Road To Twitch Partner | StarkQ, Inner Circle and True Social (all ZP)

Hello guys, thought I’d start a journal here and share my experience and progress. Been enjoying reading your guys journals so I want to contribute as well.

I’m starting to run StarkQ ZP and Gaming Mastery X ZP. I will follow the recommended schedule for now, where I’ll listen to both of them once every other day and take a break after 21 days.

One wise man said, if you can’t measure it you can’t master it, so I am thinking of a way to see if I can track my progress. Not sure if it’s possible, or what format would be the best, so I’ll have to get back to you on this. But I am keeping track of actions I am taking in my goal to reach Partner on Twitch for now.

For now I have identified 3 “actions” that I must take to move towards partnership.

  • Networking / Chat
  • Stream
  • Improve my skills/knowledge in areas that benefit streaming (think vocal exercises or taking improv classes).

Of course I’ll have to expand this list, remove redundant ones and add other ones. Perhaps I’ll learn what has the most impact of my progress and keep those, and remove the redundant ones. I’m also up for experimentation.

So for now, I’ll keep track on the factors of actions taken, subs listened to and amount of followers and average viewers (weekly/monhtly not daily) for now. Basically every seventh day or something I’ll write down the “stats”. Of course they will most likely be “dissapointing” in the beginning, so keep that in mind, as to not give up and be all too sad. But I hope the growth will get momentum over time.

There are of course other interesting factors/actions that I’ve heard are important for my goal, like streaming consistently on a schedule or posting content on YouTube for example. But sadly this is not something I can live up to for now, it’s just worth noting, and knowing there are other important factors. It’s good to know them so you have a list of things to experiment with later on if possible.

I ran my first subs yesterday on a bus trip.
My head felt heavy. Now I know I also haven’y been hydrating enough and the bus was for some reason super hot. But nonetheless my jaw and head was heavy and tense, so I assume the power of the subs were a bit “heavy” on me. Nonetheless I listened to the whole thing and made sure to take deep breaths and “go with the flow”. Resisting it will make it worse, and I ain’t going to stop. Might as well breath through it. Perhaps it was stupid, but I finished it.

Apparently I also were snoring yesterday night, not something I always do. One could conclude I was very tired and exhausted. Perhaps from the subs, perhaps from reading up too much and too long into the night about the subs on these forums before purchasing them, or perhaps a mix of it all. Nonetheless, I hope there were massive processing done during the night. I don’t remember any dreams or anything.

Now, to start, let’s say some numbers. I’m at 7 followers and 1 avg viewer. Today I’m chatting/networking with streamers on my work breaks and perhaps I’ll stream tonight. Today is rest day so no subs.

That concludes day 1 and day 2 of my journey, til next time.


Day three is here and is a sub day. I ran StarkQ (ZP) and Game Mastery X (ZP) first 30minutes of work, back to back. I felt alot better today and didn’t feel heavy and thick in the head as I did my first time. I’ve also been hydrating myself better. So that’s good news.

Regarding my Twitch goal.
I streamed for about 2 hours yesterday and had only 1-2 unique views. This is easily explained by saying the directory of Twitch were most likely oversaturated and I did not get any exposure. I need to find ways to get some exposure, whether that’s getting friends to tune in “lurkmode” and give me a boost up the directory => increase exposure, or some other idea. I wasn’t talking and expressing myself as much as I would like. It’s fine though, because I had only 1-2 viewers tune in for god knows how short, because avg viewers were 0, so couldn’t been too long. So there weren’t anyone there to hear me share anyway. Note to self: keep on sharing, keep on expressing, if no one is there, you do it for practice.

I’ve been also chatting and interacting with two streamers and I feel we’re a bit familiar now. Which is good. I genuinly like them, they are chill/cool dudes. So hopefully we can stream together in a week or two.

One thing I’ve noticed is I get alot of creative ideas to try out on stream to make my content stand out. Whether that is having some form of soundtrack or a different ending screen. I just make sure to write them down, get them out of my head and on paper, and not ponder on them while working.

Game wise I feel alot sharper. I feel confident and mechanically more comfortable. I play Escape From Tarkov if anyone is wondering.

Btw, I read and wrote in another topic about these customs:

  1. Inner Circle
  2. Yggdrasil
  3. Spotlight
  4. Carpe Diem Ascended
  5. Potentiator
  6. Lifeblood fable
  7. Dragons Tongue
  8. Machine:Rest / Machine:Action
  9. Productivity unleashed

I am not interested in building a custom right now, and I am truly aiming for sticking to this schedule I have now for a while. So this is not me trying to change my stack, although I must admit the desire is there. I am sticking to my plan. But I do find this whole community and subject rather fascinating and would like to understand the modules more. Even though I don’t want to switch, I’d love to learn. What modules do you guys feel meet the needs and provide the value that the above customs do? I would love to hear your thoughts. People have shared their valuable opinion with me saying they all most likely meet the same needs in StarkQ and GMX already. I am especially curious about Carpe Diem Ascended.

