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I started a different chapter in my life in recent months and my life has subsequently gone in a different direction. Therefore, I am choosing to start a new journal.

Here’s the old one:

As my personal roadmap was recently shaken (but never stirred) by a series of unfortunate events, my subliminal 3 month plan that I had at the time was similarly changed.

For example, I no longer required a ‘Heartsong’ custom, as was planned. I did end up making one with Primal Seduction, but only for naughty hotties. Which did its friggin’ job superbly in a short amount of time.

Currently, I have been running my Wanted/True Sell custom which is my favorite I’ve ever come up with. I call it Lustrocity II… And I think the name says it all.

Here’s the modules and what not.


Wanted Core
True Sell Core

Sensuality and Handsomeness Improver


Sexiness Unbound

Perfect Style and Smell

Moment Immortalized

Approachability Aura

Instant Seducing Tactician




Natural Winner

Virtue Series: Patience

Inner Gasoline


Divine Will


Sexual Manifestation

Alexander’s Play

My other custom that arrived today I will also be using alongside this custom.


Ascension Core


Pride Unbroken

Call of Honor

Courage Reclaimed


Divine Will

Divine Self-Image

Attachment Destroyer




Organization Perfected

Purity Without

Fusion Optimized

Victory’s Call



Achilles Heel

I’m proud to have finally created a single core custom. And in under an hour.

Lustrocity II, or T-II as I will be referring to it (swype doesn’t pick up Lustrocity well, what a crime), has been fun! I’ve not been actively going out to engage with women with this custom and I’ve hardly needed to. Between going back and forth to Utah for work and just existing at home, I’ve gotten laid by a St George girl that was very satisfying each time, I’ve got multiple girls I’ve been entertaining on the back burner seeing if they’re interesting beyond their face, gotten a girl that was trying to set me up on Verizon WiFi to, as if it was her idea, think about taking a shower at my place as long as she could wear my clothes after, etc etc and forth.

Fun stuff. But we’re just getting started.


Because I’m bored. And when I get bored, I try something different! So, while I won’t guarantee the direction of this journal (people that read my journals are probably subtly nodding to themselves :joy:), I definitely am going to be approaching women in the nearest of futures.

But… You’re running Wanted in the custom, right? Why?

Two reasons that come to mind. One, I’m not a wallflower. I play the coquette game quite well naturally because I’m not playing and it’s not a game; it’s how I am :man_shrugging:t4: but, I’m also very much balanced in my ability to go and get what I want. Most of the women I’ve been with have liked that.

Plus, the Wanted sales page does note something about complexity within oneself and I’m pretty sure it mentions seemingly contradictionary inner aspects coming together into acceptance and expression into the user’s life.

If it doesn’t, whoops but that’s the faint memory I have :joy:

But that’s been my experience so, there’s that.

Two, the first Lustrocity was the custom mentioned in the beginning, containing Primal Seduction and Heartsong Cores.

The module list for that


1.Voice Master

  1. Song of Joy

  2. Focused Arousal

  3. Furious Ascent

  4. Long range Seduction

  5. Panther

  6. The Way of Roi

  7. Entranced

  8. Alexander’s Play

  9. Starfilled Night

  10. Sexual Manifestation

  11. Potentiator

  12. Rogue

  13. Dragon’s Tongue

  14. Divine Self-Image

  15. Love Without Attachment

  16. Gratitude Embodiment

  17. Yggdrasil

My first thought reading that list again unconsciously was, “well it’s freaking hard not to get laid with that kinda list”


Primal Seduction got me over approach anxiety. Or rather, it made me realize that it wasn’t approach anxiety that I had.

It was escalation anxiety.

I’ll go more into details later. In my old journal, I said I was going to go through my modules for each of the respective customs in my stack now and explain my reasoning. To me, it’ll help anyone that decided to follow my journey understand where I was coming from and see the progression. I tend to be pretty honest on my journals so it’ll also be useful to me, for me, in personal accountability.

Stuff I’ve got going on:

• I recently made my first investment in a startup my mentor and I brainstormed together. This happened at some point when I was running a custom Emperor.

• I’m single for the first time since I came to Subclub. Though the first month or two was rough - hell hath no fury - I made myself proud and have stuck to my guns. I’ve remained independent of a situation with someone that I would say - with as much tact as possible - ‘was not for me anymore’. The bright side of this is, I was able to let Sage go at the curvier side of the world… but on subliminals!

• I’ve got my own place. The story of that manifestation is in the old journal. Short version: kicked out by kid’s mom late at night, called friend/mentor, asked to come over cuz I was gettin’ booted again, was immediately urged to do so, was told by said friend he happened to be in town tonight and only tonight and he was giving stewardship over the place to me.

• I’ve overcome so many hangups I didn’t realize that I had before we broke up that when I look back just 3 months ago, which was around when I decided we weren’t getting back together, I don’t feel like the same guy. And I loved that guy. But I decided to love who I actually am and not who I pretended to be. And here we are.

• I’ve learned that I should journal more because I forget hella shit that I’ve gone through in the last few months. Not because my memory fails. But because the things I experience now are so commonplace, I don’t have anything ‘new’ to report sometimes. I’m sure someone smart can explain that, probably something in my experiential expectation baseline has shifted up or something.

