Red pilled society

As a young man diving to find his path, I found out the society called Red pilled society. This mindset of men been aware of the hypergamous nature of women .

But I have this disturbing me since, who is this man called Rollo Tomassi that every man should adhere to his beliefs?

I would say that some of them has helped men to gain power and maintain frame in relationships but how about those this mindset turned in angry and bitter men ?

Take a good look at Youtubers that preach about this mindset,most of them have failed relationships or even no women in their life.

I 'm just still confused about this society because somehow it contradicts.

And this society has changed my behavior towards women,I can’t freely express my self always thinking am If Simping or not maintaining frame.
Cant men tap from their masculine soul and act without some guy telling them how they should behave or act in regards to women?

The Society is Confusing!!


I am unsure where you are specifically, but I can agree for my sphere that society does not give a clear direction to its people.

Well, yes. That’s why you, I, and many others are here.

The action steps are relatively straightforward:

  • Now that you know the challenge, disconnect from those communities that are just increasing pessimistic sentiment instead of adding any new value or knowledge.
  • Run SC Subs related to tapping into the masculine soul—should your aim be such—and journal your progress.
  • Find the right resources which focus on the knowledge of what actually to do about the situation. Knowledge, not opinions. You may include resources that help instill a more positive mindset.
  • Take Action
  • Profit!

Men want to have sex with as many women as possible and women want to have a relationship with the best man she can get. Generally, men desire quantity and women desire quality.

This has nothing to do with us but Mother Nature’s way of ensuring we propagate our species (and every species).

He is reporting biological and evolutionary behaviors using data. It isn’t that we SHOULD follow it. But if we do follow it, it helps men understand women.

There is a saying “the truth will set you free but first it will piss you off”. It has happened to me. At first I was angry that I had been lied to for so many years regarding the nature of men and women. I was suppressing my desire for sex because I had been told that I need to be a “nice guy” and treat women like men. That strength, frame and masculinity doesn’t matter.

But after taking the redpill, my eyes were opened and looking back to times when I succeeded with women and times I failed with women, I came to understand when I behaved like an alpha and when I behaved like a beta. And how the results with women always matched my behavior.

When I was a man, women loved me. When I was a “nice guy” women were replused by me.

The anger I initially felt is called “red pill rage”. Most men will wallow in it for a long time. But those who get up and do the work will be rewarded with success.

To do the work, focus on 3 things:

  1. Make money (Mogul)
  2. Make muscles (Spartan)
  3. Learn game (Sex & Seduction)

I put in a subliminal example above to illustrate that even when using subliminals, we are following Rollo’s advice. Now can we transcend evolutonary biology to attract women (or a woman)? Yes of course. Some of the subliminals here approach dating and money making with subliminals like Heartsong and Love Bomb for Humanity which take a more subtler approach to success.

It is not about whether Rollo is right or wrong. It is about the level. We could approach it from a “Newtonian physics level” like Rollo teaches (and Robert Kiyosaki regarding money). Or from a “quantum physics level” like law of attraction teachers like Esther Hicks, Joseph Murphy and Napolean Hill teach.

I would encourage both since combining all levels of truth will help us grasp reality on a holistic level rather than just be a head in the clouds kind of person with law of attraction or a feet on the ground kind of person with evolutonary biology.

I alway say if you have BOTH your head in the clouds and feet firmly on the ground, you become a GIANT :wink:.

Hope this helps :pray:


Correct. This is actually what nature designed us to be .

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The truth will piss me off, yes even to the extent you can’t think with your former mentality.

Women date upwards.
Men wants to spread their seeds as wide as possible.

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Yeah the phase is not easy but am out of it. Accept it and work in regards to benefit me.

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The Red Pill initially had good intentions, but men don’t realize it’s just a STAGE in their life. Extra data about women.

The red pill is a SKILLSET, not a mindset.

This is why you see all these gurus unable to KEEP a woman, but merely being able to lay as many as possible. It creates desire, but that’s about it.

Because after all, hypergamy for women and polygamy for men is only true on an animalistic, BASIC level. But there is MUCH MORE to a person’s life.

However, there is NO BETTER post to explain the issues with the Red Pill than Luther’s here:

Read it and be enlightened WHY the Red Pill makes so many men’s life worse after a bunch of years.


Can you elaborate on this?
because it’s damn confusing. Because A Skill can change one’s mindset.

It’s a tool to obtain the way of life you want, but it isn’t a complete way of life (at least one without problems).

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If you just want to “spin plates” as they call it, i.e. just have multiple affairs, nothing really serious, then the red pill works fine because it ONLY works on desire.

Any form of creating comfort for a woman, the red pill considers beta, doesn’t it? It’s mostly focused on raising desire to get sex.

However, in a long-term relationship you need desire AND comfort for a woman to stick to you, value you highly enough, etc.
So hypergamy alone DOES NOT suffice, regardless of what good ol Rollo says.
Further, if you ONLY focus on desire, hypergamy THEN is correct. If you never create enough comfort for a woman, she WILL leave you for a higher value man. A man that can also create comfort.

So Red Pill guys who see it as a lifestyle, a religion, shoot themselves in the foot because THEY create that very scenario in where her hypergamy fires.

Ironic, isn’t it?

This is where I say, if desire is lacking in your RS, I.e. she is starfishing, not really sexually interested, no respect, etc. → Apply Red Pill knowledge → get yo dick wet.
But if your woman already accepts you as a leader, but she just doesn’t feel enough comfort (love, money, spending time with her), what will removing even MORE attention actually do?

Again, TRP is not a superweapon to solve all relationship issues, it covers ONE idea of a multifaceted scenario we call being with women.


Relative to what that woman perceives or imagines as valuable, which could change at any given moment.

I want you to think about how many billionaires have had women leave them. Date upwards? How much more “upwards” can you get from some of theses billionaires?

How many women have been flown to locations to meet celebrities and later regretted it?

Or are they more accepting and less judgmental of what they think is physically attractive?

We’ve been fed a psychobiological perspective of reproduction, yet it seems there are alternative explanations.

Women also form relationships out of attachment or availability, and these perspectives have been almost hidden because of an overfocus on hypergamy.


@RVconsultant I don’t know much about women in physical terms because I haven’t dealt with many, but on the perspective of multiple books I have studied, I always find connection between the feminine and someone better than they are, they might not be billionaires but their Sexual market value of the man is going to be higher in terms of many aspects for the woman to submit to the masculine frame.

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