Reset: a journal by Invictus

Hello everyone,
This probably doesn’t need an explanation, but I’m starting this journal to keep things more organized, as I often read back on my posts and journals to reflect on the growth I’ve experienced over time, so with that said, lemme introduce the stack:

The One ZP

  • Chosen core

  • WANTED core

  • Apollon

  • Heracles

  • Serum X

  • Ethereal presence

  • Entranced

  • Voice master

  • Physicality shifter sexiness

  • Chosen of Venus

  • Gloryseeker

  • Lifeblood fable

  • Call of honor

  • Victory’s call

  • Fenrir

  • SPS: Endocrine system

  • Deep sleep

  • Extreme exercise motivation

  • Dominion

  • Void of creation

A custom that was designed by my subconscious, as in, I was not consciously choosing the modules, but meditated and smoked some good hash while listening to my LBFH + ME custom (the one below), and let my Inner Voice lead me down the current of authentic individuality, and what it lead to is what you see above.
Already ran a loop over 14 hours ago, and overall I’ve noticed that my interactions socially have become even more inspirational and “warm”, especially with people at the service, as today I was helping out with things that I didn’t even have any ideas on how to accomplish, but I still did my best, and already noticed the glow in my eyes appearing again.

Overall: pretty good and chill sub with 2 polar opposite, yet compounding, archetype cores.

Euphoria ZP

  • LBFH core

  • Mind’s Eye core

  • The Wonder

  • Joie de Vivre

  • The flow

  • Divine will

  • Current Invoker

  • Void of Creation

  • The Merger of Worlds

  • Pragya

  • Awakened Perception

  • All-Seeing

  • Virtue Series: Temperance

  • Virtue Series: Patience

  • Harmonic Singularity

  • Khronos Key

  • Gratitude Embodiment

  • Starfilled Night

  • Inner Voice

  • Everpresent

Thanks to @AlexSQ being the push, the custom was finally made after toying around with the idea of an Audible Euphoric Drug (or an audible dopamine booster).
The custom has one core goal: To reach the highest level of equilibrium between the conscious and the subconscious minds, and creating that unison through the utilization of the most sacred energy in existence: Love, all while having the ability to intoxicate me naturally.
The custom surpassed my expectations, and if I tried to even count every single result I experienced with this thus far, I would end up with huge posts for each result, and that’s chaotic :rofl:
But one thing I’ll say: I have never realized just how much there was to life, I thought I was dominating and winning in life, by flowing into what people spend ages growing into, and living other people’s dreams, yet after just one loop, a new dimension to life was revealed to me, and that was what lead to the creation of the aforementioned custom.

Overall: the best “feel good” sub I’ve ever ran, and the level of manifestation completely blowing AsC out of the water.

Now, one last thing:

I’m not the type to not really post much about subs, but at the same time, a lot of the times with certain subs, while results are there daily, they get repetitive, so if I manifest attention from girls every night, it gets boring to post about them daily, like, whenever I write something, it doesn’t just apply for that specific day, but the rest of my cycle with that sub, meaning that if I said “my sexual abilities made my girl orgasm without me making skin to skin contact”, then it doesn’t mean it was just a one time thing just because I don’t post the same thing again, it just means that I’ve already mentioned it as an effect, so I won’t unnecessarily mention it again.

So in this journal, I want to make it more of a space for questions, tips, guidance for others, and to log some of my experiments, meaning even more things will be revealed throughout time.

And with that all said and done…

Welcome aboard.


Love the Chosen / Wanted mixture! Will you run Stark again?

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Looking forward to this.

I dont care so much about “I got her to orgasm with just my thoughts” (although this would certainly be interesting (Atlanteans apparently could do that but w/e) but your deeper thoughts. Realizations of life, truth, love, the universe.

After all, especially Euphoria (which I am still waiting to run my own version of it :smiley: ) imo is pretty internally focused. So naturally I’d like to hear your ponderings.

Either way, loving this new direction.

I guess, after you covered sex, wealth, fame, travel, naturally one wants to find out more about the fabrics of the universe :wink:


Honestly, no clue.

This whole journal is an experiment in itself, especially that custom, as I’m not even sure what the goal is with that sub, nor do I know how it will manifest its effects.

What I do know is that the cores mixed in the custom was my first “main” ZP stack right when the private test was done, and at that time, my life was chill and fun, not as “out there” and exquisite as Stark, but Stark has become something that I wanna keep for other times, as right now, Stark’s main effects aren’t really needed, and since I wanna focus on my physique, interpersonal skills, and my own unique expression of “alpha-ness”, I feel like my subconscious decided that this mix is the most suited, as the dream I had after the custom was ordered was also revolving around that time in my life when I ran OG Chosen with WANTED (both as prototypes).

