SargeMaximus: Heart of Man (Heartsong, Primal, Executive, Paragon Ultima)

Hey guys, here is my new journal. I officially start this stack on monday which means any new developments today I will still post in my old journal. I just wanted to start the topic early.

Mostly this journal will be as chaotic and rambling as the last but I will know this stack is working if:

  • I am able to consistently hit my personal sales targets
  • I am able to consistently attract AND have sex with hotter women than I do currently
  • My scars from my appendix removal surgery heal noticeably

Pretty simple, really.


You may wanna put this journal in the “major journals” section lol

Im interested how this stack is gonna work out though

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Oh right, I’ll fix it

Listening to my loops now. This week is going to be too hot to knock doors so I won’t be listening to executive this week. Maybe on wednesday just to keep the programming in there but not as much as I normally would. My normal listening schedule is as follows:

Day 1: Heartsong, Primal Seduction, Executive
Day 2: Heartsong, Primal Seduction
Day 3: Heartsong, Executive
Day 4: Heartsong, Primal Seduction
Day 5: Heartsong, Primal Seduction, Paragon

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Pretty thicc stack my dude go get it

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Thank you my friend.

In other news, been watching youtube videos on investing. Always looking to improve. What is always on my mind in everything in life is: What do I NOT know that, if I knew it, could make my life better?

And it is that idea that keeps me searching for everything to better my life from my $350 dollar dress shirt that is made out of the same material NASA space suits use for temperature regulation, to my diet, to investing.

I’m a poor man from a poor family but I never let that stand between me and what I want. I believe all you need in life is to execute things correctly and understand how reality works and you can achieve anything. Often, we limit ourselves first.

I remember a few years ago I was watching the crossfit games (love those. So inspiring seeing people at their peak performance) and the woman on there fainted during an event. Her body told her she was done, not her mind. I found that inspiring.

I myself have many limitations but I try to test my limits rather than decide internally what they are.

Anyhow, I’m rambling, what I wanted to post about was how I was watching a youtube video about Charlie Munger and it inspired me to buy his book. I resonate very much with his ideas and I’ll post the video here for anyone interested.

I’m after a quick buck like everyone but I also believe that in order to make the BIG quick bucks, it may take longer. If that makes sense.

You can take steroids but you will be sacrificing your health, for example. Is fitness to you about muscles or health? If it’s about health, you won’t want steroids. To me, it’s the same with money.

I don’t know if this shift has anything to do with Heartsong or not, but it could. I’ve always been obsessed with making money.


I think one of the hardest things to remember is that this is a long term game. Particularly after one discovers the power of subs. It’s like you have this expectation that the subs will provide a quick, instant fix for everything forgetting that real meaningful lasting change happens over time. I know that I’ve been victim to this mentality many times so this post was a great reminder to be patient and build yourself up one day at a time.

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Exactly. I’m fortunate to be able to live with and reconcile both sides the impulsive and sensible. Sometimes one is stronger than the other but over time I look for the most sustainable path using both

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Exactly, it’s that balanced middle path between the impulsive and the sensible that tends to be the key. The impulsive can be great to push you to take action while the sensible keeps things in perspective and moving forward in the most sustainable way.

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Yes. The impulsive side let’s me dream and figure out what I want, and the sensible helps me get there.

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My fwb and I are going to try meeting twice a week starting next week. The sex is so good and we enjoy hanging out so it makes sense. She also is aware I’m not exclusive to her but she seems to be exclusive to me which is a major point in her favor.

I just hope I also get some other girls. I hate only having one option as that fact rears it’s ugly head in some form or another.

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You’ll get there dude. Just keep listening to your stack and trust the process.

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Thanks man.

In other news, getting ringing in my ears this morning while listening to the loops. I don’t understand I’m only using the masked title and my computer was at the second lowest volume with the media player at a 4. I turned the computer down to the lowest possible volume and now I can’t hear the track at all. Is this normal? Is the ringing in my ears from the subs? Seems hard to believe it would be since the volume is so low yet it only started after I was listening to the track

Sarge I built a Sex and Seduction prototype to test alongside Ascension. It will be with me in a few days will keep you updated with its effects.


Keep me posted as well please @blackadder I’m curious about this one

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Stopped listening midway through Primal Seduction. The tinnitus had me worried but it’s masked it shouldn’t cause tinnitus.

Reading about it on the forum I’m thinking it’s Recon so I’m stopping for a few days and see how things go on thursday or friday.

Question about Solace versions tho: do they have ultrasonics? I’ve already determined I’ll have to stop using Paragon because it is an Ultima which has Ultrasonic in it and I can only use headphones since I live with my brother. But Executive is Solace so I don’t know what that has in it.

It seems odd to me that these subs are inconsistent in whether they are masked or ultrasonic.

But as I said, today and yesterday I only used Heartsong and Primal Seduction Masked versions at very low volume yet had tinnitus.

Edit: I just tested a regular music track using the same settings and couldn’t hear it at all. So it’s definitely not the volume or the media player.

I think stopping for a few days is a smart idea.

As for solace it doesn’t have an ultrasonic component, it’s just a different mask. I find it tends to be a lighter sound and easier on the ears so may be worth a try.


Thanks for weighing in. I do have excess ear wax in my right ear (had my physical examination yesterday and doctor has mentioned it a few times before as well) so that may be it.

Still, doesn’t hurt to be cautious

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Definitely doesn’t hurt to be cautious when it comes to your hearing bro. I’d say give it a few days and see how you’re feeling before proceeding further.