Til next time…


Today is rest day, so no subs. I’ve been working all day and today there were alot of problems that needed solving at work. My mind state has been jumping between these states/emotions all day:
Confidence, stress, anxiety, relief, anger, overwhelmed, humor, fear and playfulness.

When overwhelmed I rely upon an old school programing algorithm pattern called divide and conquer. Where you break up a big problem into various smaller problems and then solve them one by one until all of them are solved, and of course, pulling all the solutions together should solve the big problem as well. The problem is sometimes you forget about this and get swayed away by the big beast ahead. But I am always super relieved when I remember this way of solving problems. A huge relief, it’s like the impossible becomes possible. It took an hour or two for me to remember this, but after that I was focused and locked in.

So an emotional rollercoaster right? But an rollercoaster is not something you resist or try to avoid. The dance between tension, relief, fear and excitement is what makes rollercoasters worth it and fun. That’s the point! So I remind myself that the goal is not to get rid of emotions. It’s to be friends with them, to be ok with them, and to ride them out like a rollercoaster. They are yours, and yours only to experience.

I did spend my breaks watching and interacting with other streamers, building bridges, learning and vibing.
I also did stream yesterday and had 1 avg viewer and 4 unique watchers. I streamed for 4 hours as well, and I would like to say I kept talking the first 3 hours. I think the exposure problem is still here, where I need somehow increase my placing in the directory to be seen. The amount of unique viewers could be attributed to the doubling of hours streamed compared to last time.

I have also been getting some ideas of other ways to increase my exposure. Perhaps making tiktok videos, or thinking of different things I can capture and share in a videogames that might capture peoples attention. I need to ponder on this…

Have a good day and til next time…

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So I might have gotten Chosen From Within and am now up in 3 ZP subs. For some reason I don’t know how to change the topic title. Is this why everyone is making new topics all the time? Hmm…

Well anyway, today is sub day and I ran my usual two early in the morning while working. One run of StarkQ ZP followed by a GMX ZP. And almost 6 hours later I ran Chosen From Within. I must say the experience was awesome. Let me tell you about it.

Started the day feeling heavy. Ran my two ZP titles while journaling my thoughts and planning the work day. After my run I feel a sense of relief and power. Power that comes from having surrendered
to the heavyness. I feel better. I also ordered some Magnesium, because I believe me waking up grumpy/heavy is most likely to my sleep hygien and I’ve gotten advice to try this out, why not. I am very open minded.

Around 6 hours later I ran Chosen From Within ZP. I have been eyeing this one for a while. I like the idea of positivity and that type of energy people have reported about this subliminal and I wanted to try it out myself. I think a touch of positivity would be nice. Now the introspective part had me a bit worried, but then again I am always very introspective, so this will perhaps just boost my introspection. I worry about being too much in my head. Too much introspecting, too much thinking and almost becoming paralyzed by it. But I must say the first experience was nice and surprising.

It felt like I am breaking a law. Feels like I am playing with fire when I run 3 ZP’s in the same day, and jumping to the next one so fast.
But I’m one of those people that only learns the hard way.
I trust this is important progress, either to teach me a lesson or have a breakthrough.
Or I could be just as impatient with the process or not trusting it enough as the next guy.
Started out with feelings of anxiety/excitement.

“What am I doing man!?”
“Is this right?”
“Will I regret this? Will I eat this up later?”

Around the 8-10 minute mark in I feel relaxed, alert and focused. My favorite state. :relaxed:
I feel okay. I feel lighter. I just like the feeling. Whether this is just a relief from feeding into my impatience to buy the product, or just a feeling of “this is right”. Time will tell.

Today I’ve been chatting to some streamers, nothing more then that in regards to my goal. Today is also date night and my gf is going on a trip this weekend so I will have plenty of time to stream and create content then. I’ve also been thinking of ideas to create “differentiating” content, like tiktok videos. I need to brainstorm some more. Nothing clear or clicking yet.

Anyway, I am now running StarkQ ZP, Game Mastery X ZP and Chosen From Within ZP. Doing this for 21 days and taking it from there. I am thinking also of running these without doing anything else. Kinda like in a meditative state, so I am fully allowing my brain to process and receive the messaging. Instead of trying to solve problems at work while being hammered by the ZP. I just have a hunch it will be better for me.