That only ever happened when I ran a secret custom of mine that was ZPT level, it had Libertine and AsC as the cores, and things like focused arousal in there, and this was the result (she sent this while I was thinking about her while gaming with @GoldenTiger):

result of a sub called Lust Chamber ZPT

So there’s that haha

That’s the plan ma man, what I really wanna post more about are things that are more about the growth I feel, rather than the things I accomplish, because let’s face it, regardless of someone’s wealth, fame, success, etc., they still gonna end up in the same place at the end as every other human, so might as well use the time we have left to explore and learn, rather than just chase after things that won’t mean as much once dead, while as the fruits of the exploration could end up becoming the catalyst for something not even fathomable at the moment (yes, my current topic of “exploration” is about the butterfly effect haha).


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I have been saving my bush for colder days but no more :slight_smile:


So one of the things I’ve been thinking about today is just how much people around me try to act like they’re extremely high value and stuff, especially with the projected “status” from their materialistic possessions, all while being hollow from the inside.

It’s like, all they know is to live for the sake of validation from others, and if you called them out, then it’s you who’s the bad guy and a “hater”, and if i were to humbly show off (to a lesser degree than them) then I’m the one who’s “shallow”.

Not trying to hate on anyone’s lifestyle and motivation to live, but like, if your life goals revolve around just getting things (like cars, tech, fame, etc.) without any deeper value as to why you want those things, then you’re not any better than those people you judge when you see them flaunting their wealth and possessions on social media, regardless if you post or not.

I know it sounds very “fake” when the guy writing this is also someone who has clearly been maintaining a high level of “materialistic status”, and yeah, I do admit that every time I got paid, I bought many unnecessary things (recently I bought an iPhone 14 pro, and while I did it because I did want it since before it was even announced, knowing that I’m one of the only ones with an iPhone 14 pro is a big status boost, and I could have easily waited for a while before getting it, but I didn’t), but that’s what I meant when I said that I’ll mostly be posting about what goes in my head at the current moment.


The more you’re on LBFH, the more you will manifest the Law of Attraction. You will attract more and more people who align with your core values. It seems you are on a discovery mission to find your core values and when you get closer to the truth, you will want to pursue those values with authenticity. The subs will help you with this and manifest people who align with you. You will find yourself observing those who don’t align with you with more dispassion.

Honestly, I admire someone at your age entering this mission of self-discovery.


I think it is great that you are expressing this and it shows that you are entering a new mindset and that you are growing. You have nothing to prove to anyone in here and you are still very young. Subliminals feels to me like one goes through things in life and all its ups and downs at an increased pace, and sometimes I don’t even have to experience things that I thought that I wanted before I’m already past that stage.

I recently have been thinking about how much I loved my own smile and sense of joy I got from Chosen, and also Wanted had that similar effect on me. I literally wrote in my offline journal the day before you posted about The One ZP about how a custom of Wanted and Chosen would be like together :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


“Do not gain your drive from insecurity.”

Which is how most of our society is set up.

I can see why this would annoy you.


Come to think about it, my social circle has been quite different since starting LBFH, like I just realized that I haven’t been hanging out with many of my older friends anymore, and the new people I chill with are all similar to me.

I agree, and sometimes, you really just have to be wrong in your own way so that you can actually experience the growth, like theory can help, but nothing beats practical experience :eyes:.

So far I’ve listened twice (yesterday and the day before) and for now the expression has been pretty beautiful, it’s like the self love and the positive narcissism gets projected as positivity, which then gets utilized by Chosen, and similar to when I ran this as a stack back in December, I’m getting similar interactions with people, specifically more guys asking me for tips and workouts to look better, and girls hitting me up and telling me “it’s been a long time since we hung out”.

Another thing to note, the mix of the cores fixed the cold part of WANTED that often annoyed my girl :rofl:, as I haven’t been disappearing from her as much as when I ran WANTED solo or in other customs, so that’s good, but I think Chosen of Venus is also playing a role here.

I think you’ve been noticing that this side of mine has been developing and trying to surface more and more for the last few months, but I still keep noticing that sometimes I still do my old BS, like before opening my journal and replying, I showed a pic of an Apple Watch strap + case to my girl cause I felt like it would look cool on my wrist during spring time (which isn’t here till Feb-March), and it’s like 200 USD, and I almost ordered it, but then realized that I’m, again, just falling back into the materialism trap.

Need more growth.


Currently using my intuitive listening pattern, due to which I have listened the last two days, and I’m gonna do a loop of each custom today as well.

Recon: none.
Inner peace: high.
Mental fog: none.
Motivation and joy: high.

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Well, be careful not to fall into the old trap of spirituality.

