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This will be my new journal. I will be having a mod close my former journal soon. I’m starting a new one for multiple reasons, the most relevant being that I have a new single core custom coming built with Heartsong.

I also ordered Sage Immortal finally, so, this journal will be chronicling my development with that title as well. In fact, I’ll be starting my virgin loop soon.

I plan to quit smoking weed tomorrow in line with this new title. The reason is, I have magickal workings that I have put off for too long because I didn’t want to mix THC and magick.

I’ll be editing this OP with objectives that I expect to complete with the long term stack that I am posting below:

The Son of Lightning


Careful planning, organization and management in a profoundly calculating manner was in ancient history considered one of the most effective ways of achieving success… seen in such individuals history remembers even now – like the great military genius Cao Cao who was honoured on the levels of emperors without being one officially. Mastermind will help you plan grand plans that will help you achieve your goals with utmost creativity and rapid efficiency.

A module focused on your family, building up your relationships with each family member, creating family unity and helping other family members find themselves in life. Your connection to your family and them to you will become deeper and deeper, and each person will become more and more successful as well as happier. For the family man or woman, this is a must have.

Faith Unyielding:
Faith in one’s ideals, abilities, or a greater power has moved men to great feats that echo throughout history. Faith Unyielding will help you develop such profound faith and use it in many areas of your life – to help your connection to the deity of your religion, to help in your spiritual endeavors, to bring greater faith in your own abilities, to even inspire others with the power of your unyielding faith.

Jupiter:We manifest every moment, every second of our lives. Every moment we breathe, every moment that we are – we manifest. If we develop our ability to manifest more powerfully and more consciously, we will unlock heights we couldn’t even dream of. This is what control over your reality is truly about, and that is what the Jupiter module delivers.

Yggdrasil:Yggdrasil is a module designed to speed and open up the pathways to manifestation. Similar to the roots of a mighty tree, the pathways will become numerous and wide. You will notice the most unlikely positive circumstances and opportunities manifesting to help you with your goals.

Potentiator: The Potentiator is about stopping you from repressing your power and potential, and instead allowing yourself to express and enjoy the endless possibilities that lie before you. You will not only become aware of all these possibilities you have, but also have ideas on how to best make use of them.

Gorgeous Manifestation: A manifestation module focusing specifically on beautiful women who would be interested in you. Will highly increase the ratio of beautiful and approachable women around you. It is up to you to pull the trigger.

Lifeblood Fable: Your reputation is the lifeblood of your success in many aspects of life such as business, romance and politics. Without nurturing it, you leave an incredibly important factor to potentially random elements and accidents. Lifeblood Fable will help you shape your reputation in any way you desire – a reputation of a profound spiritual teacher, of a powerful business magnate, of a seducer who makes all weak in the knees – with Lifeblood Fable, you have the choice. Not only that, but you will also effortlessly improve your reputation generally in the most beneficial way to you and find ways to evolve it even further.

Dragon Tongue: Improving your speech and wit is an inescapable part of becoming a powerful individual, and while all our majors contain modules for mastering wit, it is an excellent idea to focus further on your Dragon Tongue. You will become better and better at reframing situations into being advantageous for you, as well as improve more and more in debates and public speaking. Being witty and funny in your very own way will easily become natural.

Direct Influencing Aura: Directly influences any person, guided by conscious intent and subconscious desires, in order to fulfill any goals ranging from wealth, love, art, simple persuasion etc.

Carpe Diem Ascended:Extreme motivation and ambition is paramount to fulfilling your life’s goals and becoming the man you want to be. This module is created for the sole purpose of manifesting and developing incredible amounts of motivation, drive and ambition, that will cause you to go after your ambitions relentlessly. Some other powerful effects include immense satisfaction whenever you achieve something (even something as simple as cleaning or eating well) and the amazing love for life you will develop. Waking up happy, motivated and driven to conquer everyday is now reality.

Mystery:We are all filled with limitless potential, countless talents and unknown abilities. The Mystery helps bring out these hidden talents you never knew you had. You will experience new opportunities to learn things and you will see unexpected talent emerging whenever you try something new. You will see yourself with abilities you didn’t know you had. You might want to ask – what abilities or talents will I see? You’re going to have to find out. That is… the Mystery.

