Saint Sovereign's Journal (Renaissance Man Prototype + Paragon Ultima)


Early version of a track that I’m working on:


Sweet. Does that mean we’re gonna be getting a glimpse at more of your work? I think I mentioned it before, but if not I thought your work on So Below was amazing. I get chills every time with that audio. Looking forward to seeing more.


Yep. :wink:

Fun fact, this track was originally built for the original version of Ultima – a line of meditative subliminals. It was going to be 5.1 only with immersive sounds and music. Once we decided to make Ultima more accessible, I turned it into a full-on trip hop track.


Sounds dope when I hear this I can’t help but think of naruto


I like it! Sounds like it has a definite east-Asian vibe, plus some very chill electric guitar. Looking forward to hearing more tracks. :slight_smile:


Drum quality and programming are dope. The airiness around the drums creates a good atmosphere.


Ultimate Musician Prototype





I quite dig the fusion of Chinese, Hiphop and Rock styles. Very energizing.

Not in a hurry to get the musician sub any time soon but very much interested in reading your journal, SaintSovereign


Is your custom build with the Q store? If so, do you mind sharing what modules are in it?


Nah, I wrote it from scratch. It’s based on StarkQ and BLU, however.


Astounding, I am really flowing & vibing on this track, the rhythm is really my style.

@SaintSovereign have you considered working with Golden Ratio (rhythm), 432 & 528 hertz tuning for the actual beats?

Any possibility we can get this particular Title in the near future? As example having Stark different variations of Stark available, like Stark Evolved for Status, Stark Alpha for more Masculinity, Stark Productivity for the combination you have with Beyond Limitless. I guess that would give customers, even more customization.


Yes, but I’m waiting until the studio is finished in September before I immerse myself in music creation.

Possibly, but it’d be difficult. I took the Stark script and tailored it to address my exact issues. Not sure if it’d even help anyone else.


Another early track w/ accompanying video that I edited. I have an odd, non-linear creative process. Sometimes, I’ll jump ahead to something like visuals because it actually helps me write the lyrics (which I haven’t finished, but I did record the backing vocals for the chorus, courtesy of my lovely girlfriend). Again, this is early, used some of the clips twice, things out of sync, etc.

The style of this song is different than the first I posted, and it’s actually more of my personal “style.” This was actually made before “Failure of Gravity,” which I made because I wanted to expand my creativity. Questions, comments, feedback appreciated.

EDIT: And yes, I most certainly did, without shame, recreate the iconic drum loop from “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins. :wink:


Different variations of Stark is a great idea!




Last track from the “COVID Sessions.” Different style than the other two. Began as a slow ballad before I decided to “Daft Punk” it up and loop the voices throughout the entire song after sending them through a ton of vocoders and sound processors.


@SaintSovereign check this out –


This weekend, we began the groundwork for profound physical changes. One of our private testers, who suffers from excruciating migraines, used a prototype Ultima program and reported that her headache was relieved within minutes. She noted that as soon as the program ended, however, the headache would slowly return. With each loop, however, she noted that the time for the headache to return increased.

The script included physical healing that would repair the underlying issue causing the migraines. Of course, we can’t induce that instantly (for now), but it does seem to be occurring. This is amazing news. More details later. :wink:


Is this specific to migraines or can it be used for any kind of pain?