I think I just found a new phrase for myself there.

Anyways. This journal will obviously not be about solely my adventures with women. In fact, I barely note…5% of my encounters with women. Which has been a thing I noticed started at least 4-5 months ago. I couldn’t say why with confidence, but I have a few theories.

No, I will also be talking about work, spirituality, art, music and anything else that moves me.

What is a journey, if nothing is moving? Boring as all hell and stagnant.

It’s probably because I started smoking halfway through this but man, that last one blew my mind.

Aaanyways, so yes. This journal will be me being me. If you got this far, life certainly taught you patience and good for you.


I do really, really enjoy the irony of me linking my previous journal in the first post of this journal, and in the first post of that journal I said I plan on quitting smoking weed.

I’ll smoke to that.

Legendary speed


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The Cover Art I chose for T-II.


Looks like me after bad night :slight_smile:

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In deep thought about bad decisions? :wink:

Exactly, definitely, I went out to party instead of working out ABS, but you know one has to sometimes just live his life :slight_smile:


For about the past two hours, I’ve been feeling a very gradual expansion of desire in my belly. I didn’t really pay attention at first.

I realized a few minutes ago that it’s a pure, selfless desire to pleasure a woman lol. I know it’s from the loop of Diamond at the beginning of the week; I have only felt this way when I’ve had Diamond in my stack or in a custom.

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If you didn’t party, what would you have to burn off when you take that regret and turn into it sweet gainz?

tenor (2)


I’ve been doing a lot of inner work to clear myself of false impressions of the world. In this account, I was focusing on overcoming ‘twin flame’ ideologies.

I called upon my higher being to send light through various aspects of my being and experience before I went on Tinder, and before I did, I made a prayer that it be in His will not my own because ‘obviously I have no idea what I’m doing’ was the gist of it.

I go onto Tinder, relax and as I’m swip-swyping through, I was silently telling myself, “If it’s for me, let it be.”

I almost jumped out of my skin when a white feather fell out of nowhere from the sky, touched my phone and fell here next to me. I’m only surface level aware of feather symbology but to my basic knowledge, that’s a sign from angels/god/The Higher Self that I’m with you.

It happened the other day in the exact same spot. Typing that out reminded me.

Onwards and upwards.


T-II and RBB - a bit over 3 minutes.

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I decided to cut off the girl I mentioned that’s been hella distant. Multiple reasons:

• my worth is more than being on the back burner. I did advise her when we met that all that she needs to do for me to be in her life is not take me for granted. One job. Time for a new hire.

• there’s aspects of her that I don’t care for; impulsive alcohol and recreational drug use being at the top of the list.

• this situation has been eating at me. Not because of the radio silence; but because in radio silence, I was not standing still. I continued to elevate myself and at some left hers behind. Grace, the silence was.

• the situation also helped me to remember my self more; not only do I have options, i have the ability to immediately expand my options.

I also have no need for any of the options in the first place. I’m happy alone.

• I choose to attract women that are rising. Any woman I meet, I’m meeting at a certain level of consciousness. I don’t stand still; if they do, then suddenly, we’re unevenly yoked. I need others to be on my level, not dead weight

And so much more.

I sent the message with absolutely no qualms and regret. And I’m just about at peace with it. The little voices that are subtly attempting to make me reconsider are the remnants of the state of being that led to the ‘mess’ in the first place.

And, my peace grew after the message was sent. I felt inner power returning to me. I felt my purpose anew.

This journal name isn’t just a fun play on words. The previous journal, “Where There Is A Will…” obviously is a part of the saying, where there is a will, there is a way.

This journal was created as soon as I felt within myself I had found my way. I found my way when I reclaimed my own Will.

Therefore, I am Willborn.

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Willborn, Will Born, Will I Am, William

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He that has given up as all there is to lose, opens himself up to all he is to gain. Let it be.

You running two Customs and Diamond?


I think it was you that I told that Diamond would only be in my stack a week or two, more than likely. The single loop I did of it at the beginning of the week was sufficient for my purposes.

As it stands now, t’will simply be Lustrocity II (Wanted/True Sell) and Roots Before Branches (Ascension).

If I add anything - again, as it stands now - it will either be:

Mogul - loose possibility

Renaissance Man - Less likely due to current stack cohesion

Stark - much more possible, tis like a glove

Emperor - less glovey, just a beast of a title; but again, less likely

Rebirth/Regeneration/Limit Destroyer - very possible, but like Diamond, very tertiary priority

Inner Circle - #1 contender

Them Google bois be watchin’ my journal :sweat_smile:

Nah, but in all seriousness. My Google articles for the past three days have been affirming my decisions.

This one caught my eye on the way on here:

That was a well-written article. It pulls together some really useful considerations and expresses them in a clear, concise way.

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I had a dream that I hit up my hair stylist and asked her to be my ‘lick buddy’ lmao. I just had the intense desire to use my tongue on her.

I woke up a few minutes ago, thinking that it was real so much that I went to go check my phone to see if she replied😅 in the dream, we went back and forth over text.

Just as I was telling her let me take my time though, my alarm went off.

Even my dreams like wordplay.

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