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Day 6
Well today is rest day and there’s been alot of interesting discussion in the forums lately. So I am in experimentation mode. Aka, mad scientist mode. More on that after my experiments. Overall though I must say Chosen From Within gives me butterflies. I think I am in love.

Today was a super nice and focused day at work. I feel pretty energized and overall positive.
I slept better last night with the magnesium, but it ain’t no magic pill. I think it needs to build up over time AND you need better sleep hygiene to get som synergetic benefits. But I am hopefull.

Today I did some vocal exercises and improv-spontanety exercises. I also interacted in a couple of streams and thought of ways to increase my exposure on Twitch. I will also be streaming tonight and have a blast. My idea is nothing new, it’s just one of those things that is easier said than done.

“You need to play less saturated games.”

Well the hard part about that is what if a certain game gets boring? What if the interesting games are oversaturated and the not-so-interesting games give better exposure? Well it ain’t that easy right? It’s a balance I guess, but there are interesting games that also aren’t oversaturated to be fair. It’s your duty to find them, or make the saturated games work. So this is one of the things I am thinking about today. A tough nut to crack, but god knows I love nuts. If there’s a way there’s a will. I’ve seen monkey learn how to crack nuts on National Geographic. So there is hope for this advanced monkey.

If anyone is wondering I am currently on a StarkQ ZP, Game Mastery X ZP and Chosen From Within ZP stack.


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What experiments are you conducting?


Listened to Chosen From Within on my off day for 5 minutes, nothing crazy really. Seeing how I would react. I listened to the others as well 5 min each.

But I don’t know, I got the same feeling and vibe after CFW after 5 min as when I listened to it fully the first time. Positive, relaxed and focused. So this gives me evidence that the people who can’t handle 15 min of a ZP title should be able to handle 5 min, like it was said elsewhere. (Nothing new)

I don’t know, everyone reacts different but CFW either has productivity stuff in it, or it removes some of the resistance and anxiety standing in the way of the productivity on StarkQ and GMX. I just work and do stuff, I don’t think about it too much. And the anxiety/negative emotion that does emerge, is managable and feels natural.

Anyway, just observations and trying to find out what is best for me, nothing is absolute. This is just day 2 of CFW.


Day 7
Been having better morning moods. God knows exactly why, but I ain’t complaining.
I am happy with the addition of magnesium supplement and Chosen From Within.
Overall a great day, I decided to do some self-care stuff.
Take a walk. Shower/Shave (buzzcut). Vitamin up. Normal noting meditation and a emotional processing meditation. Vibing to good music and chilling. Also today was sub day, so I listened to StarkQ ZP, Game Mastery X ZP and Chosen From Within ZP while taking a walk in the winter-snowy weather.

I also did some vocal exercises and practiced improvisation. I also streamed 8 hours.
Let’s look at the streaming stats:

  • 8h 16 min stream
  • 2 unique chatters
  • 1 avg viewers
  • 6 unique viewers.

So good new “numbers”, but I also streamed 8 hours compared to my usual 2-4 hours.
The problem I believe is still the exposure. One could argue the 9 views should have turned into longer views => increase avg viewers. So the quality “is” a problem as well. Not entirely sure how to feel about that. I still believe exposure is the biggest problem.

6 unique impressions is nice. I know when I find nice streamers I never watch them consistently until I’ve seen them a couple of times. So I believe an impression is nice nonetheless. It’s just a bit sad that it took 8 hours to get it. But you gotta start somewhere. I still believe in the snowball effect. I am working on improving the quality of the content. I am also brainstorming content ideas and ways to increase exposure.

Leaving the concrete and statistic side of the streaming business, I feel much calmer and cooler when streaming. I don’t feel as much anxiety or experience self-attack because of my low views. It’s like I believe it’s going to come. Or maybe I am just enjoying the hell out of it, whether the growth comes or not. Not entirely sure.
I also feel I am much more talkative. I believe I can work to be EVEN MORE talkative, just by practicing and actually streaming and various vocal and improv exercises. It’s a muscle I believe, and I will be able to do it better with time.

StarkQ ZP is giving me mad ideas and creative visions, nothing I feel I can adapt and implement NOW, but, I believe on of these ideas will be concrete and implementable. It also gives me these intense energy and drive to live my life. Coupled with GMX ZP, I am very driven to succeed. A mix of anxiety and excitement that comes from these two is the only “side-effect”. Nothing new, there’s two sides to each coin. Luckily I also have Chosen From Within ZP is making me feel very relaxed and basically minimizes the anxiety/stress that comes from having so much ambition and so many ideas, yet being far away from the goal. And I end up just living life and working towards my goals. Can I do any better than my best? Nope, no one can.

Only way from here is up.