I think @Malkuth wrote this story once:
"A man was seeking enlightenment, and he said he just needed to find that one monk on a monastery on a mountain somewhere lost in Tibet.
He climbed the mountain. Found all sorts of monks, but apparently not the one.
Until some day he saw a monk carrying a bunch of sticks around and he just asked him, “How do I become enlightened?”
The monk dropped all his sticks.
The man was confused.
Then the monk, without saying a word, picked up all the sticks again one by one and went his way.
Then the man realized what the lesson was."

Do you know what it is?

Don’t make the mistake to drop all your physical and earthly things because you’re “above that” now, because you will have to pick it all up again.
The path of enlightenment might just be that you drop it all, only to realize you need it in this world.

This doesn’t mean you need a 200 USD wristband to show off. But don’t think all material things are “evil” or “bad” because you want to vibe higher.
I am for sure gonna buy a $3,5k Macbook Pro Max. No matter how highly vibin I will be at that point :smiley:


I have had this thought for a while about Wanted that also seem to be a talking point in this community as well, that Wanted on its own but mixing it together with another program like Khan, Stark, or Emperor and such makes it better. I used to have it in a custom back in Qv2 with Khan, but at that time I was not really socializing that much to get the benefits.

Last night I had a dream that I listened to Khan and Chosen together and it was great. I might try that in the future.

Yes for sure. But with subs as I mentioned it seem to go a lot quicker to get past those experiences if it truly is not you deep down and you spend less time dabbing around and wasting time in those realities.


Wasn’t so familiar with that story before. :slight_smile: That one wasn’t shared by me.

Those kinds of stories are always interesting. There’s always a lesson within a lesson within a lesson.


I agree.

And I don’t think this sounds fake at all.

Did you ever think that everything we’ve ever created was made from planet Earth? From the oldest stone tools to the newest iPhone or sports car. It’s all just processed Earth.

It’s all just dirt.

That’s not a put-down. It’s just the literal truth.

I like the Sports Car-dirt and the iPhone-dirt. And eventually I want to live in a bigger, better House-dirt.

What’s wrong with that?


to me, the key to the wise point you’ve expressed is here:

To me, Wealth and economics involve Ideas, Perceptions, and Beliefs about Value. Sometimes those values are expressed symbolically in the form of objects (processed and sculpted from clay and minerals, or “dirt”), or they are expressed symbolically in the form of behaviors. Sometimes they are simply kept unexpressed and stay in the original form of Ideas, Perceptions, and Beliefs.

There is no such thing as a ‘non-spiritual’ belief. Just better or worse ones, higher or lower ones.

Materialism isn’t wrong because it’s immoral. It’s wrong because it’s wrong, as in, a bit dumb; somewhat thick in the head. Traffic jam in the brain regions. :sweat_smile:


You’ve never seen a cow before.

One day your friend gives you a cow.

You find it kind of annoying and worthless. But you keep it as a favor to your friend.

One morning, while your friend is visiting, he goes outside and milks the cow, purifies the milk and then gives it to you to drink.

You say, ‘Finally! Now this is a great gift! This is really great! Why didn’t you give me such a great gift before?! I’ll be right back!’

You go outside, murder the cow, and come back inside.

You say to your friend, "I got rid of that worthless cow! From now on, when you want to give me a gift, just give me more of that great drink! That was awesome!’

Your friend looks at you and says,


The end.

That, to me, is a story about materialism.



I see your point, hence why:

Was worth it :rofl:

Oooo I would say try it asap :wink:
Your subconscious is speaking :wink:

Well that was a worthwhile read, but yeah, I guess I was just trying to make a big deal out of it :thinking:.


Life’s good.
Especially when you just flow, and let life happen, that’s where the true joy lies.

I love life :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

P.S. @AlexSQ your custom will feel even better if you smoked some nice leaves :wink:


Surrender to life. I know this, but so far I had a tough time fully doing it. Now I do. That custom is awesome! :wink:

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Just came to the realization that ever since I started LBFH and then Euphoria, my days are just filled with things to do.

For instance, these are the things I did today:

  • woke up early, ordered food, and meditated till the food arrived (around 30 mins).

  • showered after the food, got a buzz cut, trimmed my beard, smoked up a bit and then showered.

  • hit up a friend and my cousin to chill, and ended up turning it into a gathering for 3 hours.

  • now I’m training with a friend, and seeing my strength being higher than last time, with a couple new PRs here and there.

  • after this I shall eat and sleep early.

The thing to note here is that I feel like my life has become much more organized and eventful, as I feel like I’m never bored or alone, and these last few days just proved to me just how much more enjoyable life actually is, so I feel really blessed to be experiencing all these joyful moments.

Damn man, today’s been a good day.