just note how you respond and adjust accordingly.


That’s its main goal. :sunglasses:

I forgot to mention Primal Seduction (the Q version)…it will help get hotter chicks. If you get the Primal Seduction: Iron Throne Ultima…it’s fanfuckingtastic.