Regeneration - Average Time per Day


To those who have worked effectively with Regeneration, how many, on average, hours have you listened per day? ( or how many loops?)

I want to ask @elementary_vision and @Michel in particular, but the question is open to anyone who has worked fruitfully with Regeneration.

Was going to just ask you on your individual journals, but I think this is of general enough relevance to have its own topic. Thank you. :pray:t4:


Two loops nightly of Regeneration.

Add in the Elixir twice before the overnight playlist.


Thank you, @Michel. So two loops of Elixir before bed and Regeneration twice while sleeping?


That’s the plan. Had to hold off recently due to reconciliation headaches.

BTW - healing will be different for everyone regardless of listening time and depending on the type of trauma.


I use subs for 12+ hours a day, with specific goals/issues on mind.

Because of its strong emotional effects, I prefer to use Regeneration like a spiritual retreat - 5 to 15 days with NO goal-oriented action taking. Only…

Obviously, this is not suited to most people’s lifestyles.

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I’ve use Regeneration mostly at night, continually looping it, for 6 hours at least. I’ve woken up relaxed and tired at first, but it didn’t hang on me throughout my days.

Also, let it be known that I’ve spent a LOT of time running emotional healing subliminals from another vendor, like almost 3 years. A lot of major head trash had been dealt with, so reconciliation has never been an issue for me with Regeneration.


That’s awesome. Thank you @Simon. Thanks also for the link. I remember reading that one from @Joa93 some time ago.

So, during a typical retreat, you would play Regeneration for 12+ hours on a given day. You would make time for some sort of processing, releasing, self-nurturing activities.

During such a retreat phase do you continue playing other subliminals or do you prefer to work exclusively with Regeneration? Or perhaps it varies from time to time.


Regeneration is about 11 months old, so I’ve only done 3 such retreats. :smile:
In those cases, I didn’t stack, but that is only because I was not working on an issue brought up by any other sub.

So yeah, if I wanted the retreat to be focused on say my sexual past, I am totally open to stacking Reg with PS.

I can write a longer reply if you want:
How Simon uses Subs for Healing - The Speculator’s Guide. :sweat_smile:

But to you personally @Malkuth, I’d like to say that:

If your queries about Regeneration have awoken from Emperor v4’s New Beginnings, then DON’T change your stack. Journal for couple more weeks.

NB has a different, more powerful mechanism for healing, and I feel like another healer will actually slow it down, instead of helping.

I’ll write more about NB on the Early Impressions thread today.

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I used Regeneration for a month and a half, for over 8 hours a day with great results.
I loved to listen to it during the night because it gave me really vivid healing dreams and I woke up feeling good about things that used to cause me pain.
I remember being really cranky for about 2 weeks due to reconciliation though, that wasnt easy but I kept going till I got what I wanted.
Now Im on Alchemist ST4 with Emperor V4 and boy what a beast that is.


My listening schedule for regeneration has usually been once before I go to sleep. Sometimes I loop it over the weekend when I’m working on music. I kind of tailor the listening to how I feel, but one loop every night seems to influence my mind towards healing more while I sleep. I also like playing it at night because my mind is more rested and I treat it like a meditation session. Body scan, release stress, and since I don’t have anything left to do for that current day I feel like my mind isnt plagued by the buzzing of my thoughts. Hope that helps!


Thank you for the reply. Clear and useful as always.

Yes, that would be great to read. When you have time to write it, of course. I like reading your reflections on these things and I benefit from it.

It does seem possible that it’s somehow related to Emperor’s process. Not in any intensely obvious way, but it still seems connected. I have found Emperor seeming to have some impact on my mind.

I appreciate the counsel. I have found myself thinking about stacking Rebirth or Regeneration. Maybe that is related to the effects that New Beginnings is having on me. I had not thought about New Beginnings and how it might be impacting me. I’m comfortable trying out your suggestion. Thank you for it.


You might find this interesting @Malkuth


@Joa93. Hey there. I’ll vicariously enjoy your Alchemist experience. That is still waiting in my future.

8 hours a day.

And then ranging to @elementary_vision with one play before sleep.

It’s compelling and interesting to see the ways that different people make effective use of the subliminals.

Ah, you just posted the New Beginnings information. I’m keen to get into that now.

Thanks to all for the helpful replies.


A new beginnings stacking module would be interesting :slight_smile:


I used it for three months as my only subliminal, played in masked form through an mp3 player and into computer speakers, for 24 hours a day.


Wow. That was a real commitment. I’m guessing you had very specific reasons for choosing this approach and probably also specific issues that you wanted to address?

How did it affect you? Have you written about it anywhere already? (I don’t remember if I’ve already read the answers to these questions. If I did, sorry.)


@Simon, I caught this while reading this after work. I am using Regeneration along with Emp4, and I’d assumed Regen was balancing out stuff being dug up. I’m wondering if I’m clouding NB’s intention here.


Clouding, maybe. Blocking, nope. :slight_smile:
Your last 2 journal entries (sister & park) are effects of NB/Ev4, not Regen.

  1. What I wrote earlier was for @Malkuth and based on my assessment of how he is relating with the subs. If he adds more things, first, Ev4 will overpower it anyways, and second, it will - as you put it - cloud his reflections.

  2. You have previous experience with Emperor, Regeneration, and also, Emperor WITH Regeneration. :smile:
    You will glean more insight by perusing your older journals than from my judgement.

  3. I personally follow the guideline of NOT to give armchair emotional healing advice to someone who recently lost a significant family member.

    Your “balancing out” may well be a protection mechanism because you KNOW that Emperor played solo can put your emotions to a high risk. Better to have slower/manageable effects than to quit the journey altogether - AGAIN.

HTH. :+1:

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Remember, changing stacks is a common reconciliation symptom.

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Thanks Simon. I replied in my journal. Your statements were very true.