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Yesterday, I was clever ,so I wanted to change the world.
Today, I am wise, so I am changing myself.



Note to self
You gotta do this
For you
This isn’t about anybody
Live for you
Honor you
Never lose sight of that!

Bro. Please be aware which section you are creating a new thread in. By default it goes in the News and Updates section which are usually threads created by the Big Four (SaintSovereign, Fire, RVconsultant and DarkPhilosopher).

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“Every day the clock resets. Your wins don’t matter. Your failures don’t matter. Don’t stress on what was, fight for what could be.”
– Sean Higgins


PS Thanks, @Lion !


I thought I was in the Emperor’s Lounge. According to the heading at the top I see Emperor’s Lounge.

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I think DarkPhilosopher changed it to the Emperor’s Lounge. When I commented it was in the News and Updates section.

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Thanks guys for helping a brother out @Lion @DarkPhilosopher I am still gently navigating my sub journey. Still not on solid footing yet and your corrections are eye opening.:pray::pray:


Do the best you can
Until you know better
Then when you know better,
Do better

Maya Angelou


Believe in yourself so much that you
naturally become magnetic to all
that you want to attract.
It all starts within you.

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It’s not your work to make anything happen
It’s your work to dream and let it happen

Abraham Hicks

The most convincing sign that someone is truly living their best life is, their lack of desire to show the world that they’re living their best life.

Your best life won’t seek validation.

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The knower of the mystery of sound
Knows the mystery of the universe.

Hazrat Inayat Kahn (Sufi Master)

You can’t lose what you never had,
You can’t keep what’s not yours, and
You can’t hold on to something that’s does not want to stay.

Can I get a witness!

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You must love in such a way that the person
You love feels free.

Thich Nhat Hanh

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The only way to make sense out of change
Is to plunge into it, move with it,
and join the dance.

Alan Watts

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