Peace :+1:


Are you active on social media/discord servers? Building a community/connecting with others there, can help you get a couple more viewers. Starting with streaming from scratch is tough, as you need the long hours for exposure. It’s definitely doable though, just recently a streamer that I knew when he only had a few viewers a long time ago, got featured on a popular youtube channel about twitch highlights. In particular due to his unique and fun quirks.

Regardless I’m excited to read about your journey and how that sub combination works out. :muscle:

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Good idea with Discord. I should definitely join the iscird community of the streamers I’m connecting with.

I am not active on other social media. I am thinking of ways to use them in a diffferentiating fashion. But I haven’t gotten any solid ideas yet. You mean like Twitter?

It is tough I know. I believe in the networking aspect and it’s a long term goal. I believe it takes time to build genuine connections online. But I believe if I work on improving my quality, find ways to experiment and try new things out, and network it will look brighter. I also hope the restrictions of Mr Omicron ends. Because then I would definitely go to real life events like Dreamhack, Twitch Con etc to network.

Thanks ny friend :heart:


You could create content out of your stream highlights/gameplay highlights.

Twitter is one of many options, it can also be Tiktok, YouTube, Instagram… Depending on what platform you like and then research how to use that platform effektively.

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Alright, I am looking into TiKTok now. Problem is that those places are also saturated, but one can probably find a unique angle or something. Brainstorming some ideas now.

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Day 8
A bit tired today, need to drink more water and most likely a side effect of streaming too hard yesterday, and for long, and also experimenting with subs. :slight_smile: expected.

Today I streamed as well, around 5 hours, and I had 11 views and 9 unique ones. So same amount of unique viewers and yesterdays views. Amazing. Which shows, that hours streamed is not all to increase this. It’s the exposure (placement in the directory, how many other people are streaming) and perhaps a good title. Maybe it’s better for me to work on streaming 4 hours and keeping the quality and energy high than 8 hours straight. Stream more smartly perhaps, researching the directories of games I find interesting and am willing to play because I don’t remember exactly now but it feels like I was high up on the swedish directory today. Anyway, just some thoughts.

1 week done, 2 weeks more to go with the stack :slight_smile: StarkQ ZP, Gaming Mastery X ZP and Chosen From Within ZP. I am loving these so far, it’s hard to know which one to “switch out” if I want to experiment with a new addition in 2 weeks. I am improving in both gaming and streaming, as well as feeling quite good to be honest, not like a god, but above baseline. Enjoying life and having positive outlook.
Today was off day, but I did some experiment mode as well, so wasn’t completely off. Mr BadBoy or StupidBoy? Time will tell.

Anyway the energy, the positivity and chatter of todays stream, as well as the playfulness was pretty nice. :slight_smile: I love it, and this is why I do this. Being spontaneous. Playing around. Playing to win, taking risks, doing stupid mistakes, laughing about said mistakes.

I did also do some vocal exercises and about to meditate before I make some burgers and chill to a movie with my girlfriend, resting up for the new week.


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What games are you streaming?

I am streaming Tarkov mainly now. :slight_smile: What games do you play/stream/watch?

Day 9
Today was a shaky day, I think I need to stop experimenting and respect the subs power.
Is this recon? Perhaps…
Playing 3 ZP titles on the same day might have bee too cocky, and then to experiment on off days too? God damn, am I Icarus?

I streamed today, for a short 2 hours. And I got a nice idea for content to create around Tarkov.
Asked a friend for feedback on the idea and he didn’t really like it. But even if it doesn’t work out content wise, I think I wanna do it for fun. I think it’s a nice challenge. More on it another day.


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see what happens when you experiment without knowing your limits first :man_facepalming:t4:?
i tried warning you man, now take a couple days off, it should feel better in time, but please don’t try to emulate things certain people do, as there are some people who have been part of the testing group that helped with the development of ZP, which took a bit more than 2 months.

you would be shooting yourself in the left nut if you tried to copy the listening pattern of someone who has been part of that group, also, i know that I played a part in you ending up experimenting, to which i tell you again, please don’t try to copy me, as i’m much different than everyone here, with a proof here;

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Have you looked at the Zero Point Listening Instructions article?

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Yeah, I was flying to close to the sun I guess. I didn’t do anything TOO crazy. But crazy enough I guess.
Yeah, I am going to listen to StarkQ ZP, GMX ZP Day 1, rest, Day 2 Chosen From Within ZP. Thinking of perhaps switching this to normal Chosen. I know, you did tell me, but I am one of those stubborn people who sometimes have to fall on my ass to learn.

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I have brother. I am fully aware I am only supposed to run 3 ZP titles, and only 2 in the same day. Also a day break. I have learned my lesson. :slight_smile: Thanks for the advice and reading my journal guys.

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