Eye of the Storm: Losing yourself in a negative habit (or several!) can feel like drifting into a storm. With Eye of the Storm, you will regain your control over your negative habits and become able to build positive habits with greater and greater ease. Whenever you feel yourself drifting, you will be able to safely end up in the Eye of the Storm and take back control over your life. You can also use Eye of the Storm whenever you want to build new positive habits.

New Beginnings: gotta fill it out lol sowwy

Financial Success: Reality Shifter: Shifting reality… A concept that sounds far fetched. At Subliminal Club… it isn’t. With FSRS, we will be shifting your reality and your perception of it into a reality where financial success is the only true reality. This will result in unbelievable coincidences, luck, chance meetings etc. Wealth is within your grasp.

Secret Source: You never know the opportunities that are waiting untapped just for you. Now you have the possibility to find out all the sources of money that you can create and that will bring you continuous, rising wealth. Look out for opportunities that seem unorthodox and do not be afraid to explore with an open mind – your Secret Sources will appear.

Virtue Series: Temperance: Scarcity mindset and the desire for instant gratification are powerfully ingrained beliefs that put a screeching halt to any dreams of long term success. Develop your virtue of Temperance – turn your scarcity mindset into a mindset of wise abundance, and develop true understanding of delayed

Inanna’s Gift (renamed it just now, on a whim)


Alexander’s Play

Soul Connection

Chosen of Venus

Divine Self-Image

Depths of Love

Joie de Vivre

Strength of Gentleness

Blue Skies

The Wonder

Light of Humility

Way of Understanding

Emotions Unfettered




Stop Porn and Masturbation

Inner Gasoline


Sage Immortal

Edit: I forgot about Limit Destroyer lol. This particular title might change based off of needs.

My customs and Sage Immortal cover career, love and spirituality, respectively. Therefore, while I may or may not shift elements of my customs on as needed basis, I intend to keep each of the aforementioned titles within my stack for a long term basis.

Goals and objectives:


So, I just noticed an email I was gonna clear from my notifications but I happened to check it and found out that my custom is actually ready as of about forty minutes ago, so that’s cool. My timing with this journal creation was absolutely perfect.

I ordered it on Friday and got it today. That’s barely three business days as I figure it. Thanks Q-crew and Saint and Fire!

I started listening to Sage Immortal right after I submitted the first post and yeah. This title is for me. All I have to go off of that is, of course, the sensations I feel and the shifts I am feeling in and around my body but… That’s nothing I can describe, I guess.

My initial bodily sensations started in my head. I first noticed it on my forehead (I felt it again as I typed that), that went I believe to the left side of my body to my shoulder and down the left side of my arm. The feeling was…

A DeLorean just passed me right now lol, I was telling my lead the other day that I very rarely see them.

Had to note that for later lol, didn’t wanna lose the thought.

Similar to a very much more milder version of those gadgets people use that utilize little stickies that attach to muscles and sends a pulse through them that contacts the muscles.

My muscles didn’t contract, but that’s the closest picture I can equate it to.

The sensations around me…hm. I suppose you could call it ‘airy’. Like swishing, if you will. Smooth, gentle swishing.

That’s all for now, I’m only twenty five minutes in. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hm, I’m having problems downloading the custom. It’s going to my downloader and then sitting at 0% progress -0 kb/s. When I get home, I’ll try it on my tablet before submitting a ticket.

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Lol, while I was typing that, my music player cut off like three times (it did it again just now actually). Not sure what’s going on with my phone.

Sage Immortal be HITTIN’ BOI

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I believe the issue was that Duck Duck Go is my default internet browser. I uninstalled that and it’s downloading now.

Edit: yeah, after I deleted the confusing amount of zipped and extracted files from previous attempts, I got it downloaded. It was just Duck Duck Go.


I stopped playing Sage until I figured out my phone issues earlier so now I’m just getting to the end of it.

Phew. This one. I haven’t felt head pressure like this towards the end of a virgin loop like… Ever. Issa doozy.

Even the Emperor was smooth in comparison to me, actually. Of course, that was Q and this is its predecessor. I think I read Q+ is featured in this as well. Hm. Cool.

I’m going to give my brain a bit of a rest after ‘SG’ before listening to my lovely HS custom (in case of confusion, the generally used acronym for Sage Immortal is ‘SG’ rather than ‘SI’ because Survival Instinct is a thing).

All I can add to my earlier amount of Sage is that on the way home, my gf was telling me about her work day and going off about this coworker and that one. She legit works in a shitty environment with a horrible trained, inadequate manager (my lady knows more about her manager’s job than she does and actually has to cover for her. She’s useless, to put it very lightly)

Through all of this, normally I would have had emotional reactions in response to what she was saying. But while I was listening, I caught myself realizing that I was absolutely, unequivocally neutral throughout, with no attachment to what she was saying, how she felt about it, and how I should respond.

It was above apathy. I guess unattached is the best word.

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Based off of the pressure I got going on upstairs, I think I’ll do SG every other play cycle like I was planning with Primal Seduction.

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Running Ishtar’s Gift now

The pressure receded a bit soon after I submitted the last entry about it, and I noticed as I’m noticing now that my head is clearing with a peaceful feeling.

I’ll report initial reports of I.G once the loop is done later. Right now, it’s Supernatural time :slight_smile:

I’m 46 minutes in and wanted to comment very briefly on initial sensational stuff I feel during.

I would have to look back at my previous journal, but I don’t think I experienced quite the amount of mental shifting when I first got SoL as I did about fifteen minutes in.

I honestly can say I don’t recall some points as I was sorta going back and forth between Sam and Dean and feeling my inner state shifting in ways I wish I could describe, but can’t.

At times I felt whatever it is that’s affected by subliminals within my head twisting, rotating, deepening… It probably won’t make sense to some.

Five minutes ago, I felt my belly lifting with the beginnings of joyous type energy. I think it was, I hardly have ever felt what I think joy is. As I was typing about my belly, I felt it tingling again. Could be… Joie de Vivre, The Wonder…

Blue Skies…

Emotions… Unfettered…

There’s options. And I’m not worried about dissecting what’s going on based off modules at this point.

I also felt both midsection in the back area sorta and where my root chakra doing things. I say doing things cuz it was mostly just shifting/settling sensations. I’m sure I’ll remember more after I submit this, so I’ll be sure to edit.

Edit: Ah, yes. I did forget to mention SG is probably a part of all of that. One other thing I remembered the second I put my phone down was that I felt my mind do a thing where it felt like I was being pulled out of a thick mud and after only a bit of resistance from the mud, I was pulled out of… Whatever… To be settled… Somewhere.



Into the sub or into an ep of Supernatural? lol

Like you were experiencing both their mindsets back and forth?

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Hahaha. Not at all.

I meant into the subliminal and no haha, going back and forth between paying attention to the show and my body awareness. I hope that’s more clear. Maybe I should go back and edit, I was typing that out quickly.


Once again, for the third day in a row, I got a bit of a later start. This time my alarm was totally turned off, so thankfully I woke up in time to take a shower and rush getting everything together in time to make it to work. I made sure to turn it on this morning and I’m gonna check it again tonight.

I took two tablets of melatonin last night, because after my IG loop, I felt myself getting energy. I didn’t want to go to sleep past ten.

I think I had tumultuous dreams but had zero recall when I woke up. I’m a bit bleary still which I think is because of the melatonin.

More later.

Tips yesterday: $10

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Because I’m listening to a new stack and can feel I’m in an assimilation phase, I’m going to skip today on the booster.

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Until about a few minutes ago, my head has been ‘stuffy’. Like the script was hanging out behind my upper forehead and the center of my brain.

I called upon light with the request of assistance in processing, to which there was an immediate, jerky response. I feel electric warmth going through me. Perhaps this is Inner Gasoline, with Sage catalytic undertones. I have many perhaps situations as I have two customs with very complementary modules and a spiritual title.

Oh before I forget. Previous to calling on the light, I had a brief moment when I felt heat/shock/fire on the top of my head with a brief ‘opening’, then all was still.

Sage be HITTIN’’, boi

More later.

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It is going to be fun as hell to watch you evolving with this program.

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May I ask what app you use to play the subliminals?

You certainly may. I grabbed the first one I saw that allowed one to change album art in app.

'Tis called ‘Muzio Player’

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There’s another app I’ve seen others use here called Rocket Player or something, that allows one to play multiple audios at a time.

Some use it for listening while at the same time watching videos or overlaying it with music to ‘set and forget’

The con to that app for me is that I can’t change mah art.

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The Infinity Player is good

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